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WWF Sunday Night Heat by The Cubs Fan




I don't feel like wasting any more time on this show than they do this week. Or at least, not as much as I normally do.

TV PG LV attitude wrestler free open

Al Snow (shaved!) and Michael Cole are your hosts. They have matching shirts.

Albert (w/o X-Pac's favorite wrestler) vs Scotty 2 Hotty - Lockup, no Scotty ducks, dances, dodges, kicks. Whip, reversed, kip up, caught over the shoulder, Albert walks him to the other corner but Scotty falls behind, punches aren't going to work, Scotty's thrown in the corner and punched. Whip (2), head down too soon, sunset flip, stopped by Albert, punch hits the mat. Dropkick, he's up but shaky. Dropkick, he's up but shaky. Clothesline takes them both out. Right. Whip (3) reversed into a pick up, Scotty falls off the shoulder (again) and pushes Albert (huh?) into the ring post. Albert rolls in. Scotty up on the apron, shoulder to the gut, flip over in, off the far ropes, right into the scissors kick. Stomp. Catapult into the second rope. Albert drags Scotty by his left arm so he's hanging over the apron and lays in the elbows. Headbutt. "Get up! Get up boy! Get up!" Helping him up - right. Right. Right no blocked, Scotty tires to fire back but Albert's punches are too much. Albert calls him out and Scotty staggers into a punch. Double nerve pinch by Albert. Looks not at all impressive but the fans are getting behind Scotty. Elbows out. Rights. Off the ropes, right into a kick, double underhook hanging suplex. Dragging him over - here's the Second Rope Splash That Doesn't Hit. Guess what? It didn't hit. Scotty pulling himself up, ducking a punch, now hitting his own (they seem to have some effect now), ducks a punch, kick to the gut, off the ropes, somersault double back leg kick? (It's kinda in the same family as Lyger's koppo kick but different enough that I don't want to call it that.) Whip (4), reversed into the corner, Albert Corner Smash misses, Scotty gets that look, off the ropes, right into a back elbow. He's gonna have a black eye tomorrow. Albert now waiting for Scotty to get up - running scissors kick but Scotty gets out of the way and Albert crotches himself on the ropes. Now he can do it - two handed bulldog. W O R M. The chop is so fearsome, it causes Albert to spit. One two BIG KICKOUT. Scotty notices that Albert isn't up yet and goes to the top rope - flying NOTHING so Albert can do the Baldo Bomb. One Two Three. (5:29) Before that annoying finish, I was sure I could prove to James that Scotty is better than Kidman based on this weekend alone and maybe there's still a case there.

All tickets for WM sold out in the first half hour yesterday. More tickets will be released later.

Earlier tonight, Edge showed up with his IC belt.

Cole and Snow remind us that Tuesday is election day for some state and local offices. Al is declares his campaign (write in only) for the Mayor of Lima, Ohio.

Raven (w/Terri) vs Chuck Palumbo - Alien Ant Farm at WWFNY Friday. You don't care. Palumbo has a WWF logo on his graphic. Cole says "tryout match" and Snow says "developmental deal" so they're just throwing out words to explain why he's here. At any rate, win and in (probably.) Circle. Lockup, Palumbo pushed in the corner, break but Raven's is punching. Corner whip, rebound clothesline. Whip (2), clothesline misses, Jungle Kick but Raven slides out to avoid. Palumbo goes out after him, and Raven isn't paying attention - Raven's punch misses but Palumbo's doesn't. Run into the apron. Again. Look at Terri, corner whip (3), Raven moves out of the way of the charge. Mr. Wrestling #2 Kneelift knocks Palumbo out of the ring. Russian legsweep into the barricade. Chuck thrown back in. Raven in. Rights to the head. Raven going up, er, second rope driving knee, I guess. Didn't look to sharp. One two kickout. Off the ropes, overhead belly to belly by Palumbo. Cole suggests that Edge will be "flipping burgers at the Burger King in Toronto", should the WWF lose at Survivor Series. Both slow up, Raven up first but Chuck punching. Discus right! Whip (4), back elbow. Cole: "[Palumbo], a former..." and his mind goes blank till he can find his notes. Dropkick. Corner whip (5), Palumbo eats boot. Raven charges out, Palumbo leapfrogs and Raven goes face first into the corner. Inside cradle, one two no. Palumbo's punch misses, Raven with a waistlock, go behind, reverse cradle by Palumbo one two no. Raven pulls Palumbo by his tights into a inside cradle one two NO. Try the DDT. Palumbo with punches. Whip (6), (Cole doesn't know Gordon Solie, there's a shock), head down too soon so Raven kicks it, clothesline is ducked, inside cradle one two three! (3:41) How did Justin Credible get to the ring that fast? He was in two seconds after the finish. Stomp down in progress. Making the save is...the one Billy Gunn? Eh. He's quite successful - Justin gets a Fameasser just for being here. Gunn and Palumbo share a look at Palumbo doesn't want any part of this but Gunn just wants a friend after that horrible non-breakup with Big Show so here's a handshake. Do you smell a new tag team? I smell something.

Hey, two weeks before the whole Invasion angle is (probably - hopefully?) over, the WWF might be finally getting to giving the under guys something to do! What timing. 

This will be forgotten next week, so I don't know what I'm getting all bold about (definitely the whole Raven/Justin part.) 

I love Justin and all, and it's nice that someone remembered that these two have been semi-regular partners lately, but wouldn't this have been far more interesting if it was, I dunno, Tommy Dreamer running in? 

Maybe he was just busy with that epic feud with Mike Awesome.

Greyhound whatever of whenever

There's a video package or speech or something that's not a match that's right here that I timed and the time was (2:37

A fan wants to meet Edge. Oh, it's an old lady. It's Rose. Edge promises to think of her Monday when he's fighting Test. Rose says she'll be thinking about him then, and also when it's late and she's alone and she's in bed. There was more talking but suddenly, my VCR started fast forwarding all by itself.

Someone thought that was hilarious, you know.

Slim Jim Tag Team Title Change of Last Thursday

Tazz vs Spike Dudley - Hmm, if that person had a "I hate Mark Grace" sign last week, I better he's saying worse things now. Lockup, no Tazz with a kick, right, right, right, back suplex no Spike lands on his feet, inside cradle one two no. Dropkick. Off the ropes, forearm. Forearm. Whip, reversed, clothesline by Tazz. Tazz takes his time following up. Stomp. Sitting on his back and forearms to the head. Lifting Spike by his hair. Corner whip (2), Tazz charges into a boot, Spike charges out into a belly to belly suplex. Celebrate. Tazz picks up Spike, Spike with an eye poke and quick to the second rope. Flying Almost Double Ax Handle gets caught by Tazz and there's the Exploder (took two tries.) Stomping. Whip (3), sunset flip one two no. Clothesline by Tazz. Turnbuckle shot, no, reversed and a bulldog by Spike. Corner punches. Corner whip (4) but Spike comes flying out of the corner with a headbutt to the gut. Spike goes for the Dudley Dog but Tazz quickly pushes him into the corner - rebound right into the Tazzmission and it's over. (3:04)

Segue into TE2 hype.

WWF Desire

Rebellion highlights (:50)

Edge interview. He's tired from flying back and forth. His pants match the furniture. Girls cheer a lot. Edge isn't sure who will after what happened last week. Edge notes that Angle, Christian and Rhyno have all turned out to be idiots (he needs new friends.) The Alliance is a haven for insecure people. Kurt's real color is yellow. He challenged Test - "Sabertooth" is a loser. He's been dumped by every women in the WWF. If he wants to get involved in Edge's matches, he'll give him one. Edge doesn't care what happens in the main event as long as they get along at Survivor Series. Six second pose. Play his music. His brother is champion of what?

Ivory vs Trish Stratus - Al, myself, and Bruce Mitchell are the only three people who watched Excess. Then again, Al just might have watched the Raven bit. Cole is hosting next week with Trish. Ivory and Trish are wearing similar outfits. Lockup, into the ropes, break so Ivory gets in the cheap shot. Corner whip, kicks to the gut. Snap mare, sit down on the stomach. Kicks to the stomach. Whip (2), knee to the stomach. Kick, and then shoulders to the midsection. Pulling her into the middle of the ring by one leg and then taking her down. Some less than convincing knee hold by Ivory. Trish manages to head scissors out, but Ivory quickly clotheslines her down. Forearm. Corner whip (3), reversed, kip up escape by Ivory, kick, snap suplex. One two no. Whip (4), kick by Ivory, bigger kick by Trish, one two no. Whip (5), weak clothesline. Better clothesline. Whip (6), either that was a backdrop where Ivory couldn't get all the way over or a messed up flapjack, but she got dropped right on her head. One two no. My tape runs out right there but Trish won with a bulldog, it was probably about (3:00) and it doesn't matter.

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