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WWF Sunday Night Heat by The Cubs Fan




One Year Ago, Kai En Tai challenged Steve Blackman to a handicap match but still lost, Raven beat Crash but Molly revealed the Ninja to be...Tori (who never appeared again) and X-Pac beat Billy Gunn with some help from Justin Credible. At WWFNY, Al's midget friends inspired him to keep being a wrestler, despite losing the commissionership to William Regal, by giving him Head.

TV PG LV Attitude Open

Diamond Dallas Page (w/Christian) vs Lance Storm for the European Title - DDP gets Christian to practice his smile on the way down to the ring. Your announcers are Tazz and Jonathon Coachman - is Cole still on vacation? They don't mention him right away this week. Aren't Storm and Christian friends and tag team partners? No one acts like it's a weird thing that Christian is in the other corner. Lockup, armbar by DDP, hammerlock, Lance goes behind, DDP with a leg trip, Storm with a hammerlock. Up in an armbar, DDP reverses, shoulder to shoulder, headlock, push in to the ropes, DDP with a shoulderblock. Off the ropes, hiptoss blocked, DDP gets in a knee lift, clothesline misses but DDP gets another chance and hits it. Whip, Lance holds the ropes - either DDP threw the most half hearted punch ever but Storm was lucky to grab the ropes, or Storm was so scared by DDP's fake of a punch that he held the ropes, but it looked bad (on DDP's side) either way. DDP clotheslines Storm out. DDP stomps his feet. Storm staggers, then to the apron - shoulder to the gut, jawbreaker.  Springboard forearm! one two NO! Turnbuckle smash, right, right, snap mare, off the ropes, legdrop. Cover one two no. Elbow to the shoulder, elbow to the shoulder. Chinlock, to their feet, DDP elbows out, kick is caught, Storm spins him around, DDP's clothesline misses, Lance's clothesline misses, DDP with a roll up one two no. Back elbow. Choke on the ropes. Lance actually has words for Christian here. "Is this inspirational, huh?" Still no one's made the connection between these two guys. Stomps. Whip, dropkick. One two NO. Rights by DDP as he battles up, Storm with a knee lift, corner whip, chop, chop, kick, kick, kick. Tazz makes less sense than usual. DDP hulks up and throws Storm into the corner for some strikes, corner whip, reversed into the ten turnbuckle smashes - DDP actually counts along. Tazz wonders why no one counts down from ten, instead of up. Swinging neckbreaker. One two no. Clothesline misses and Storm hits a jumping heel kick for one two no. Storm with a whip, reversed into a knee, DDT. Cover one two foot on the ropes. Christian thought that should've been three and now he's having a fit on the outside. He's not quite positive. DDP urges him to breath in and out. DDP turns around - into a jawbreaker. Storm sets up - SUPERKICK ONE TWO NO! Dang it. Suplex, no DDP falls behind and goes for the Diamond Cutter, but Storm goes behind for a backslide, but DDP reverses it into the Diamond Cutter. One Two Three. (5:48) Coach: "The Road To WrestleMania is all downhill!" DDP wants to go out to kiss up to the fans (that's what Tazz says) but Christian doesn't dig that mingling with the people bit (ha) so he'll just leave via the ramp. Tazz misses Cole.

Tough Enough 2 clips next.

Tough Enough 2 clips. I have a theory that Jessie's actually not really that easily upset and it was Ivory's particular accusation about what she was doing with her smiles that set her off, but I have no actual proof for it so I'll keep it to myself. (2:45) Tazz gives away that Aaron had heat exhaustion - I don't think he was supposed to say that.

Still to come, did the Undertaker go too far? Next, Bradshaw vs Chuck.

Weakest Link ad.

Lugz hot and heavy Stacy/Lita action of three days ago. 

One Half Of The Tag Team Champions Chuck (w/Billy) vs Bradshaw (w/Faarooq) - Chuck has a white cowboy hat! They both do. Oh, they're stomping them. Sex On The Beach Ad. Bradshaw slides in the ring but Chuck's right then to stomp and punch him. Whip, forearms by Chuck. Rights. DDT. Cover one two no. Swinging neckbreaker. One two no. Coach can't say "sex". Right. Kick to the back. Chop. Knee. Corner whip, Chuck charges in with a cross body - that works as well as it ever does with Bradshaw, and it does appear he can still do that with Hall back around. Forearm. Powerbomb? Well, first Billy's up on the apron for some reason, which causes Faarooq to get up, but Chuck backdrops out on his own anyway. Off the ropes, and right into a big boot. Chuck out, Bradshaw out, very slow chase and Billy hits the running clothesline. Rights, and then Billy takes off as Faarooq gives chase. Bradshaw back in - discus punch by Chuck one two no. Push into the corner, and lots of shoulders to the gut, then lots of rights, then lots of kicks. Rights, suplexes. One two no. Chuck with a kick and a high knee. Right. Right. Punches exchange - Chuck resorts to a knee. Corner whip, reversed into a Bradshaw back suplex. It's time to make the tag...oh right. One Two Three Four they're up and Bradshaw with a headbutt. Back elbow. Corner whip, charge in clothesline corner whip charge in clothesline, suplex. One two no. Whip, reversed, shoulderblock by Bradshaw. Off the ropes, no Billy's got him by the feet - Bradshaw pulls him up and Billy gives him a jawbreaker. Bradshaw rebounds right into an inside cradle one two NO. Faarooq nails Gunn with a clothesline. Chuck with a corner whip, charge in but no one's home - Clothesline From Hell. One Two Three (4:30)

Coming up an interview with William Regal. But now...

Desire: the Rock - POD, "Alive" - 1:23.

They spell it "Trik Turner"? Eh.

WM Moment: '87: Andre vs Hogan.

WWF InterContinetial Champion William Regal is out. Let's go back Smackdown and see how Regal got involved in the Hardcore Title match. Tazz claims the tight pull was illegal - it's a Hardcore title match. He's taking his time to get started here. This Regal Sucks chant isn't going to speed things up. Coach isn't a big fan of Regal. "He dropped you like a bad habit!" It's always funny how the announcers can forget things that happened three weeks ago (like Lance Storm and Christian teaming on PPV) but they'll never forget a heel doing something to them (until he becomes a face.) "Well, many people [pause for boos] Like I was saying, there are many people that claim to love this country. But I have no shame in saying that I am not one of them. I wanted to! I tried to offer myself as an ambassador of goodwill! And I was treated with scorn and malice. And now that I'm an InterContinetial Champion, it has only gotten worse. It seems that you people can not grasp the simple concept that my simple Power of the Punch makes me so successful. But whether you like it our not, my power of the punch has defeated more people in the World Wrestling Federation than any other offensive maneuver. Which is quite fitting, really, because my opponent at Wrestlemania is a man who has many offensive maneuvers, and his name is Rob Van Dam. [RVD chant] Now, I seen what you can do lad, I've seen you fly across the ring, I've seen you spin in midair, I've seen you do things that no other man can seemingly do. But at Wrestlemania, that won't help you one little bit. Because, while you fancy yourself as being laid back, I know that you're like everyone of these people here, you're lazy and you're weak. And I'm proud to say that I'm nothing like you. I'm unrelenting. I'm sadistic. But most importantly of all, I'm English, and that makes me better than all of you. So, at WrestleMania, you can fly through the air, sunshine, and you can point your thumbs at your head like a bloody idiot. But when it's all over, my simple Power Of The Punch will keep the InterContinetial championship right around my waist, where it belongs. Because we know, the two thumbs in the air, is certainly threat to my Power of the Punch.

Coming up next, a look at the Undertaker's attack on David Flair.

Undertaker/Flair. (3:30)

Coming up next, Rikishi vs Mr. Perfect.

Stacker 2 RAW Match Made three days ago

Look at that graphic.

Rikishi (w/lets go back to Monday) vs Mr. Perfect - Perfect comes in throwing the towel and punching, but Rikishi quickly turns it around. Corner whip, back elbow. Slam, Perfect lands (falls) behind badly, but tries to cover with a legtrip - Rikishi's unprepared and sells it weird. Legs split and there's a stomp questionable low. Kick to the back, kick to the back, running neck snap. Kick to the chest, chop, right, right, right, right, kick, kick, unconvincing choke on the ropes. Turnbuckle smash works. Slam, no that's not gonna work. Rikishi's slam works. Whip, UGLY Samoan Drop. Perfect landed right on his head and Rikishi might have hit his on the mat on the way down too. These two aren't working well together at all. Off the ropes, off the ropes, Earthquake sit down splash. Perfect somehow gets to his feet and staggers into the corner so Rikishi can do the running corner butt smash. Now Perfect collapses into position - but he grabs the ref as Rikishi sets up. Oh, he's shielding the ref so he can't see this is a Test run in and nail Rikishi with a big boot. Perfect covers - one two three. (2:50) Well, besides this one, lots of longer matches in B-TV land this weekend.

See you Monday night.

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