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Live, in Nashville, Tennessee, careers will be changed and careers will be ended. Or so the hype goes. Your hosts are Raven, Coach, and the HIT Cell ominously hanging in the background. Hyping the Triple Main Event - World Title (Raven hopes Hulkamania will die), HITC and Handicap. Video package of how that came about (2:05) then Raven and Coach talk some more (Raven thinks Austin is no more than 50% from last Monday), than we see Ric Flair and Arn Anderson enter the building. Coming up later - William Regal defends the European Title against D'Lo Brown. 

Somehow, even though this is a RAW show, we get an advertisement for SmackDown's new show "Velocity" (aka Excess, Hour 1) here. And then Coach hypes it a little bit (they keep saying "live event" show, which means...they get the Jakked tapings? I mean they could surprise me and be actually live, but I'm thinking probably not) because the Brand Extension is a crappy angle that they don't even really care about.

The season finale of Tough Enough 2 is only 10 Days away! Feel the excitement (or not.) It'll be live from the World (TRFKA WWF NY) just so Coach and someone (Raven?) can try to out do the pointless and annoying live portions from last season. Raven suggests that the losers get beat up by Hardcore Holly. Oh, here are clips. "My entire knee just buckled" - did this go on longer here? Like I remember." (2:07) Raven disses Hawk, than says his predictions going in where Jackie and Pete so he might be in some trouble. Raven decides to keep his prediction, just in case you here. Tough Enough 3 hype. Later, D'Lo nearly returns to PPV.

1-800-CALL-ATT and ask them why would we want to pay to see this tag match. To clarify, the RAW match. "We never know if he would've been pinned or not." That's WEAK.

Raven and Coach discuss that match. And then there's the tag team title match. I have a feeling we're in the "quickly mention all the under card matches on the show" bit - Raven suggests Harvey Whippleman or Brooklyn Brawler as possible partners. Or maybe Coach. And also Edge vs Angle, pelo con pelo. Let's look back. (1:52) Then let's look at the barber chair - everything's set up. Raven makes his second Brutus Beefcake reference in two days. Buy the PPV! A match, if you keep hanging on.

Slim Jim WWE Woman's Title Chang of Monday

It's a Limo. Who's in? Stacy and Vince, of course. They don't get to fair before Billy & Chuck & Rico find them - what's up with the mystery partner? Vince hypes it up ("this is going to be good - this is gonna to be really good") and might actually tells us. Anyway, this is Vince's revenge for getting the Stinkface. But he's had to wait for that revenge, so they should wait to find out who's going to deliver it. That almost makes sense. Stacy needs to get ready for the match, so they leave and B & C & R.

Raven and Coach talk about that match - Raven gives Stacy almost no chance, given Trish's improvement. 

Terri talks to WWE InterContinental Eddie Guerrero - As Eddie checks out Terri, I can't help but get this sudden feeling of deja vu. "You know, mamacita, all I hear is 'R' 'V' 'D', RVD. RVD! You know what that should be saying? La-Tino Heat! Latino Heat! Who's the InterContinental champion, eh, momi? Que? " "You are, Eddie?" "That's right. [Spanish] Who's packing the gold? Who's holding the gold?" "You are, Eddie." "That's right, baby. But most of all, who has Latino Heat?" "You do, Eddie." "That's right momi, I do. And you know what, I want to tell RVD, 'Ese RVD, ese homie, if you're feeling froggy tonight, well all you got to do, cevato, is just jump, man, just bring it on up. Let's take care of business tonight, on Judgment Day! 'cause you know what? I came prepared, I came prepared to - kick - some - ass, and it's gonna be RVD's ass. And tonight, I'm gonna show everybody, the whole world, nada, lagana, beats Latino Heat."

Raven and Coach talk about the Frog Splash. The best unacknowledged feud going in the WWE is RVD vs Raven. Moving on, WWE Confidential (aka Excess, hour 2) starts next week - with host Mean Gene Okerlund. I hadn't heard about that. As he did last night, Raven suggests that we might find out why Shawn Michaels lost his smile - Coach says it's behind the scenes stuff you don't normally see. Break.

Let's run over those main events one more time - hey, why not a HITC video package. (2:43) Let's look at the cage and lower it a little to get the crowd talking. Coming up, that match.

Another hedge bites the dust.

Someone must've told the crowd to yell, because they do as we come back from break. Buy the PPV. Look at the barber chair. Look at the announcers. I want the barber chair back. Your announcers are King and JR. They're pushing the hair match as much as the Triple Main Event.

William Regal (w/two weeks ago) vs D'Lo Brown for the European Championship - JR kills me, narrating the clips: "We hadn't seen D'Lo in months!" Yes, except on Heat the night before (and the week before that.) MORON. To up the MORON factor, neither JR or Lawler can figure out why D'Lo would run out - they speculate that he's good friends with Spike. D'Lo has a new blue outfit. Regal wants to attack during D'Lo's entrance but he's stopped twice. There's the cage. There's the ring. There's the bell. Lockup, D'Lo pushes Regal in the corner, clean break. D'Lo tells him to come on. Lockup, Regal with an armbar, D'Lo reverses, loud "Regal Sucks", Regal rolls into a reversal, than to a headlock. Off the ropes, shoulderblock. Cover one two no. One two no. One two no. European uppercut. Forearm Forearm Forearm Forearm. Corner whip, reversed, Regal bounces out into a backdrop. Clothesline. Dropkick (just barely hits.) Regal goes out to regroup, but D'Lo suplexes him back in - float over, one two no. Regal begs off, but D'Lo ain't having it - kick, right, right, right. Whip, reversed, hiptoss by Regal is blocked and D'Lo reverses to a backslide one two no. D'Lo with a kick, right, slam, elbow drop. One two no. Flourish legdrop (the crowd still knows to react to it) one two no. Right. Whip, head down too soon and Regal kicks it, off the ropes and high knee to the head. Cover one two no. D'Lo slaps the mat in anger, but soon is thrown neck first into the second rope. Regal says Hello. Choke on the middle rope - one two three four. Kick, and D'Lo's again thrown on the middle rope. Knee drop to the back of the head. One two no. Chinlock. Crowd starts a "D'Lo" chant. One arm, two arm, thr-no! D'Lo up, elbow, elbow, elbow, D'Lo goes for the ropes (Regal tries to grab his tights and pull him down, but D'Lo's too fast), off the ropes and right into a kneelift. Stomp. Hello. Stomp. JR says Heyman is the most unauthentic human being to ever step in a WWE ring - was JR better? Regal with the left knee, right knee, both knee. "Regal Sucks" Whip, clothesline misses, D'Lo with the layout side slam, but he's too tired to counter. Both men down for a one two three four five six seven Regal's up and forearming. D'Lo back with a right right right, whip, running forearm by D'Lo. Clothesline. Whip, jumping side kick, one two no. Right. Whip, reversed, Regal's clothesline misses, D'Lo tries the cross body but Regal drops and crotches him on the top rope. Regal with the inside cradle and the pulled tights - one two three. (6:22) Regal wants his title back.

Hype for the Triple Main Event - and here's a video package for the World Title. (3:10)

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