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Three Years Ago, CRZ saw Droz beat Chaz when Marianna broke up with Chaz, (newly renamed) Shawn Stasiak pinning Joey Abs with the Posse taking out Stasiak post match, Steve Blackman and Mark Henry defeat D'Lo Brown and Val Venis when Mark used the Euro Title on D'Lo and Deja Video looking back at Vince vs Steve Austin from St. Valentine's Day Massacre.   

TV PG LV CC open fireworks - your announcers are hyped about the new champion and the old Shawn Michaels.

Victoria vs Miss Jackie - Victoria has opted for green and black this time. Your MCs are D'Lo and Coach and they end up talking about Jackie's breasts and then Victoria butt. Lockup, headlock by Miss Jackie, Victoria shoves her away after a struggle. Jackie claims it was a hairpull but Victoria denies. Lockup, armbar, and that time she threw hew down by the hair for sure - everyone but Charles saw it. Victoria poses, Jackie pulls her down by the hair. And again. Drop toe hold - Victoria is up first though, and runs into an armdrag. Armdrag. Right. Right. Whip, reversed, powerslam one two NO. Jumping elbow drop one two no. Jumping legdrop one two no. Picking her up by the hair, and Jackie's head into the buckle. Again. Boot choke. Whip - no, knee to the gut. And Victoria keeps her on the ropes for a shoulder to the gut. There's the whip, Jackie with a sunset flip for one two no. Victoria with the least painful looking clothesline in the history of womankind one two no. Side slam one two no. Victoria picks Jackie up, shot to the back, whipped in the corner, charge into a double boot. Jackie charges out and hits a clothesline. The second one looks better. Right< right, corner whip, Victoria goes in chest first, Jackie with a German suplex that drops Victoria right on her head - Victoria sells by back rolling right to here feet and than standing shakily. Jackie with a kick to the gut, spin kick to the head one two three. (3:00) I guess that's her finisher right now? Does it matter? D'Lo starts to mention a conversation he had with Rico (I think - if so, he never gets around to bringing it up again) but a clip rolls 

Earlier today - Raven walked into the building. I forget to call him King Raven last week - let's say the Kingdom was held up for the winner of that match. Walking up to talk to him is - the Fink? "Raven, raven, wait up man. Saw you come in, I wanted to buzz you on a couple things." "About what?" "Well Raven, isn't life funny sometimes? Look at it this way: couple of months ago, you had a match on RAW, you lost it, and you were banned from every appearing on the program. Last week, I had a match with that sailor-loving floozy Lillian Garcia, and I lost it, so I'm not longer on RAW. It's kinda like, Raven, we're two peas in a pod." "We are, Howard." "But, the bottom line for me is, I'm the back on Heat, kinda like in a exclusive capacity. Now, I'm a little down right now, but I'm the Fink, and Raven, I will bounce back to the top in no time-" "Howard, is there a point to all of this?" YEA "That match you had last week with D'Lo Brown was very tough, but -" "SHUT UP. Howard, the first rule of Heat is that it's my own Personal Playground. So, spare me your thesis on my match against D'Lo Brown. It's just one game, Howard. In my playground, there games are played all the time. It's just one little piece of the puzzle. As all the players move across the board, believing themselves Kings, Queens, Bishops, Rooks - they remind blissfully unaware that they're all pawns, being orchestrated by me. So Howard, whether it's D'Lo Brown last week, whether is' Spike Dudley tonight, whether it's you Howard, you're all fragments of my bigger masterpiece - quote the Raven, nevermore." It's nice to know that he has a plan - I wish it'd start to come together, though. (I love it when that happens.) Spike/Raven later.

Shelton Benjamin vs Shawn Stasiak - Shelton has new rap music with "It's All About the Benjamins" said by him to start it off. His video has a Benjamin theme going. D'Lo digs it. Hey, free pass. Coach is talking about the same European events that the Velocity guys were last night (when they said they were SmackDown! shows) - D'Lo remembers when he was from Helsinki, I think. "Truly, the WWE is Worldwide!" There will be no trip to Planet Stasiak any time soon. D'Lo and Coach discuss the Crash's departure - no more jumping off the bottom rope. D'Lo hopes Crash has fun on SmackDown!, that's awful sporting of him. Shelton skins the cat and D'Loves it. How is Jeff Hardy going to feel about being beat up? Probably about normal. Coach says Shawn is doing fine if he doesn't hear the voices - shockingly, he does not immediately start hearing the voices. Chin lock. Here we go - I'm not sure if he was talking to the fans or the voices there, but it almost cost him. Shelton rotates through a vertical suplex and lands on his feet to reverse neckbreaker Shawn - it looked cool. "Classic Comeback" Stasiak gets a near fall on a spinebuster. Coach notes that they've run through their A-material and Shelton helpful ends it with the spinning heel kick to the head. (5:21) Coach decides Money Clip would be a great name for it, and then urges everyone at home to get up and dance to Shelton's music. Okay. 

Still to come, Goldust vs Steven Richards. But up next, HBK's interview from RAW

Same clip package to set it up (5:00) Coming up later, Goldust vs Steven Richards, but next, Raven vs Spike.

Lugz Sky Hi Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony of Last Week - remember when D'Lo himself was sponsored by Lugz for like a week?

Raven vs Spike Dudley - Raven takes a moment to point and jaw at D'Lo from the ramp. D'Lo does the same. Man, that's a great coat. D'Lo stares silently. Raven ain't Keeping It Real. D'Lo's openly rooting for Spike - Raven takes another look in D'Lo's direction before we get started. Lockup, Raven pushes Spike in the corner, clean break? He pointing out his clean break to D'Lo! That's an interesting strategy. Circle. Lockup, Raven pushes Spike in the corner again, clean break - nah, right, right, right. Backing up - now after him again, whip, spinning headscissors and a clothesline by Spike takes him out. Spike setting up - pescado! Thrown in. I think Spike is going for the corner punchers, but knees Raven on the way up, Raven falls down, so Spike kinda does rapid stomps on his chest. It looked okay, even if it took some set up. Whip, reversed and Spike goes into the corner chest first hard. That one took Raven down too. Corner whip, rebound clothesline. One two NO. Going to the second rope - "D'Lo!" - knee driver. One two grab the ropes. (Draw a card.) Spike pulls himself under the bottom rope - slingshot into the bottom rope. Spike grabs his chest and tries to stumble to the other side of the ring - whip, sleeper. While Raven keeps it in, let's watch it from D'Lo and Coach cam. Spike with a jawbreaker to escape, but Raven is still feeling better, and the sleeper is back on. But this time, Spike shoots Raven into the ropes, and now he's got his own sleeper. Raven picks Spike up on his back and rams him back first into the corner. Spike is hurt, Raven is down himself, but Spike manages to get the sleeper back on. Raven uses a back suplex to escape, but now both are being counted down by Nick Patrick. One two three four five six seven eight nine - both men are just up in time. Spike with the running headbutt - was that low? Perhaps. Right, right, Spike with a kick, off the ropes, bulldog. Off the ropes, spinning forearm one two no. Corner whip, charge into a knee. Raven is tired and isn't quickly following up - whip, reversed, Spike with a 'rana but Raven powerbombs him! Raven yell at him to get up - he doesn't, so Raven picks him up. Setting up Spike in the corner, and going for the corner punches, Raven is facing the desk sand takes a moment to yell - "That's for you, pal!" D'Lo's up - one two three four - D'Lo's standing on the desk and yelling back. They're yelling at each other - Spike backslide one two three! (5:31) D'Lo says he planned for that to happen - hey, at least someone's plan worked. Fist extended for Spike as he walks up the ramp (off camera) - Raven pouts in the ring. 

Up next, a look at the new (old) belt

Moments Ago - Raven got pinned. Raven didn't recognize, you see. During the Break, D'Lo and Raven had more words, but Coach kept D'Lo from leaving the desk. (4:39)

Next, Goldust vs Steven Richards

GTX Booker T win/spin-a-roonie of Monday

Steven Richards vs Goldust - Steven takes a look at the announcers on the way down, but no one makes anything of it. I wonder how Goldust feels about the W-oh who cares. Lockup, break. Steven with the double fist raise. Lockup, Steven gets Goldust in the corner, break, no right is ducked. Goldust feels himself up. Steven pushes him. Goldust pushes him down. Steven with a right, it's ducked, Goldust with a right, right, whip, jumping butt bump. Whip, reversed, Steven puts his head down too soon and gets the Goldust thrust uppercut. Armdrag into an armbar. Up, armbar twisted, Steven flipped to the mat and legdropped on the left arm. Back to armbar, now into a hammerlock and that left shoulder is rammed into the corner. And into the opposite corner. Big right. What, a face attacking a body part? I didn't know such things were possible! Coach says "I don't know how many people out there follow football" and I can't figure out the right response. Something about JR and/or the XFL. Anyway, they're talking about Iowa State. Armbar, Steven pushes Goldust into the corner for a break. Steven with rights, and now a chop. Now he does the Goldust feel up, and that upsets Goldust enough to punch and chop back. Corner whip, reversed into the same corner chest first and Steven with a reverse neckbreaker one two no. Chop. Snap mare. Elbow drop. One two NO. Chinlock. Goldust gets the crowd to help him, elbowing out, off the ropes, sunset flip one two no. Steven with a clothesline, and then grabs that left arm. Mounted punches. Open hand slap, knocking Goldust into the ropes. Goldust bounces off and pushes Steven back. Steven with another open hand slap, than a whip, dropkick - Goldust started to turn away from it, but instead for hit on the side one two no. Whip, dropkick and this time Goldust gets the ropes - jacknife cover one two no. Steven up first with punches. Off the ropes, into a powerslam. Goldust is too tired to cover so I guess that's not his finisher. Punch battle - Steven wins it, till he goes off the ropes and gets a clothesline. Clothesline. Whip, inverted atomic drop. Whip, and we'll call that a modified chokeslam (because it didn't look like anything in particular) one two no. Corner punches by Goldust one two three four five six seven eight nine feel up and Booker T look at glove ten. Now Steven's being tied in Shattered Dreams/Golden Globes position, but he manages to eye poke his way out. STEVENKICK is caught, Steven spun around but hits a clothesline anyway - one two no. Front facelock, arm raise, suplex is blocked with punches - Goldust turns him around - Curtain Call one two three. (5:19)

That's it.

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