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One Year Ago, Lance Storm beat Billy Gunn with a bit of help from Ivory, Spike gets in about three moves but still beats Mike Awesome, Raven wins over Saturn in a return match, and Tajiri and Torrie defeat Stacy and Tazz. At WWFNY, Tommy Dreamer complained to Al about Tough Enough and life in general and Al was nice enough to shut him up with a right hand.

TV PG LV Entertainment Open Fireworks

the Kind of Heat D'Lo Brown vs - Your announcer is Coach and only the Coach right now, as D'Lo's taking care of some business. Coach notes that it's odd that D'Lo is first match instead of last (as he has been lately.) Also, D'Lo would like to say something but they'd have to stop playing his music. Anytime now. Whenever you're ready. Now? Yes. "You know for the past four months, I've been sitting up there next to my main man Coach, trying to be the best play by play man in the business. And Coach, although the call and the urge to be in the booth is strong, the call of the D'Lo Nation is just that damn loud! So Coach, after tonight, I'll no longer be sitting next to you, I'll be hitting this ring, entertaining every member of the Nation - and I'll be inducted new member after new member into the Sky Hi Hall of Fame!" Oh this is match.

the King of Heat D'Lo Brown vs Shawn Stasiak in a "If the loser isn't the guy who was let go two days ago, I'll eat my hat" match - Coach has mixed feelings about D'Lo leaving. (I think he's afraid he'll be stuck with Miss Jackie again.) You know the point to me not doing Stasiak matches is that action that doesn't mean anything now and doesn't mean anything latter is kinda pointless to watch. Wasted energy to recap too, so I'm thrilled that I saved all that time. This being Stasiak's last match I'll ... keep doing nothing. Crowd chants for D'Lo - but it gets him distracted and punked out. Was that drop on the ropes supposed to be like that? Who can say. I really hope they had D'Lo do that speech because they have something planned for him on RAW, because he'll look dumb (like Raven) if he's back here in two weeks. Maybe Bradshaw's injury opened a spot. Abdominal stretch with ropes and Charles Robinson really has to work to not see it - Stasiak needs to pull the ropes farther out of view. Classic Comeback. Shaky shaky legdrop, only 2. D'Lo misses a corner splash, Stasiak goes for his finish one last time but it's escaped. One whip reversal spot later, it's the Sky HI one two three (4:08) and good bye Shawn. D'Lo poses. I think the title reverts back to Raven but we'll see.

Coming up later, Raven vs Spike Dudley. Next, stinkface related footage from RAW.

Booker T/Goldust/Eric/Rosie/Jamal/Rico stuff (8:32) - tomorrow night, Rosie/Jamal vs Goldust/Booker T in Booker's hometown.

Coming up later, Raven vs Spike Dudley but next, Justin vs Johnny.

Slim Jim Orton debut of Monday

Johnny Stamboli (w/hat) vs Justin Credible - Johnny's wearing his JTB entrance pants this week. Circle. I think Johnny's the face here but that's a guess. Lockup, Johnny pushes Justin into the corner, clean break so Justin will kick. Kick, headlock, stomping it in, cranking it,. Johnny elbows out, whip, Justin with a shoulderblock. Off the ropes, into a hiptoss. Johnny with a slam (holding his arms out waiting for Justin to walk into it doesn't make it look too good.) Dropkick. Armbar. Justin eye pokes out - chop, chop, corner whip, reversed, Justin kips up but no one's home. Justin turns into a Johnny press slam into a shoulder powerslam - one two no. Whip, head down too soon so Justin sneaks in a spinning DDT. Turnbuckle smash. Chop. Kick. Kick. Boot choke. Justin celebrates a bit. Oh no not the sliding dropkick - of course Justin misses and crotches himself on the ring post. Both slow up - Johnny's gets a right, Justin with a kick. Turnbuckle smash is blocked and Johnny hits his own. Right. Right. Whip, lift into an inverted atomic drop, off the ropes for a clothesline. One two no. Corner whip, reversed, no reverse again so Johnny can kick him. That was odd. Johnny probably trying the same thing again with this corner whoop - no, just pulling him into the ForgetAboutIt - one two three. (3:00)

WM XIX press conference (1:50)

Coming up later, Raven vs Spike Dudley. Next, the Hurricane comes to RAW.

Tag Team Title match and backstage interview (4:50) Coach: "Well, I tell you what - lucky Terri!" 

Coming up later, Raven vs Spike Dudley. Next, RVD vs Flair.

Lugz non-shocking turn of last Sunday

RVD/HHH (and Flair/Bubba) stuff. (3:20)

Coming up next, Raven vs Spike Dudley

Raven vs Spike Dudley (w/neck pain and Raw 2 Weeks Ago) - right about when Raven is about to take his glare at the commentators, we switch to D'Lo and Coach talking about D'Lo leaving. He's gotta do what he's gotta do. He can't walk without grabbing his neck, it's kinda odd. Circle. Raven pushes Spike into the corner. break. Spike's neck is bugging him. Lockup, Raven pushes him in the corner, fighting for it, break. Shout to Shaq - Spike sneaks an inside cradle one two no. Armbar. Shout out to Tracy Murray leads You Ain't Representing! You Ain't Keeping it Real! Anyway, Raven got out of the armbar with a forearm. Right. Right - no blocked and Spike on Raven with forearms. Whip, reversed, spinning headscissors. Forearm. Stomping him in the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Spike rebounds out with the battering ram. Spike is hurt though and rolls to the apron for safety - and gets a boot in his face.  Raven pulling him back in - snap mare. How about another. Second rope knee driver to the neck. One two Spike grabs the ropes with his hands. Stomping the neck region. Brief "HLA" chant from the fans. Snap mare. Raven set sup for the knee lift but Spike isn't getting up, so Raven pulls him up - jawbreaker! Raven's the first one up, Spike down from the neck injury, charge but Spike sidesteps. Clothesline but it misses, Dudley Dog no it's shoved up and a hard clothesline to the back of the neck! Raven smushing Spike's head into the mat now. Corner whip, rebound clothesline misses, kick to the stomach - Dudley Dog! One two three (3:30) Wow. Raven really needs a new plan - he lost to Spike without D'Lo distracted him this time! Spike can't get up because his neck hurts too much. D'Lo's happy to go out with a Raven loss. Raven not so much - pulling him, Raven Effect. Play his music. "Raven getting the last laugh, which is something he never does."


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