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/12 September 1999

WWF Sunday Night Heat




One World Leader Attitude - WWF! TV-PG-DLV!

Wow! WWF Sunday Night Heat aired 12.9.99 on the USA Network!




We open up with a look back at the Cleavage vignettes, and Chaz breaking away from that character, thanks to the loving support of his girlfriend Marianna...who ended up gettin' down with Meat backstage. Pay attention here.

DROZ v. CHAZ - your hosts, MICHAEL KING COLE & KEVIN KELLY, promise a battle tonight between Venis & Brown against Henry and Blackman. On Deja Video, a look back at the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Have you heard? Chaz is just a kid from Jersey trying to make it on his own. An "Earlier Tonight" interview has Chaz saying that Marianna realised playing tonsil hockey with Meat was a mistake, but still, their relationship is least as Chaz sees it. We learn that Triple H managed to leave the ambulance before Stone Cold rammed a semi into it, darn. This match is rather bad. Chaz tries a flying headscissors, but it kinda turns into Chaz falling to the apron and Droz flipping himself over and through the ropes. Ending comes when MARIANNA runs out, distracting Chaz into walking over and saying "It's over" until Droz strikes from behind with a gutshot and powerbomb for the pin. (3:19)

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The Slam of the Week, brought to you by Magic: the Gathering, is the Big Show heaving Mankind with a mighty beal off the stage of the SmackDown! entryway and onto the gravesite.

Heat's brought to you tonight by Hansen's Energy Drink, Starburst Hard Candy, and WWF: The Music Volume 3, available at Circuit City!

This week CHYNA is in the Hot Spot. Time now for some music and clips. YOU watch it. I'm fast forwarding.

Later tonight: some more clips. Up Next, Joey Abs takes on Shawn Stasiak!

Lilian Garcia interviews Terri and the Mean Street Posse - sorta

Why are WWF action figures sold separately? To keep your room from becoming a nuclear HOLOCAUST!



Last Thursday on SmackDown!, the Test and Stephanie McMahon saga really, that's JUST how they said it! Shane called off the posse, played contrite, and everyone hugged everyone else. Let's all count the days until 11 October!

JOEY ABS (with Rodney & Pete "Gas" & Terri) v. SHAWN STASIAK - well, *I* ain't calling him "the Man" just yet. He's got new music, I must note. I must also note that Terri's wearing a shirt and we don't know what's under it - top AND bottom. Shawn's a buzzsaw, oh yeah, there's a big back body drop. Right hand, there's another. Off the ropes, Rodney grabs the feet, turning him around so Abs can clothesline him out - where Pete and Rodney go to work. Into the STEEL steps. Now back in the ring, clubbin' blow from Joey. Vertical suplex interrupts a perfectly good promo for "Journey to the Center of the Earth" - ONLY ON USA! Scoop and a slam by Abs - off the ropes with the legdrop for 2. Whip is reversed - Abs into Pete on the apron - there's the Meat Grinder. Shouldn't we call it the Stasiak Grinder now? Anyway, 1, 2, 3. (2:25) Post-match beatdown by the Mean Street Posse eventually comes around to the side with the three guys. Terri's in the ring and asking the Posse to set him up - then she slaps him several times - kisses the Posse - and moons Stasiak. Well, where was THAT camera angle when we needed it?

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Magic: The Gathering brings you WWF Unforgiven - in two weeks!

Time now for Deja Video - a special look at Vince McMahon and Steve Austin in the steel cage last February at the St. Valentine's Day Massacre! It's a little weird to see Vince talking about this match after not seeing much Vince in the past few weeks. You know, it's STILL pretty cool seeing Vince go through the Spanish announce table from the top of the cage.


It's a little less cool to see him bleed, but...hey, they call him "Paul Wight" here! Vince says competing in that match was worth it. This match probably WILL get some "Match of the Year" votes...and it will probably make OTHER people cringe that it happens.

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They're replaying Shawn Michael's appearances on "Pacific Blue" - but I'll still not bother

BALD VENIS (with Steve Blackman's fun bag o' weapons) & D'LO BROWN v. STEVE BLACKMAN (with Riggs & Murtaugh) & SEXUAL CHOCKLIT MIZARK HENRY - Venis gets the mic and says his dick is like a swimmer - or something. Why exactly Blackman couldn't just buy a new fun bag of weapons is beyond me - maybe it's a sentimental attachment or something. Henry comes out with the European title around his waist, believe it or not. Blackman and Brown start - no, Blackman's going outside to find Venis and his bag. Brown meets him outside with a baseball slide dropkick. Taking him to the barricade. Back in the ring, Blackman jumps Brown on his way in and takes command. Brown quickly comes back, however, with a nice vertical suplex. Tag to Venis. Off the ropes, scoop and a slam, splash by Brown, splash by Venis, 1, 2, Henry in to stop the count, and take Venis down while he's at it. Stomping by Blackman, tag to Henry. Backbreaker across the knee by Blackman into an elbowdrop from Henry. Scoop and a slam. Acolytes and Dudley Boyz signed for Unforgiven - also Shamrock vs. Jericho. Big ol' Bossman straddle by Henry - but he slides all the way off his head to the floor, unlike Bossman. Give it a Magic: The Gathering Double Feature! Off the ropes as he comes back in, but the splash only finds the mat. Can Venis make the tag? Well, yes, but Blackman's distracted referee "Blind" Tim White, so he missed it. Henry takes Venis to his corner and tags Blackman. Snap suplex, elbowdrop, 1, 2, no. Off the ropes, head down, Venis kicks, off the ropes but there's a double clothesline and both men are down. Crowd coming alive - tag to Henry, hot tag to Brown! Flying forearm for Henry, dropkick for Blackman. Dropkick for Henry.


Time for the "patented" legdrop. 1, 2, Blackman breaks it up. Now Venis in - Blackman thrown through the ropes, Venis follows. Henry avalanche in the corner doesn't work. Brown leaves him there and stomps away. Blackman on the outside is briefly reunited with his bag of stuff..whoops, Venis with a clotheline to cut that short. In the ring, Henry wallops Brown with the European title, then covers - 1, 2, 3. (5:42) Henry goes ahead and splashes him for good measure. Venis in with the bag, brandishing a kendo stick. Henry goes outside. Blackman wants his bag back, but Henry's happy with the win, and besides, he's still got his title!

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The Resuce of the Week, brought to you by the United States Coast Guard, is the British Bulldog rescuing the Hardcore Title from the Big Bossman - and giving it to Al Snow - or was it Leif Cassidy?

Here's a Music Video Look at Triple H blowing his shot at SummerSlam, but managing to capture the WWF Championship the next night on RAW. Jump forward to SmackDown! of Thursday last. Austin makes his return in an ambulance, and he and Triple H have great fun.

Coming up - one more chance for some clips!

SmackDown! ad Check your local listings because USA won't let us say "UPN!'

Finally, time for the WWF's plays of the week - BRiNG IT ON! Is it wrong of me to not know which one is Redman and which one is Method Man?

For more information about the music you've heard tonight, consult your local library - they'll be happy to help you READ MORE ABOUT IT! They really DID list "Hooray for Boobies" tonight...huh.

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