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/24 October 1999
WWF Sunday Night Heat


Guest columnist: Joe


October 24, 1999 (taped 10.19.1999) Lexington, KY

Hosts: Michael Cole & Kevin Kelley

Match 1:
X-Pac & Kane v. The Head Bangers

In the back, the Dudley Boys were making fun of Kane's voice. Tori happen upon this and told the Duds to play nice. D-Von threatens some real violence and leaves.

The Head Bangers combine to suplex Kane early in the match. X-Pac gets a tag and dominates Mosh with a series of kicks, then nails the Bronco Buster. Thrasher then clotheslines Kane from the apron, and the Head Bangers get a nice heat sequence in on X-Pac. Nice flapjack from The Head Bangers for a two count. Thrasher applies a chinlock. My friend Chrissy is here, and I have to explain the purpose of a chinlock to her, as she notes it's not a very exciting move. X-Pac breaks free from the chinlock and gets the hot tag to Kane. Kane goes to town on both members of the Head Bangers. The Dudleys run in, D-von crotching Kane on the top rope and Buh Buh powerbombs Mosh. Kane then nails Buh Buh with a clothesline from the top, then chokeslams Mosh for the three (4:16, **). After the match, the Duds combine for a post-match nut shot on Mosh, and the 3D on Thrasher.


Recap of the birth, life, and untimely death of the Rock & Sock Connection. They didn't have a copy of Mankind's book at the local Barnes & Noble this weekend, but you can still go pick it up at

Match 2:
Stevie Richards as "Meat" v. Prince Albert

Stevie has dumped the Dude Love gimmick (and I tell ya, if he had turned on Mankind at the pay-per-view last week as Dude Love, that would have been SOOO cool), and is now portraying Meat, complete with drawn-on abs. Albert dominates Richard until The Blue Meanie, dressed as Prince Albert, gets Albert's attention. At one point, Richards covers Meanie, and Meanie and Albert bawl in the ring. Richards nails a superkick for a two, but on a second attempt, he gets caught in Albert's torture-rack driver for the three. (2:41, 1/2*). Funny, but not a "good" match.


Profile on the first woman Intercontiental Champion, Chyna. Lots of stuff I've already seen, most of it I've probably recapped.

Chris Jericho is up next.


Smack of the Night: Chyna smacking Chris Jericho with the IC Title.

Y2J is here to talk to smack about Chyna, demanding that Chyna defend the IC Title tonight. Out comes Chyna & Mini-She (Miss Kitty). Chyna would love defend the IC belt against Jericho tonight, but she's PMSing really bad. Her feet are swollen, she's got cramps, she feels bloated ("Kitty, do these pants make me look fat?" -Chyna), she's got loads of laundry to do. She closes with, "Not tonight, Chris. I have a headache." Hah!


Jericho and McMahon have a conference about Chyna's lack of Y2J compliance. McMahon grants Jericho a title shot for tonight... against European Champion D'Lo Brown. "But Vince, I'm not European!"


WWF Rewind: The Hardys/Edge & Christian Ladder match from No Mercy.

Match 3:
Steve Blackman v. Gangrel

Now that Gangrel has lost the Brood, will we see him get a good singles push? Early on, that doesn't look like the case, as Blackman is able to assert some dominance. This match is so exciting that the commentators talk about the latest issue of Cigar Aficionado, which features The Big Show, The Undertaker, and Vince McMahon on the cover. I don't think Blackman gets credit for being a hell of a wrestler, becuase he is good and wrestles stiff. The finish sees Blackman kick Gangrel out of the ring, where he goes to his chalice and takes in some of that red viscous liquid. Gangrel spits it in Blackman's eyes and hits his jumping DDT for the finish. (3:26, *1/2)

Recap of the Austin/Rock/HHH World Title situation from the last week. It's already been recapped to death, but I will add that watching The Rock and Austin take off their shirts on Raw last week looked REALLY REALLY GAY. Not that there's anything wrong with that. This is followed by recaps of the Austin/Veins and Mankind/Rock matches from Smackdown.


Match 4 (WWF European Champion):
D'Lo Brown v. Chris Jericho

Jericho attacks Brown as he's posing on the turnbuckles, taking the fight to the floor with Brown. They brawl around ringside a bit before Brown takes it back into the ring. Jericho catches Brown with a big boot and stomps away at the European Champion. AWESOME hotshot by Brown sends Jericho into the top rope throat first. Jericho comes back, catching Brown with a powerslam for a quick two. Jericho climbs up the ropes, but Brown knocks him to the floor and nails an AWESOME over-the-ropes plancha. Brown tells Jericho he sucks and nails him with a right hand. Back in the ring, Brown jumps off the top rope and Jericho connects with a dropkick for a two. Jericho connects with another dropkick on a seated D'Lo for another two, then floors Brown with a clothesline. Jericho sets up for a Lionsault, but the champ catches Jericho with his knees. A Scoop Slam is followed by D'Lo's legdrop for a two-count. A hurricanrana and roll-up from Jericho counter D'Lo's Liger Bomb attempt for a near fall. Brown connects with a heel, kick, but the move knocks Jericho into the referee. Brown goes to the top, but is crotched by Jericho. Jericho climbs the ropes for a superplex, but Chyna runs in and nails Jericho with the title belt. Brown finishes off Jericho with a TOP ROPE SKY-HI for the PINFALL win (5:27, ***1/4). Great match. Slow closes with Brown celebrating his victory.

Four matches, nothing really bad, and one match that was really great. They seem to have done away with the history segment, which is a shame on one hand because it was a really fun segment, but not that disappointing because they weren't going to do anything with wrestlers who still weren't under WWF's employ (think they run the Michaels/Ramon ladder match?). But they've chose to fill the missing time with some pretty good matches, so I'm not complaining.

Not much in angle development here (except for Chyna/Jericho), but I don't really have a problem with that, either.

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