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WWF Backlash


By BrewGuy


Opening Montage: The crowd chants "Hogan", and we see Hogan in various states of hulk-up while Hogan speaks: "This year at WrestleMania, the crowd was unbelievable. The moment I got in the ring with The Rock, I felt Hulkamania, brother. He won the match, I won my fans back, but the Rock became a pure-bred Hulkamaniac."

Now we see Triple H in various states of intenseness, while he speaks: "I always wished I could prove what I had against the immortal Hulk Hogan. I'm honored to get in the ring with him but I'm also a little bit sad, becuase I've got to take a bit of my childhood, and I've gotta destroy it." - the end of this is said while we're shown H and Hogan posing together.

Hogan: "Tonight at Backlash, has now become the host important night of my life. The Undisputed WWF Championship represents everything that I've worked for. The Undisputed WWF Championship represents the fact that Hulkamania wasn't a dream."
H: "In this business, there is only one goal - and that is to be the best. I will stop at nothing to make sure that I remain the Undisputed World Wrestling Federation Champion."

Hogan: "The Undisputed WWF Heavyweight Championship shows that Hulk Hogan is the man that is the best at his game - past, future or present."

H: "You talk about the icon, and all the things that come along with it - well that was then; this is now."

Hogan: "I need that belt to etch my legacy in stone - yes, I am the greatest, yes, I am the Babe Ruth of the WWF"

H: "Right now, right here, tonight, there is nobody bigger, there is nobody higher, than Triple H."

Hogan: "I need that belt more than life itself at this point."

H: "Getting to WrestleMania and proving that I could be everything that I once was - the greatest thing ever. I will not let that be for nothing."

Castrol GTX , Plenty O' Pyro and Creed inform us that we are LIVE from the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri! JR soothes my fears by saysing that this is a "potentially history-making night in the World Wrestling Federation"! I was beginning to think that PPV's were just another show! Whew! The fans at WWF New York are pumped as usual! I wanna see a camera in that place at 3:30pm on a Wednesday! Will it STILL be like that?

WWF Cruiserweight Championship Match
TAJIRI (Challenger - Japan - 206 pounds)
BILLY KIDMAN (Champion - Allentown, Pennsylvania - 215 pounds)

Good idea letting the cruisers go first, methinks. This should be gooooood.

Circle, lockup, Tajiri pushes Kidman off. Another lockup, another push-off. Shove by Tajiri, shove by Kidman floors Tajiri but he immediately nips back up(!), but gets a clothesline for his effort. Kick, kick, Irish whip, hip toss blocked, shot to the gut, leg on the head, flip-over, Tajiri spin kick misses, Kidman clothesline misses, arm drag by Tajiri, arm drag by Kidman, Tajiri heads to the corner - Kidman follows but Tajiri pulls him head-first into the second rope.chop, Kidman reverses positions, right, right, right, big chop. Whip to the corner is reversed, Tajiri charges but eats boot, Kidman hops on Tajiri's shoulders, spins around, goes for the hurricanrana but Tajiri holds on to his legs and catapults him to the corner - but Kidman lands feet-first on the second rope while Tajiri nips up - half-twick dropkick! Cover, 1, 2, no. Forearm by Kidman. Whip to teh corner reversed but Kidman grabs the top rope, jumps back and catches Tajiri's head with his legs for some flying head-scissors! Tajiri heads outside, and bitches a bit to Torrie when she tries to help him. Kidman approches but Tajiri trips him up, grabs his waist from behind, and swings around and drops him on the barrier(!). Tajiri rolls Kidman back in. Big slam by Tajiri, followed by a banshee scream and a knee drop. Choke on the bottom rope - now Tajiri's standing right on the back on his head. Tajiri slides outside - HUGE kick to Kidman's head! Snapmare, headlock. Kidman starting to power out, elbow, elbow breaks the hold, off the ropes, Tajiri clothesline misses, Tajiri powerbomb reversed into a hurricanrana! Kidman charges but gets a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Head into the ropes, then Tajiri puts him in the Tree of Woe. Backs to the corner, looks at the crowd, yells "SHUT UUUP!" (In English, no less), charges, BIG baseball slide right into Kidman's head. OW. Tajiri rolls outside and pulls Kidman's back agsint the pole while we get a Replay of the baseball slide - ouch, he nailed 'em good, like. Tajiri back inside - kick, kick, kick, kick, backbreaker, and Tajiri leaves him on the knee for a submission attempt. Crowd getting behind Kidman! Kidman with a knee to get out of it, quick cover, 1, no. Double axe handle by Tajiri. Elbow to the back - Japanese talking - another kick to the small back, then jumps right on his back - ow.Kidman fights back with left and rights, whip to the corner, Kidman charges - Tarantula NO Kidman pushes him off onto the apron, but Tajiri with a kick to the gut. Tajiri then leaps over the top rope, twisting in mid-air and landing straddled on Kidman's back, and THEN he applies the Tarantula! Wow! Ref breaks it up. Final Kick NO Kidman ducks, right, Rajiri with a right, Tajiri with several rights, Irish whip, Handspring Elbow NO Kidman drop-kicks him in mid-move!! Cover, 1, 2, NO! Crowd is really getting into this. Back suplex by Kidman but Tajiri lands on his feet and lands a spinning heel kick on the back of Kidman's head. Suplex NO Kidman with a waistlock, Tajiri reverses - German Suplex with bridge! 1, 2, Tajiri rolls all the way over! 1, 2, NO! Tajiri's not happy with that. Whip into the corner reversed, Tajiri goes in head first, Kidman off the ropes with a clothesline but Tajiri ducks - HUGE back kick!Tajiri sits on Kidman and hooks the leg, 1, 2, NO! Tajiri's getting REALLY mad now. Powerbomb reversed into an X-Factor by Kidman! 1, 2, NO!! Kidman drags Tajiri to the corner - he's goin' up top! - Shooting Star Press MISSES!!! And THERE'S the FINAL KICK! Cover, 1, 2, NO!!!! Tajiri's shocked! The crowd chants for Kidman(!!) Kick by Tajiri, shoulder block into the corner, Tajiri perches him on the top rope, climbs up to the top rope himself - Kidman lands some punches - TOP ROPE POWERBOMB!!!Cover, 1, 2, NO!!!!! Now KIDMAN can't believe it! Kidman's limping on his right leg. Irish whip reversed but Kidma holds on and kicks Tajiri - powerbomb NO, Tajiri busts out the RED MIST and falls right on top of Kidman - he hooks the leg! 1, 2, 3!!!! (9:10) We have a NEW Cruiserweight Champion! Torrie applauds, albeit not very excitedly. Tajiri tries in vain to hide his face with the belt. There's a Replay of the mist. Tajiri tells Torrie to get out of the ring. Michael Cole's at ringside for an interview, and we get lots of Japanese Words Which I Don't Understand from Tajiri. Y'know, he REALLY needs to speak English, even if it is kinda fun to wait until somebody on the 'Net translates what he said. There's another replay of the mist. GREAT stuff, and the crowd really got into it - a very encouraging sign.

Meanwhile, Bradshaw warms up when Farrooq joins him - the two embrace and say how much they've missed each other. Suddenly, the nWo music starts. They talk about how the APA office got trashed - Farroq tells him to make sure that doesn't happen again. Bradhaw heads out as the screen goes black and white and we're rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin' right into Scott Halls' entrance.

SCOTT HALL (accompanied by Kane-mask-wearing X-Pac - representing the nWo - 275 pounds)
BRADSHAW (Sweetwater, Texas - 292 pounds)

X-Pac's in the ring for some reason - he removes the Kane mask - now he and Hall have Bradshaw semi-surrounded, but the APA music starts up and Faarooq comes down to ringside. He slides in, embraces with with Bradshaw, who looks very happy that he's there. Crowd chants for the APA and there's the bell!

Hall toothpicks Bradshaw and think it's funnier than Robin Williams on speed, but gets a big right for his efforts. Forearm, chop, right, right, right floors Hall. Head into the corner, knee, club to the back, forearm, Irish whip reversed, Hall drops his head and gets another forearm to the back. Right, DDT. Cover, 1, 2, no. "X-Pac sucks" chant. Hall drops outside for a breather, but slooowwwlly realizes that Faarooq is right behind him. There's a couple of rights for Hall. X-Pac rushes over, only to be hammered as well, and Faarooq rolls Hall back in. Irish whip by Bradshaw is reversed - shoulder block by Bradshaw. Elbow, cover, 1, 2, no. Shots to the back and gut, chop, right, suplex - and a float over(!) - 1, 2, no. X-Pac whips the crowd into a mad frenzy. Big right by Bradshaw has Hall staggering - there's a nother, and a third drops him. Cover, 1, 2, no Thumb to the eye by Hall - right, right, 360 right drops Bradshaw. Choke on the second rope with the leg - broken at 4. X-Pac sneaks in for a cheap shot, and appears to hurt his hand. Right by Hall, another, right by Bradshaw, another, another, kick to the gut by Hall, shot to the back. Corner whip/cothesline combo. Some playful slaps to the head, followeed by a right. Series of kicks by Hall while the crowd boos. Bradshaw back with a kick, a right, Hall with a kick, "APA" chant. Hall has Bradshaw in the corner and beats him down with kicks. Bradshaw comes out with a shoulder block. If you haven't noticed the "brawling" style of this match by now, you might want to get glasses. Both men back up, Halls' right block, right by Bradshaw, Hall's right blocked again, series of rights drops Hall. Irish whip, elbow, huge kick. Corner whip/clothesline combo. Second whip is reversed - Hall charges but Bradshaw dodges and hits the ropes - Clothesline From Hell! Cover, 1, 2, X-Pac put Halls' foot on the bottom rope, then SLAPS Bradshaw for good measure! Faarooq chases X-pac, who runs around the ring, then for some reason jumps onto the apron, where he gets a right from Bradshaw and falls right into Faarooq's arms - Faarooq proceds to ram him into the steel post. But meanwhile, Hall nails Bradshaw from behind with a low blow! Rolls him up - he's got the tights! 1, 2, 3! (5:44) Bradshaw is MAD while Hall checks his teeth and asks the ref "I won?" X-Pac winces in pain but raises Hall's arm in victory. Faarooq consoles Bradshaw. Here's a replay of the finish.

Here's the Obligatory Outside Shot of the Kemper Arena - hey, that's a pretty nice building.

Here's Vince McMahon and he's WADDLING! In fact, he waddles right into Ric Flair's office and tells Flair a) how impressive the nWo is, and b) he's beginning to like his style of ownership. "What I mean by that is that now that you're an owner, you're really beginning to see what it's like to be an owner. No mater what you do for your employees, it's never enough. They're just a bunch of ungrateful people. Not only that, they question everything that you do, they question your integrity Ric - that's gotta be gettin' to ya. And, they're very distrustful of you. So, what I'm saying Ric is you're beginning to feel the heat as an owner. And now what've you done? you've placed yourself between a rock and a hard spot. I don't get it. You've named yourself the guest referee in the Austin/Undertaker #1 Contender's match. Now either you're a fool...." Flair looks at Arn Anderson and rolls his eyes a bit at that. "....or maybe this is a stroke of brilliance on your port. I don't know yet. But I want you to know - I'm beginning to relate to ya." "You can't relate to me. You haven't got a clue who I am. You've never known who I am and you never will! One thing for sure, I'll never be like Vince McMahon." "Well, maybe not, can try," Vince offers the Hand of Friendship - Flair declines. "Never".

WWF Women's Championship Match
TRISH STRATUS (Challenger, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
JAZZ (Champion - not sure where she's from, they didn't anounce it)

Trish and her breasts are in the ring, but we get MOLLY HOLLY coming to the ring, wearing a lovely white blouse which shows us that Molly's actually got some pretty sizable sweater puppets of her own. I don't know if Molly plays hockey, but she's givin' me a high stick [/Lawler Impersonation]. Molly's got the mic! "These people don't want their WWF Women's Champion to be a cheater! And these people don't want their WWF Women's Champion to flaunt her body around!" Somebody tell Molly that her blouse is a) tight, and b) kinda see-thru...not that I was staring. "These people want their WWF Women's Champion to be pure, and wholesome. Like me. Trish Stratus, you are nothing more than a cheater. And you know what happens to cheaters..." ohhhhhhhIknowIknowIknow! They get hit in the head with a mic! And thrown to the outside! Turns out I'm correct! Trish fires back with a forearm while Jazz's music starts up. Molly reverse Irish whips Trish into the steel steps, and Jazz rolls Trish in while referee Chalres Robinson orders Molly to the back. Robinson gets back into the ring and there's the bell!

Jazz nails Trish with a clothesline from behind. Whip into the corner, Trish runs out and runs right into a sidewalk slam. Cover, 1, 2, no. Here's a Replay of Molly whipping Trish (into the steps). Jazz charges but Trish drops her on the top rope neck-first. Forearm, another, clothesline misses, Jazz with a firewoman's carry into a fall-forward slam! "Nothin, baby! You're nothin'!" Irish whip, leapfrog while Trish rolls under, HUGE clothesline from Trish. Eye rake by Jazz. Left, left, left...she kisses the right, but it's blocked and Trish lays down some forearms. Irish whip, big kick misses, a second doesn't! Cover, 1,2, no. Chop, chop, chop, chop, kick, kick, kick, forearm, forearm, Trish perches her on the top but Jazz pushes her off. So, Trish does her handstand head-scissors trick, and follows with a couple of clotheslines. Neckbreaker! cover, 1, 2, no! Irish whip, Trish with her head down and she gets kicked for it. Powerbomb!!! Cover, 1, 2, no!! Jazz isn't happy. By the way, Jazz looks like a Xena reject tonight. While I notice this, Jazz chokes out Trish on the bottom rope - first with her hand, then with her foot. Whip into the corner - Jazz charges but Trish dodges and Jazz eats turnbuckle - rollup, 1, 2, no! Eye rake by Jazz, irish whip reversed, Stratusfaction NO, side suplex by Jazz! Cover, 1, 2, no! Jazz getting mad now. Whip to the corner, Trish raises the boot but Jazz catches - Dragon Leg Screw! Now Jazz with the Boston Crab! JR says that "not even lotion's gonna make feel any better". I never knew about the healing pwer of lotion, apparantly. Trish screeeeaming to get to the ropes, but Jazz pulls her into the centre of the ring - she lets Trish out of the Boston Crab and applides the STF!! Trish SCREAMING, trying to get to the ropes - trying, trying - SHE TAPS! (4:31) Champ retains. That New SmackDown Guy tries to interview Jazz, but Jazz says not a word. How lame is that? Match was good, though.

Here's a replay of Paul Heyman playing with Lita's thongs and the buildup to the Brock lesnar/Match. The music in the background while Heyman talks to Lita is downright eerie.

Here's a shot of the huge tattoo on Brock's back while Heyman talks. "Tonight, tonight, tonight is your first official match! And you never get a second chance to make a first impression! I want the beating that you gave Matt Hardy to pale in comparison to the beating that I envision you giving Jeff Hardy. I want you to have no regret. I want you to have no remorse. I want you to remember that this is all Lita's fault! Lita wants to play rough? I want you to show Lita how rough you can play. And I want you wo show the world that The Next Big Thing is BROCK...LESNAR!" Lesnar breathes a whole lot, then leaves. Heyman has a diabolical look on his face, which doesn't help much, because he looks at Lesnar's ass, then leaves.

JEFF HARDY (acompanied by Lita - Cameron, North Carolina, 218 pounds)
BROCK LESNAR (accompanied by Paul Heyman - Minniapolis, Minnesota, 275 pounds)

Lesnar leaps up onto the apron, gets in the ring, and is immediately attacked by Jeff Hardy. There's the bell!

Jeff with a myriad of punches but Lesnar stops him with a knee to the gut. Shots to the back, then Lesnar tosses him under the bottom rope and to the outside. Lesnar follows, Jeff rolls back in, Lesnar leaps to the apron but is dropkicked off! High Cross Body over the top rope but Lesnar catches him - goes to ram Jeff into the pole but Jeff slips off his back and rams Lesnar in instead! Lesnar gets back into the ring, and Heyman SCREAMS to Brock that Jeff's on the top rope! Too late - High Cross Body! Cover, 1, kickout WITH AUTHORITY! Lesnar charges and throws Jeff into the corner and follows with a series of shoulder-blocks, then tosses Jeff to the mat like a sack of potatoes. Lesnar drives Jeff into the corner again. Belly To Belly Overhead Suplex!! Heyman "I'll bet that hurt, didn't it Lita? That's on your conscience!!" Heyman RULES. Brock is staring down at an already-half-dead Jeff Hardy. There's another B2B! Heyman: "It's all Lita's fault!" Lesnar picks up Jeff - backbreaker, but Lesnar doesn't let go. In fact, Lesnar might as well be holding a large pillow - that's how easy he's tossing Jeff around. There's a second backbreaker, and he STILL holds on! Heyman: "2! That's for you, Lita!" And There's a HUGE 3rd backbreaker! Heyman now yelling at Jeff: "Do you see what Lita did to you?!" Lita looks extremely depressed. Jeff backs into a corner - Lesnar slowly follows him in. Kick to the gut by Jeff (which Lesnar sells like a champ), another, three, right, right, right, right, Irish whip reversed into the corner by Lesnar. I'm starting to see the Goldberg similarities that eveybody seems to be mentioning when it comes to Lesnar - however, Lesnar can a) actually WRESTLE, b) actually SELL, and c) could probalby eat Goldberg's lunch if he was so inclined. Lesnar whips Jeff into the turnbuckle again. JR speculates how dangerous Lesnar is going to be after he gets some more experience. Lesnar whips Jeff in again, but he runs up the turnbuckle - Whisper In The Wind floors Brock! Jawbreaker! Here's a Replay of the Whisper In The Wind while Jeff does the Groin Legdrop! SWANTON BOMB! Cover, 1, 2, NO!! Jeff rolls out to get a chair - he's frustrated! But as soon as he gets int he ring - Lesnar simply picks him up with absolutely no effort at all, places him on his shoulders - BROCKBUSTER! (No, that's not the official name, but it's better than "TKO", and until the WWF actually names it, that's what I'm going with). Heyman: "Brock! Don't pin him! Hurt him!! Break him in half!!" Lesnar is happy to oblige - POWERBOMB! Picking him up - a SECOND powerbomb! Hardy is extremely dead. Lesnar just stands there, half-smiling. Lesnar picks Jeff up again - RUNNING POWERBOMB!! Teddy Long takes one looks at Jeff, and STOPS THE MATCH! (5:32) Heyman's in the ring, and raises Brock's hand, a big, big smile on his face. Teddy Long calls for help, and Lita looks like she's going to burst into tears. Heyman reminds her this is all her fault - Lita seems to acknowledge that he's right. Lesnar sadistically stares at Jeff - or what's left of 'em, anyway. That was some good squash! Here's some replays of the powerbombs which have turned Jeff Hardy into a stain on the mat. Y'know what's REALLY scary? I don't think Lesnar even broke a sweat.

WWF Live and WWF Forceable Entry ads, followed by the build-up to the Edge/Angle match.

KURT ANGLE (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 237 pounds)
EDGE (Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 242 pounds)

This should be a beauty. Not much prelude to this one - there's the bell and we're underway!

Circle, lockup, side headlock by Angle. Edge backs him up, Irish whip, shoulder block by Angle. "Angle Sucks!" chant, which momentarily gets Kurt's attention. Off the ropes, Kurt jumps over him, leapfrog by Edge, Angle catches the rope and seems proud of himself. Then he charges right into a forearm. There's another. Angle begs off into the corner - kick, forearm, forearm, whip to the corner but Edge eats elbow - Angle charges but eats drop-kick. Right, Irish whip reversed, clotheslines misses, flapjack by Edge! Clotheslines sends Angle to the outside! Crowd enjoyed that little bit. Edge heads out but Angle drags him out Angle right is blocked, forearm by Edge. Club to the back. Edge rolls Kurt in but he's back on his feet and delivers several kicks to Edge. Forearm, right, Irish whip reversed, spinning heel kick by Edge! Clothesline misses - German suplex by Angle! "WOO!" from Angle! Kick, kick, right, right, right, right, kick, kick, kick, kick. Jerry and JR try to name some "great Canadian Olympians" and mention....Ben Johnson?!? How about Daniel Igali, who won the gold medal in the Freestyle Lightweight division at the Sydney Olympics? Geeeeez! Big chop by Angle, and another. Angle taking his time adminstering them, but now Edge reverses and there's two big chops. Whip to the corner reversed, Angle charges but eats boot, Edge charges - right into a Belly To Belly Overhead Suplex! Cover, 1, 2, no. Right floors Edge. Another right drops him back down. Crowd all over Angle. Kurt trash talking now - right blocked, rights by Edge, kick by Angle - suplex, float-over, 1, 2, no. Headlock by Angle. Edge starting to fade - ref checks the arm - it drops once - it drops twice - but not the third time! Edge starts to power out - elbow, elbow, Irish whip, clothesline misses - German Suplex by Angle! Holding on for 2 but Edge blocks and delivers some elbows to break the two apart. Angle charges, but runs into a B2B by Edge! Both men down - Angle's up at 6. Right by Angle, right by Edge. Angle, Edge, Angle, Angle, Angle - Irish whip, clothesline misses - flying forearm! Clothesline! Baaaack body drop and Edge is rolling! Kick, whip to the corner, Angle comes out but his clothesline is ducked - DDT Which Looked Like The Edge-a-cution But Wasn't! Cover, 1, 2, NO! Kick by Angle, back suplex but Edge lands on his feet - Angle charges but is caught - facebuster! Cover, 1, 2, NO! Edge is getting frustrated! Edge is going up to the top rope! But Angle sprints to the top rope and overhead-suplexes Edge off the top!! I looooove that spot!! Cover, 1, 2, No! ANKLELOCK NO, Edge rolls out and kicks Angle off! Angle back on him with forearms to the back - trying to German suplex him but Edge was holding on to the top - Edge fires off elbow, clothesline misses - NOW Kurt German Suplexes him! Holding on for a second! And there's a third, and he holds on for the pin! 1, 2, no!! Angle's getting mad! Angle Slam NO, Clotheslines by Angle misses, German Suplex by Edge and OW, Kurt lands RIGHT ON HIS HEAD. Both men down - Here's a replay - yep, right on his head. Both guys up at 8 - Angle charged but gets baaaack body-dropped over the top rope! Now Edge is climbing the rope - HIGH CROSS BODY TO THE OUTSIDE!!! And Angle took it full-force. Here's a Replay - OUCH. Edge rolls Angle back in, climbs the top rope - missile dropkick! Cover, 1, 2, NO! Edge can't believe it! Neither can the crowd! Edge motioning Angle to get up, kick to the stomach, Edge-a-cution NO, Kurt reversed but eats a forearm, Edge-O-Matic NO, forearm to the ribs - ANGLE SLAM! Cover, 1, 2, NO!!! Kurt is MAD! Now Kurt's MAD! Down come the straps - ANKLELOCK! Edge screeeaming in pain, trying to get to the ropes.......and Angle pulls him back o the misddle! But Edge pulls him forward and rolls him up!! 1, 2, NO!!!!! Clothesline by Angle! Damn, what a great false finish THAT was. Kurt's getting mad - he goes to the outside nad gets a chair! Ref dodges out of the way before he gets hit. Angle charges - Chair shot hits the top rope and hits Angle in the face! EDGE-O-MATIC!! 1, 2, NOOO!!!!!!!! Edge is LIVID, and in great pain! Here's a Replay! Kurt with a rake of the eyes - big kick by Edge drops Angle in the corner. Edge backs up - he's set up for the spear! Edge charges but Angle NAILS HIm with a kick in mid-spear!!!! ANGLE SLAM! Cover, 1, 2, 3!!! (13:26) Kurt celebrates while the crowd chants "You suck". Angle: "I don't suck! I don't suck!" No, you don't, Kurt, and neither does Edge. AWESOME, AWESOME match - Mr. Edge, your first-class ticket is ready - welcome to the Main Event.

Tazz interviews fans at WWF New York - half pick Triple H, half pick Hogan. Go figure.

Before we get to our next match, the countdown starts and CHRIS JERICHO makes his way into the ring and grabs a mic - he's gonna SPEAK! "K, let me try and rationalize this, let me try and get this straight. 30 days ago, I was in the main event of WrestleMania 18, the biggest show in the history of the World Wrestling Federation! And I was in the main event as the Undisputed Champion, the very first Undisputed Champion in the history of the World Wrestling Federation, the top guy in the business, the top money paying position in the industry, but TONIGHT, I stand in this ring, in this filthy little town, and I don't even have a match! And I DON'T EVEN HAVE A MATCH tonight at Backlash! I'm not good enough to have a match, I'm not WORTHY enough to have a match, so I am here at Backlash, the lowest of the lower, nothing more than a common spectator, like each and every one of you jackasses!! And that is absolutely unacceptable, I mean - Billy Kidman had a match! Trish Stratus had a match! Even Maven has a match, but the very first Undisputed Champion in the history of the WWF isn't good enough to have a match! And that offends me - that insults me - and most importantly of all, that hurts my feelings! Yeah, that hurts my feelings - that that any of YOU jackasses care! But you know what makes me feel really good? You know what makes me feel absolutely tremendous? The fact that even on a day like this, the worst day of my career, I am STILL BETTER than each and every one of you! And am STILL BETTER than that has-ben, Hulk Hogan!" Cross boos lustily! "Oh come on, come on, do any of you really, truly believe that Hogan deserves te title shot more than i do?" Lots of cheering. "You honestly believe that!" More cheers. "Well here's a news flash for ya - for all you (dumb-guy voice) HUWKEHMANIACS, that are trying to live vicariously through Hogan, HOPING, PRAYING, BELIEVING that the Hulkster can bring the Championship back home one last time, well you're going to be very disappointed. Becuase that is not going to happen tonight, or ever again! Because Hogan is not worthy of being a champion! But Chris Jericho is worthy of being a champion! And Chris Jericho is worthy of having a match at Backlash tonight, but since I don't, I guess I'm not welcome here in Kansas City." Crod cheers this. "Well if that's the case, then I'm just gonna leave right now! Screw all of you! Hit my music!" They do so, and Jericho exists, yelling at the fans the whole time. AWESOME promo. Jericho RULES.

Ric Flar is in his office preparing, when the Undertaker enters. Arn: "Here we go." Ric: "What do you wait?" taker says nothing - just holds up one finger....and leaves. Arn advises hRic to keep an eye on him. Double A's a GENIUS.

Here's another Forceable Entry ad while Young Grow Old plays.

WWF Intercontinental Title Match
EDDIE GUERRERO (Challenger - El Paso, Texas - 215 pounds)
ROB VAN DAM (Champion - Battle Creek, Michigan - 230 pounds)

Rob points to himself, and immdiately gets hammered by Eddie - AWESOME. Let's get started, shall we?

Right, right, right misses, forearm, forearm, Irish whip, back body drop NO Eddie rolls over him, but eats spin kick. Forearm, another, whip to the corner, somersault, monkey flip out of the corner. Spinning Heel Kick! Cover, 1, 2, no. Right by Eddie, right by RVD, another by Eddie, , kick is caught by Eddie, shot to the leg - Dragon Leg Screw! Kicks and punches in the corner - Eddie tells te ref to shut up. Whip to teh corner is reversed. Shoulder Block, a second, backflip, Eddie charges with a clotheline that misses, waistlock by RVD, Eddie backs him into a corner. Assorted rights and kicks drive RVD to the canvas. RVD reverses, right, kick, kick, spinning kick floors Eddie. Standing Senton! Cover, 1, 2, no. Forearm, kick, kick floors Guerrero. cover, 1, 2, no. Forearm, another, suplex/float-over by RVD in one movement! 1, 2, no! Body slam by RVD, up to the top, but Eddie catches him and crotches him on the top. Eddie with a right, another, Eddie climbs the turnbuckle after him, yells something in Spanish - both men on the top rope now, Eddie goign for the top-rope suplerplex but RVD drops to the outside, clotheslining Eddie on th top rope! There's a missile dropkick! RVD says "Yeah!" Rolling Thunder - The Cartweheel Mix! 1, 2, no! suplex NO, Eddie rolls him up, 1, 2, no. Kick to the gut by RVD, Suplex No Eddie rolls him up from behind, 1, 2, no! Eddie's o te outside - a baseball slide keeps him there. Asai moonsault!! RVD drapes Eddie on the barrier, up on the apron, Points To Self - Spinning Leg Drop! Forearm, RVD rolls Eddie in, cover, 1, 2, no. Rolling Thunder HITS THE KNEES, and Eddie goes to work with some kicks. Irish whip, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Back suplex! Cover, 1, 2, no. Eddie right back to work with the kicks. Irish whip, drop toe hold - going for the surfboard, but instead applies a chinlock while keeping the legs hooked. Ouch! Now Eddie applies a facelock while keeping the legs hooked! RVD trying to power out - shots to Eddie's head drop him down and he's out of it. Eddie jumps on RVD's back. Now Eddie has RVD stretchedd scross his back! But RVD won't give up! Now RVD rolls Edie up! 1, 2, no! Eddie immediately follows with a clothesline. Right, Irish whip, Eddie drops down - nice calf kick! More yelling from Eddie - he's on the Apron - over-the-ropes Swanton! Cover, 1, 2, no! "RVD" chant. Eddie works on the arm - he's got an armbar on RVD - now he runs to the turnbuckle still holding RVD arm, jumps off, twists in mid-air, and lands a BEAUTIFUL hurricanrana! Essa Rios would've been proud of THAT move! Eddie playing to the crowd - cover, 1, 2, no! Brainbuster by Eddie! Holding on for 2 - no, side suplex!! Cover, 1, 2, no! eddie lands a kick, makes the motion across the throat, "I'm feelin' froggy, baby!" Goin' to the top rope, but RVD is up and kicks Eddie's leg - then kicks him in the face, knocking him partially off - now he's back on, RVD going for the suplex, Eddie fighting him by ramming his head into the turnbuckle - SUNSET FLIP OFF THE TOP with INCREDIBLE velocity on the impact!! 1, 2, NO! Eddie's mad! There's a Replay - WOW. Eddie with some punches, RVD fires off a weak punch, and Eddie lands some more - Powerbomb NO RVD lands on his feet - step-over spin kick! Eddie rolls to the outside and grabs the titele belt, keeping it hidden - goes for the beltshot but RVD kicks him and pulls the title away, nailing Tim White in the process. Neckbreaker by Eddie right onto the belt! And now Eddie's goin' up again! FROG SPLASH!!! Cover, 1, 2, 3! (11:44) We have a NEW Intercontinental Champion!! Eddie celebrates! "Hey Rob! Where's the belt? It's mine now, baby!!" Here's a replay of the Frog Splash - man, he flew across the ring on that one. Great stuff.

Scorpion King ad - I saw it on Friday. There's absolutely no plot, but the action is great, and The Rock does a pretty good job as a leading guy in this kind of movie - I was actually surprised how soft-spoken he was throughout the whole flick. It'll never be called a classic, but if you'd like to see 90-minutes of action, I'd recommend it. JR tells us it's the highest grossing movie opening in the month of April in the history of motion picutres - over $30 million bucks. WOW. Well, I guess The Rock's officially a Hollywood star now. Wonder how much longer he'll wrestle for?

#1 Contender's Match
THE UNDERTAKER (Houston, Texas - 305 pounds)
'STONE COLD' STEVE AUSTIN (Victoria, Texas - 260 pounds
Special Guest Referee - RIC FLAIR

Ric's wearing red boots which look pretty awful, but remind JR of Johnny "Red Shoes" Dugan,. enough about the boots - I'm getting tired, so let's get to it!

Austin hasn't even got his vest off - now he does. Both men stare each other down, then go eye to eye. Austin trash talks a bit, and Taker just backs off. Circle, lockup, side headlock by Taker. Austin tries to power ot, but can't. Austin pulls the hair, Flair stops him. Austin pushes him off, Taker with a shoulderblock. Taker starts an Ali-like shuffle, and Austin takes a break to the outside and talks with some fans. back in now - lockup, side headlock by Austin, Taker can't get him off - lifts Austin up but Austin hangs on - now Taker pushes him off - shoulderblock but neither men move, and Taker shuffles again. Austin looks frustrated. Stretches on the ropes a bit - Taker waits for him in the middle of the ring. Austin checks his watch, then does some push-ups. JR calls that "Victoria Texas mind games". Ok, then. Crowd loved it though. Lock up, side headlock by Taker, Austin pushes him off, soulder block by Taker, off the ropes, Austin drops down, then nails Taker with a forearm. Taker on his knees - now Austin drops to his and delivers a bird. Now Austin wants a test of strength - Taker sloowwlly approaches, they're hands are about to lock up, but Austin pulls his away and delivers ANOTHER bird, causing Taker to say "FUCK!" Another lockup, side headlock by Taker, Austin pushed him off, shoulder block by Taker, off the ropes again, Austin drops down, hip toss! Arm drag(!) Drop toe hold!! Now Austin with an armbar and a low-pitched "WOOO!" for Flair. Austin dropping the knees on Taker's arm - now twisting the arm behind Taker's back. Rolls him up for a pin, 1, 2, no. Taker to his feet but Austin hangs on - now backed into the corner and Flair makes them break. Right after breaking, Taker lands a big right. There's another one, which drops Austin. Right misses - chop, chop, chop, chop, chop, chop, chop, whip into the corner, Austin charges but eats boot, then a clothesline. Cover, 1, 2, no. JR says Flair is not an experienced referee. Shoudler block by Taker, armbar applied - pulls Austin up, another shoulder block, Old Skoo shot to the head! Cover, 1, 2, no! Irish whipby Taker reversed, clothesline misses, Lou Thesz press, mounted rights, Double Finger Elbow, Cover, 2, 3, no. Austin clotheslines Taker over the top rope, goes to follow but gets pulled out by Taker. Right, BIG chop. Austin fights back with a weak chop but Taker takes over and whips him into the ring. However, Austin clotheslines him right back out again! Now Austin brings Taker over to the announcing table and rams Taker's head in - and again. Third time's a charm. Chop, chop, head into the table again. Rolling Taker in, Austin goes back and fixes the table - how nice of him! Austin on his way in but gets SMOKED with a huge boot! Taker slowly follows him out - head into the table which Austin just fixed - big right staggers Austin. Another right. Head into the steps is blocked - twice. Austin with elbows and rights, two fingers, big right sends Taker over the barrier. More rights from Austin, Taker tries to stop Austin's chokehold but it's not really working. Austin rams Takers head into the bell table, then throws him over the barrier. Head into the announcer's table again, and Taker's lookin' glassy-eyed again. Chops by Austin, knee, PILEDRIVER NO, Taker body drops him, and drops an elbow! Repeated rights, Flair tells Taker to get him back in the ring. Taker ain't done though, and takes Austin over to his bike and rams his head into THAT. If I woned an expensive bike, I would've ram people's head into it. Hey, here's the nWO out to have a look. Meanwhile, Austin takes over with punches - Irish whip reversed - Austin goes flying into the steps. Flair orders him into the ring and goes over to help Austin up. Taker won't have that so he comes back out - two big knees to the face. Big right floors Austin. Now Taker FINALLY rolls him back into the ring, as we see the nWo looking on. Taker drapes Austin over the apron and lands some knees.Now Taker's up on the apron - biiig leg drop! Now both men FINALLY back into the ring, Austin holding his head. Taker now kicks at Austin's knee. Taker drops some elbows on the knee - kick, another Elbow, here's a leg submission old. Taker: "Ask him!" but Austin won't have it. Taker locks in his hold further, and Austin's tring to get to the ropes....and gets there. Flair makes him break, which Taker does at the count of 4. Kick by Austin, another, another, right, right, right, kickby Taker, clothesline. Cover, 1, 2, no. Now all the fans are looking at something happening in the stands while Taker has a neck vise on Austin. Knee to the back, back to the neck vise. Big shot to the stomach, rights to the head. Austin rakes Taker's eyes, but Taker comes back with a shot to the head. Cover, 1, 2, no. Irish whip reversed, sleeper by Austin! But Taker turns that into a back suplex! Cover, 1, 2, no! Taker's not happy with that count. Taker's got the neck vise on again. Right by Austin, another, third breaks the hold, a few more rights, off the ropes, Taker clothesline misses, KICK WHAM NO, taker pushes him off - clotheslines. cover, 1, 2, no! Taker rubbing the forearm in Austin's face - the nWo are still looking on. Head into the turnbuckle by Taker. Big right misses, right, right, right, right, right, right, Irish whip, clothesline misses, Flying Clothesline by Taker hits! Cover, 1, 2, no! taker decides to take off the covering on a turkbuckle. Goes back to Austin, right, Irish whip reversed and Taker hits the exposed steel! ANother Irsh whip, elbow misses, double clothesline on both men! Ric is thinking about counting, but it seems like Taker is about to get up so Flair doesn't bother. Taker right blocked, Austin right, Taker's right is blocied, a bunch of rights drop Taker into the corner, kick, kick, stompin' a mudhole, walkin' it dry! Whip into the corner, Austin coming in but eats elbow Tombstone NO, Austin drops down, lands some rights, and whips Taker right into Flair! Taker comes back - KICK WHAM STUNNER! Austin covers, but Flair is out! Austin goes over and tries to wake up Flair and somewhat succeeds. Low Blow by Taker!! Taker setting up - GOOZLE - CHOKESLAM! Cover, 1, 2, NO!!! Taker can't believe it. Taker goes to the outside and grabs a steel chair, but Flair won't let him use it - he grabs it, but Austin lands a low blow! Irish whip is reversed, and taker nails Austin with a big boot! Cover, 1, 2, no! Irish whip by Austin - spinebuster! Cover, 1, 2, no! Austin: Get up, you sunuvabitch!" Double finger, KICK WHAM NO, Taker pushes Austin right into Flair! Flair is down again! Now Taker has the chair and he DRILLS Austin with it! Flair slowly comes over - 1, 2, NO!!! Taker looks peeved. Taker now makes the slit-throat motion! Dragon sleeper NO, clothesline by Austin, cover, 1, 2, no! Austin back up first, and now HE puts on he Dragon Sleeper but Taker backs Austin into the corner and lands some elbows. Taker gets the chair again - chairshot MISSES, Austin stomps another mud hole and walks iT dry, too!Now Austin has the chair but Flair tries to take it awayfrom him - Austin gives him the finger and pulls the chair away, turns around, and Taker boots the char right into his face! Cover, but Atstin's foot is on the ropes, but Flair doesn't see it! 1, 2, 3!!! (26:58) Your new #1 contender: The Undertaker! He reminds this of that fact by saying "I'm #1. I'm the man. To hell with all of you." We see Flair leaving, oblivious to what just happened. Austin is back up and Taker also reminds HIM that Taker's now #1. Well, Austin doesn't like that - right, right, right, right, right, KICK WHAM STUNNER. Play Austin's music while he holds HIS finger up! Sooooo, WHY exactly were the nWo out here? I guess we don't know...yet.

The Coach catches up with Ric Flair and tells him what just happened, and shows him the footage to boot. "Now Mr. Flair, what do you have to say after seing that footage?" Flair's only got two words for us: "Aw, shit."

Judgement Day comes to your from Nashville on May 19th - be there! Or, just order it!

WWF Tag Team Titles Match
AL SNOW and MAVEN (Challengers - combined weight of 476 pounds)
BILLY and CHUCK (Champions - accompanied by Rico - combined weight of 529 pounds)

JR says that Kansas City "holds a variety of emotions for all of us", obviously referring to the Owen Hart tragedy, but then goes on to mention current storylines. I'll just pretend that didn't happen. Chuck jumps Maven, Billy jumps Al, and there's the bell!

Billy and Chuck both whip their men (snicker, snicker) out of the corners, but they reverse - Billy leapfrogs Chuck but both get clotheslines for their effort. There's a clothesline over the top rope on Chuck by Al, and Maven shows Al billly's headband, which Al just HAS to put on and make a funny face with. Billy's unhappy with this, but gets a forearm from Maven for his trouble, but Chuck drags Maven out of the ring and hammers him with a right - Billy then whips him into the barrier, then back into the ring. Chuck and Maven are in the ring - series of kicks by Chuck. chuck tags Billy, then holds open Maven so Billy can nail him (snicker, snicker). Billy with a right, right blocked, two rights by Maven, knee to the gut, Irish whip is reversed, and Billy's sent flying into Al, who wasn't paying attention and as a result gets thrown to the floor. Kick to the gut and a DDT by Maven. Maven wants a tag but Billy drags him away, then tags Chuck. Al runs in and throws punches on both guys until Nick Patrick kicks him out, during Chuck drives Maven into their corner with some shoulder blocks and punches. Right, Irish whip, elbow misses, kick is caught - enziguri by Maven! Both men down - but both men make the tag! Al clotheslines Billly, then Chuck, then Billy, then Chuck - kick for Billy, Irish whip on Chuck, baaaack body drop! Mounthing Billy in the corner (snicker, snicker and lands 10 punches while the crowd counts - then throws a whole mess o' punches after that. Irish whip erversed by Billy but Al grabs the ropes, which lets Chuck clothesline him from the apron. Swinging neckbreaker by Billy - cover, 1, 2, no! Tag to Chuck. Right, right by Billy, snapmare by Chuck, Chuck grabs Al's arms from behind and drives the knee. "Rico's gay" chant. Rico vehemently disagrees. Al battles out, lands some punches, Irish whip - belly to Belly Overhead Suplex by Chuck! Cover, 1, 2, no! chuck rams Al into Billy's boot, then tags him in. Right, whip into the corner but Al slides in and turns around - charges Billy but Billy sidesteps him and Al crashes into the second turnbuckle.. Now Billy charges but Al dodges and eats turnbuckle himself. Chuck's in, but Al drop-toe-hold's him right into Billy - ouch that look like it hurt.Tag to Maven! Clothesline for Chuck - and Billy - and Chuck again - and Billy again. Dropkick for Chuck sends him outside, but Billy nails him from behind - Irish whip, Maven drops his head - big mistake! Famouser! Cover, but Al pulls Maven out! Billy comes to complain but gets a punch!Al up on the apron, leaps over Billy, right into a super-kick by Chuck! Now Rico's in and Chuck's holding Maven for him - but Maven ducks and the spin-kick nails Chuck! Billy lands some quick rights on Maven - whip into the corner reversed right into Al Snow - spinebuster! Now Maven's on the top rope - high cross body! Cover, 1, 2, no! Maven can't believe it! "Get up! Get up!" Rico in again, but Al sees him and Rico runs for his life, but this leaves Maven to the wolves - HUGE Super-kick by Chuck! Cover, 1, 2, 3! (5:58). al back in and he kicks out Billy and Chuck, but it's too late - Champs retain. JR laments "Rico the stylist". Here's a replay of the super-kick - OUCH, he caught Maven right in the jaw with THAT one.

Triple H versus Triple H - NEXT! No, that's NOT a typo! Here's the story building up to the match which you already know by now.

Undisputed Championship Title Match
'HOLLYWOOD' HULK HOGAN (Challenger - Venice Beach, California - 275 pounds).
TRIPLE H (Champion - Grenwich, Conneticut - 272 pounds)

Each entrance takes about four hours, although thre IS a way-cool shot of Hogan's determined face over Triple H's shoulder while he spits his water. Here's the old Undisputed Champion graphic - and here's a big ol' staredown. Hebner's got the belt - shows it to both guys - and there's the bell!

The circle each other, and lock up - Triple H shoves Hogan back into the corner! Crowd BOOS! Hogan looks worried. They lock up again - H shoves him off again! "Hogan" chant, but H comes over and points at him, then points to his own eyes as if to say "Don't listen to THEM - you worry about ME!" Lockup again - Hogan shoves H off! There's a hulk-up! H looks - intense...then smirks. Test of strength offer is accepted and aay they go - no early winner here - now Triple H starting to go down! But H battles back, and now Hogan drops to one knee! The crowd is firmly behind Hogan. Sloowwllly, Hogan battles back to his feet - The Game is shaking with effort - he breaks it and nails hogan with an elbow! Wristlock puts Hogan down on one knee. Sllooowwwlly, Hogan gets to his feet and reverses the wristlock into a side headlock. H with a sho to the gut, shoves him offf, shoulder block by Hogan. Another Hulk up! H back to his feet - they circle again. Lockup, H backs Hogan into the corner - ref orders the break - and they do - but there's a slap for Hogan! Hogan doesn't like that - he charges but gets a kick. Punch, punch takes off the 'do-rag, kick, right, kick, right, head into the turnbuckle, kick, right, kick, right, rightright, right, right - Hogan's down. Chokehold by H - "C'mon, Hogan!" Right, whip to the corner reversed, baaack body drop! Clothesline! Another! Now it's Hogan with a series of rights and chops, and a chokehold of his own! Now Hogan on the second turnbuckle for the 10 punches. Right, Irish whip, head down, H drops an elbow. H charges but gets baaaaack body dropped out of the ring. Hogan follows, and rams H's head into the pole. Right, right, whip into the barrier - hard one, too. Suplex on the outside is blocked by Hogan - now reverses it into one of his own!! Eye rake by Hogan. Head into the steps is blocked, right, right, now Hogan's head gets sent to the steps. Hogan rolls in and H follows. Right by H - chop, chop, wihp to the corner, with H going down for added effect. Guess what? This match is sloowww. Whip to the corner, Pedigree NO, Hogan catapults H into the top turnbuckle! Rollup, 1, 2, no! Right by Hogan, another, corner whip/clothesline combo. Right hands - there's another whip/clothesline. There's a Diamond Cutter by Hogan!! Cover, 1, 2, no! Right by Hogan - scoop but H floats over and chop-blocks Hogan! The crowd BOOS this smart tactic! Off the ropes, another chop block, and the crowd boos some more! H smack Hogan's knee against the apron, and then against the pole! Series of rights by H - Hebner tells him to get in the ring. Another smack of the knee to the pole. H finally back in - Hogan limping severely - ANOTHER chop block, and the crowd REALLY booing now. H puts the leg on the bottom rope, and drops an elbow on it! Hogan tries to battle back but a series of rights stops that. Big elbow to the knee - hair pull by Hogan but Hebner stops him - another elbow, more hair grabbing, Hebner pulls him off. H is holding H's knee at an awkward position - Hogan can't get out! The crowd starts trying to rally Hogan - H goes for the Figure 4 but Hogan kicks him off! ANOTHER chop block! Another elbow to the knee - a second, a third! H holding Hogan's knee over his own leg, stretching it - another Figure 4 attempt, but H is pushes off into the corner. This frustrates him, and he lands a series of rights and a blatent choke! Another Figure 4 attempt - and this one is locked in!! Hogan not giving up - he grabs Hebner but Hebner pushes him off! H hammering down on the leg! Hogan trying to turn over, but H GRABS THE ROPES FOR LEVERAGE! Hebner doesn't see it! Now he lets go before he can. Hogan is SCREAMING in pain - he's turning it, but H grabs the ropes again! But he has to let go eventually, and now Hogan's turned it! H manages to break the hold before he experiences to much pain. Hogan limping badly now. Irish whip - sleeper by H! Did I mention this match is moving slllooowwwlllyyy? Hebner checks the arm - it drops! Checks again - drops again! Checks for the final time - it doesn't drop! He's Hulking up! Elbow, elbow, elbow, back suplex by Hogan! Slloowwwllly, both men are up - H's right is blocked - Hogan lands one of his own. Another blocked punch, another punch by Hogan. Irish whip, double axe handle! Hogan's Hulking up a bit! Irish whip, big boot! LEDGDROP!!! Cover, but there's CHRIS JERICHO with a chair, who pulls out hebner and hammers him! Hogan sees this and grabs Jericho from behind - and gets a huge chairshot for his effort!!! Now Jericho quickly rolls Hebner in! Jericho in the ring - "Wake up! Wake up!" However, H catches him - right, right, Irish whip reversed, head down - facebuster! Clotheslines sends Jericho over the top! H with some choice words for him, then goes back to Hogan - Right...NO SALE! Right, Hogan's Hulking up!! Right - FINGER POINT OF DOOM! Right blocked, right, right, right, Irish whip, Big Boot! LEGDROP - MISSES!!! H to his feet - Hogan's clothesline misses - kick to the gut - PEDIGREE!! Cover, 1....2....THE UNDERTAKER comes out of nowhere and hammers the referee! And HE'S got a chair! And there's a HUGE chairshot for Triple H!!! Now Taker picks up Hogan, and drapes him onto H! bgt Hogan stands up and Hulks up again!!! Taker right blocked, right, right, right, clothesline sends Taker over the top rope! LEGDROP! Cover, 1, 2, oh my god 3!!! (22:06) We have a NEW Undisputed Champion, and I think you've heard of him!! Hogan lends the ear to the chering fans - but H is on his feet, busted wide open from the chairshot. He looks PISSED. He's shaking with rage - now he turns Hogan around - HUGE staredown....and H offers the Hand of Friendship, which Hogan eventually accepts. Hogan gives H a thumbs up, but H looks extremely not happy with The Undertaker and everything else. Hogan poses for the crowd like it's 1985, HUGE WWF logo and THAT'S IT!

Well, I didn't expect THAT. And if this is Hogan's "last run", I'm good with it, as long as it doesn't last too long. It just can't - great psychology in the main event but it just moved way too slowly. When Jericho was in the ring, it was like somebody pushed Fast Forward compared to the pace that H and Hogan set. I'm curious to see where this goes, considering Jericho isn't out of the picture, but Undertaker's the #1 contender, but Austin got beat by a bad call, etc. Everybody's nicely tied into each other, so I suppose they could do pretty much anything now - and that's a good thing.


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