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WWE King of the Ring



Snickers Cruncher presents WWE King of the Ring
Nationwide Arena
Columbus, OH

  • King of the Ring Semifinal
    Rob van Dam (14'33" Five Star frog splash -> pin) Chris Jericho
  • King of the Ring Semifinal
    Brock Lesnar (8'18" F5 -> pin) Test
  • Jamie Noble (11'58" powerbomb -> pin) The Hurricane
    Noble wins Cruiserweight championship
  • Ric Flair (17'02") Eddie Guerrero
  • Molly Holly (5'42") Trish Stratus
    Holly wins Women's Championship
  • Kurt Angle (12'09" anklelock) Hollywood Hulk Hogan
  • King of the Ring Final
    Brock Lesnar (5'02" F5 -> pin) Rob van Dam
    Lesnar is your King of the Ring 2002
  • Undisputed Champion The Undertaker (23'45" low blow -> pin) Triple H



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