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WWE King of the Ring


By BrewGuy



Hey folks - I was lucky enough to attend KOTR live, and wanted to drop you a quick report on what happened afterward.

Once they went off the air, Taker drove his bike to the entrance, got off it, and went backstage - he then came back a second later with a water bottle, and without his belt. He threw the water away, got into the ring, and started beating down a slowly recovering Rock and H. This didn't last long however, as H and Rock started playing a little "punch catch" with Taker, ending in a Pedigree. Rock then prepared himself for a People's Elbow - but looked at his arm and realized he had no pad. So, Triple H quickly slid off one of his, and gave it to Rock. Rock took it, put it on, kicked the arm in, pulled it off again, and landed the People's Elbow to the fan's delight. Rock then insisted that Triple H do a People's Elbow as well. So, H kicked the arm in, took off his elbow pad, but instead of landing a "classic" People's Elbow, he did a little dance and added a few crotch thrusts before dropping the elbow. Some more "punch catch followed", with Taker doin' the "I don't know where I am" shadow-boxing bit, until Triple H hit him with a right, and Taker starting backing toward the ropes - Rock then held open the ropes, and Taker tumbled out (and landed on his feet!) and stumbled back to the ring. Rock questioned (using body language only) the Pedigree H gave him, and H seemed to apologize - Rock then offered the Hand Of Friendship, with H was a little reluctant to take. Rock then mimicked H's "crotch thrust" elbow - so H suggested other possibilites by doing other little dances with the Rock mimicked - crowd was laughing their butts off the whole time. Finally, the Hand Of Friendship was taken, Rock made his way to the back - Triple H posed for us all (noticably favoring his elbow, however), until heading to the back himself.

Also: During Triple H's entrance, as you know his music actually stopped at one point. I don't know if they showed this on the broadcast, but on the video screens, you saw a frozen shot of Rock's face - this lasted for about 5 to 7 seconds, then H's TitanTron and music resumed. It was a bit of a bummer because it was an easy assumption that Rock would get involved, but that wasn't much of a stretch of the imagination anyway, so no real harm done.

Also - and you may want to sit down for this - we actually saw the stairs move before Taker made his entrance. They glowed an eerie purple, levitated slightly, and made their way over to the side without any assistance whatsoever. So, it's obvious that the Taker still has his evil powers - they're just limited to moving the stairs.

A terrific show overall - I hope to be able to do a recap in the next few days for y'all...depends if my sis remembered to order and tape the show for me, so keep your fingers crossed. The Nationwide Arena is a terrific place to hold an event like this - not a bad seat in the house at all, and the crowd was quite good, so I'm able to get over the fact that I rode 10 hours on a bus to see all Canadian wrestlers lose due to biased officiating. ;)

Oh, and if by some TV miracle, you heard a voice yelling "Go Test Go!" during the Brock/Test match - that was me. Hey, I had to try.

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