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WCW Bash at the Beach



Ocean Centre
Daytona Beach, FL
Rating: TV-14-DSLV

    Hosts: Tony Schiavone, Scott Hudson & Mark Madden

  • World Cruiserweight Champion Lt. Loco (12'09" tornado DDT -> pin) Juventud Guerrera
  • World Hardcore Champion Big Vito (5'56" top-rope legdrop through table -> pin) Ralphus & Screamin' Norman Smiley
  • Wedding Gown Match
    Daffney (4'16") Miss Hancock
  • Kronic (13'37" Clark top-top clothesline into Adams powerbomb -> pin Stasiak) Perfect Event
      Kronic win second world tag team championship
  • "Positively" Kanyon (10'06" top rope Kanyon cutter -> pin) Booker T.
  • Mike Awesome (9'10" commissioner's decision) Scott Steiner
      Cat declared Awesome the winner when Steiner used his banned Steiner Recliner - then walked off with the title without announcing a champion
  • Graveyard Match
    Vampiro (around 33'37") Demon
      (only about eight minutes shown - Demon stuffed in a casket - Vampiro made it to the arena later...)
  • Franchise (7'53" jawbreaker/atomic drop combo -> pin) Buff Bagwell
      The returning Torrie Wilson teased an alliance with Bagwell - only to turn on him
  • Hulk Hogan (1'18") Jeff Jarrett
      Hogan wins eighth WCW World Heavyweight championship when the returning Vince Russo orders Jarrett to lay down for Hogan
    • Vampiro hits the ring to be declared victor - and is met with a set of druids wheeling out Torborg's coffin - inside is a man in Sting mask, who punks him out and leaves him laying in the coffin - then disappears

    • Vince Russo "shoots" with us - declaring the belt Hogan won "the Hulk Hogan Memorial Belt" and promising we'll never see him again. Russo announces another WCW World Heavyweight title bout later tonight

  • Goldberg (5'29" jackhammer -> pin) Kevin Nash
      It's all about the swerve as Scott Steiner turns on Nash and leaves with Goldberg - effectively declaring Scott Hall's "career" "done."
  • Booker T. (13'40" Book End -> pin) Jeff Jarrett
      Booker T. wins first World Heavyweight championship - new direction...or a new disguise on the same old scenario?



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