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/Anarchy Rulz Results

ECW Anarchy Rulz



  • Lance Storm (16'37" 3/4 nelson -> pin) Jerry Lynn

  • Jazz (no contest) Tom Marquez led into
  • Simon Diamond & Tony DeVito (no contest) Nova & Chris Chetti
    • About ten minutes of total clusterfuck involving everybody and their uncle - and then New Jack

  • Three Way Dance
    • Super Crazy (9'20" moonsault -> pin) Little Guido
    • Yoshihiro Tajiri (14'38" brainbuster -> pin) Crazy

  • Steve Corino announced that ICP welched on him, so he and Rhino would take on Dreamer and Raven

  • Justin Credible (14'05" tombstone on chair -> pin) Sabu

  • Three Way Dance
    • Mike Awesome (2'01" top rope splash -> pin) Taz
    • Awesome (13'47" top rope powerbomb through table -> pin) Masato Tanaka

      Awesome becomes ECW World Heavyweight champion

  • ECW World Tag Team Champions Tommy Dreamer & Raven (3'24" double DDT -> double pin) Steve Corino & Rhino

  • ECW World Television Champion Rob van Dam (19'39" frog splash -> pin) Balls Mahoney
    • Scheduled opponent Johnny Smith was laid out prior to the match



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