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ECW Guilty As Charged



ECW Guilty As Charged
Hammerstein Ballroom
New York, NY
  • Jerry Lynn & Cyrus (0'30") Joey Matthews & Christian York
      I can't tell them apart, so I don't know who Cyrus pinned - the Baldies did the dirty work prior to the match...and were paid with new stogies
  • Tag team champions Roadkill & Danny Doring (10'06" buggy bang -> pin) Julio Dinero & EZ Money
  • Chris Hamrick (with Elektra) (5'06") Nova
      Chris Chetti returned in the stripes and awarded the match to Hamrick even though he was tapping out - he's with Lou E. Dangerously, apparently - this brought out Little Spike Dudley, and...
  • Nova (under 1'00" Kryptonite Krunch -> pin) Chris Hamrick
      Who knows
  • I Quit Match
    Tommy Dreamer (14'12") C.W. Anderson
  • Three-way Dance for the #1 Contendership
    • Full Blooded Italians (6'59" Mamaluke) Kid Kash & Super Crazy
    • Mikey Whipwreck & Yoshihiro Tajiri (13'31" double straitjacket suplex -> pin) F.B.I.
  • Simon Diamond & Swinger (no contest) Balls Mahoney & Chilly Willy
      Rhino gores everybody in under a minute
  • Tables, Ladders, Chairs & Canes Match
    Sandman (13'19") Steve Cornio & Justin Credible
      Sandman wins fourth ECW World Heavyweight title
  • Rhino (1'24" piledriver -> pin) Sandman
      Rhino wins "unified, undisputed" championship
  • Rob van Dam (19'21" Van Terminator -> pin) Jerry Lynn
  • Post-match, Credible & Corino (and Victory & Francine) announced their alliance would "make an Impact." Whee




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