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ECW Hardcore Heaven



    Eagles Ballroom at the Rave
    Milwaukee, WI

    Go figure, Cyrus had Joel Gertner punked out prior to the first match -
    tonight's weapon was Kintaro Kanemura

  • Masato Tanaka (9'15" roaring elbow -> pin) Balls Mahoney
  • Three-Way Dance
    • Mikey Whipwreck (5'35" Whippersnapper -> pin) Simon Diamond
    • Little Guido (7'09" Tomokaze -> pin) Whipwreck
  • Kid Kash (6'02" Super Frankensteiner -> pin) C.W. Anderson
  • Tag Team Three-Way Dance
    • The Baldies (4'17" Angel kabong -> pin) Danny Doring & Roadkill
    • Nova & Chris Chetti (6'37" Tidal Wave -> pin DeVito) Baldies

      New Jack is out for his plundah timekiller post-match - they even counted a pinfall on Angel for the "King of the Streets" title
  • Yoshihiro Tajiri (10'24" top rope double stomp through table -> pin) Steve Corino
      Post-match run-ins by Kanemura...then Dusty Rhodes - and then Rhino...leading into
  • World Television Champion Rhino (6'25" gored through table -> pin) The Sandman
  • Jerry Lynn (19'50" cradle piledriver on chair -> pin) Rob van Dam
  • World Heavyweight Champion Justin Credible (12'30" That's Incredible -> pin) Lance Storm
      Credible threatened to trash the title and walk if he didn't get a one-on-one match with Storm, so Tommy Dreamer stepped aside "for the good of the company" - post-match, Dreamer ran out and laid out Francine




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