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ECW Heat Wave



Grand Olympic Auditorium
Los Angeles, CA

  • Sal E. Graziano (2'07") Balls Mahoney
      Not really a "match" but Graziano demanded a pin be counted - Graziano appeared with Tony Mamaluke
  • Danny Doring & Roadkill & Kid Kash (11'04" Moneymaker -> pin) Swinger & Simon Diamond & C.W. Anderson
  • Jerry Lynn (15'25" cradle piledriver -> pin) Steve Corino
  • Chris Chetti & Nova (4'40" Tidal Wave -> both men pin Angel) Baldies
      Pre-match, Baldies attack New Jack
  • Three Four-way dance
    • Little Guido Maritato (1'36") Mikey Whipwreck
    • Yoshihiro Tajiri (4'24" German suplex -> pin) Psicosis
    • Tajiri (9'18" brainbuster on chair -> pin) Maritato
  • World Television Champion Rhino (8'40" piledriver on length of guard rail -> pin) Sandman
  • Rob Van Dam (19'01" Van Terminator [springboard dropkick across ring into chair into face] -> pin) Scotty Anton
  • Stairway to Hell Match
    World Heavyweight Champion Justin Credible (14'59" 2nd That's Incredible -> pin) Tommy Dreamer
    I think we had an "unscheduled" XPW run-in before the match started
    George turned on Dreamer & Jazz midway through the match



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