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ECW Living Dangerously



    O'Neill Center
    Danbury, CT

    Cyrus punked out Joel Gertner after his naughty limerick - Joey Styles grabbed him, then we went to the opening credits

    Steve Corino, Jack Victory and Rhino goaded Lori Fullington into slapping Corino - then they took her into the ring, drawing out Sandman - Lori was put through a table and Sandman was punked out - Sandman followed his wife to the hospital, and Cyrus declared a forfeit in his TV title tourney semifinal match

    Twenty minutes in before we get a match...

  • Bullrope Match
    Dusty Rhodes (10'15" elbowdrop -> pin) Steve Corino
  • Dangerous Alliance (7'24" Anderson spinebuster -> pin) Danny Doring & Roadkill
      Elektra turned, left with Lou E. Dangerously
  • World Heavyweight Champion Mike Awesome (4'45" top rope crucifix powerbomb through table -> pin) Kid Kash
  • Chris Chetti & Nova (7'32" Tidal wave -> pin) Gedo & Jado

  • Television Tournament Semifinal - Italian Death Match
    Super Crazy (7'54" brainbuster -> pin) Little Guido
  • Balls Mahoney (1'58" Nutcracker Suite on a chair -> pin) Kintaro Kanemura
      Post-match the Baldies came out and put Balls through a table - New Jack came out, he and Grimes brawled out to a scaffold and New Jack went through two tables, Grimes landing on him - about 9 minutes
  • Elimination Match
    Tommy Dreamer & Masato Tanaka (4'33" roaring elbow -> pin) Mike Awesome & Raven
    Impact Players (9'07" stuff piledriver -> Storm pin) Tommy Dreamer & Masato Tanaka
      Impact Players win second world tag team championship
  • Television Tournament Final
    Super Crazy (7'56" top-rope moonsault -> pin) Rhino
      Featuring run-ins by Cyrus, Corino, Victory, Tajiri, van Dam, Riggs, Alphonso, Sandman, and I think I might have been in there too... - we end at 7:20?!?




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