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Citizen Lazlo




Sunday July 18, 1999 at the Hara Arena in Dayton Ohio, Extreme Championship Wrestling brings to you Heatwave 99. Pretty cool huh? My name is Josh and I am a displaced Detroit native living in the "wonderful city" of Dayton Ohio. I am a committed and unashamed fan of the WWF and to a lesser degree WCW. Until this evening I had never had the opportunity to witness the spectacle that is ECW. Last week some friends of mine called and wanted to know if I was interested in going to the ECW PPV with them. Of course I said yes. To me ECW has remained an enigma for the last few years, one station here in Dayton carries the syndicated show and there broadcast radius is about 5 blocks. As you can see I went into this experience completely unprepared for what was ahead of me.

Let me take this opportunity to let you all know that I am a married father of 5 who is still reeling from having to have the "SEX TALK" with his three oldest children. This should give you some kind of idea how big of a mark I was when I arrived at the arena for the show.

We arrived at the arena at 6 o'clock waiting in line for over 40 minutes just to get into Hara (anyone from Dayton knows that that was really stupid). I would spend several paragraphs regaling you with the fascinating story of how we were able to move from the nosebleed section to sitting with all of the media people (such as Rick Sacia and Dave Scheer). But somehow I think that this would only bore you all to tears and garner me death threats.

*First came the Dark Match: Vito the Skull V. Simon Diamond This match was pretty good, the action was good and the crowd gave some decent heat to Simon and a pretty good pop to the Skull. All in all a decent start. The winner was The Skull.

*Match number 1: Danny Doring and Road Kill V. Nova and Chris Chetti This match was Excellent , the tags were quick and the action was well worked. I didn't know any of these people. Even considering that I was very into this match it rocked. The winners were Nova and Chris Chetti.

*Match number 2: Jason V. Jazz This was an intergender match and it rocked, Jazz whipped Jason's ass through 2/3's of this match. At one point Jason gained the initiative from Jazz and pounded on her for a few minutes. Eventually Jazz regained command of the match, for the pin. Winner Jazz. Let me just say that this was the best mixed match I have seen in years, maybe ever.

*Match number 3: Little Guido V. Super Crazy This match started off a little slowly, but about 5 minutes into the match things began to heat up. Super Crazy and Little Guido were all over the fucking place, the crowd exploded at almost every move the wrestlers executed. The winner Super Crazy.

*Match number 5: The Dudleys V. Balls Mahoney and Spike Dudley The Dudleys came out to a huge amount of heat and almost immediately started into the crowd. This was the most explicit and insulting working of the crowd I had ever heard, I loved it!!!!! It was fucking hilarious. Next Balls Mahoney comes out with Spike Dudley to a tremendous pop. Let me just state for the record that this was the greatest match I have ever had the pleasure to witness. These guys were fucking great. Balls says that this match is going to be a "Dayton Streetfight" (I invite anyone to come to Dayton and visit with me for 5 minutes to see how truly fucked up that statement was). Everyone took tremendous bumps in this match, blood was everywhere. Spike gets my vote for best move of the night when he jumped off the balcony. Winners and new Tag Champs Balls and Spike. After the win the Duddleys brought out the tables and set them on fire the slammed the new champs through them, then New Jack comes out and clears the ring.

*Match number 5: Francine V. Steve Corino What happened was Tommy Dreamer came out and shilled ECW there deal with TNN when Steve came out and bad mouthed him. Then Francine proceeded to beat on Steve Corino. Winner Francine.

*Match number 6: Taz V. Tajiri The match went to a no decision when Taz used Barbwire on Tajiri. Personally I was not impressed at all with this match.

*Match number 7: Justin Credible and Lance Storm (with Tammy Lynn Bytch) V. Jerry Lynn and Rob Van Damm (with Bill Alfonso) This match went for over 30 minutes and it was amazingly worked. I was extremely impressed with this match and it was on of the finest main events I've seen in a long time. Winners Jerry Lynn and Rob Van Damm.

The commentary would be allot more complete if I had known anything about these people. But I will say this after tonight I have become a very big fan of ECW. I will say this though I am not going to let my children watch ECW's new show until they are a little older but I am going to tape it every week. Hopefully my next column that I write will be more coherent, But it is 2 in the morning. Night all.

Citizen Lazlo aka Josh

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