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WCW Halloween Havoc



MGM Grand Garden Arena
Las Vegas, NV
Rating: TV-14-LV

    Hosts: Tony Schiavone, Stevie Ray & Mark Madden

  • Three Way Dance
    Tag team champions Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire (10'07" Seantonbomb -> pin Disqo) Boogie Knights & Kidman & Rey Mysterio, Jr.
  • Hardcore Champion Reno (10'47" Roll of the Dice -> pin) Sergeant A-Wall
  • Cpl. Cajun & Lt. Loco (9'23" tornado DDT -> pin Stasiak) Perfect Event
  • Konnan & Tygress (8'39" double face jam -> pin) Franchise & Torrie Wilson
  • DNA Match - first blood rules
    Buff Bagwell (5'34") David Flair
    Post match, Lex Luger ran Bagwell into the post, busting open Bagwell's mouth - so Flair got his sample anyway
  • Kickboxing match for the Commissionership - 3 rounds of 2:00
    Mike Sanders (2:30 into round 3 COR) The Cat
    Franchise interfered and...umm, I *still* can't figure out what happened here, since the match ENDED. Sanders is (apparently) sole commissioner as a result
  • For the Nitro title shot
    "That 70's Guy" Mike Awesome (9'50" top rope Awesomebomb) Vampiro
  • Handicap title match
    General Rection (10'08" No Laughing Matter -> pin) Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Lance Storm
    Rection wins United States Heavyweight Championship
  • Jeff Jarrett & six fake Stings (14'38" El Kabong -> pin) Sting
  • World Heavyweight Champion Booker T. (13'23" DQ) Scott Steiner
  • Goldberg (2'26" spear through table -> pin Clark, 3'43" jackhammer -> pin Adams) Kronik



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