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WWF King of the Ring



Combos presents WWF King of the Ring
Continental Airlines Arena
East Rutherford, NJ

  • Heyman says either Benoit or Jericho has been secretly negotiating with WCW and may defect...tomorrow on RAW.
  • King of the Ring Semifinal
    Kurt Angle
    (8'17" Olympic Slam -> pin) Christian
  • King of the Ring Semifinal
    (8'53" Impaler -> pin) Rhyno
  • WWF tag team champions Dudley Boyz (8'32" Dudley Death Drop -> Bubba Ray pin) Spike Dudley & Kane
  • King of the Ring Final
    (10'21" Impaler -> pin) Kurt Angle
  • WWF Light Heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy (7'11" Swantonbomb -> pin) X-Pac
  • Diamond Dallas Page (confrontation) Undertaker
      Page ran off after about five and a half minutes
  • Street Fight
    Kurt Angle (26'00" top rope platform Olympic Slam -> pin) Shane McMahon
  • Triple Threat
    WWF Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin (27'53") Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho
      Oh yeah - WCW's Booker T. made an appearance but ultimately didn't figure in the outcome



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