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WCW Mayhem



Air Canada Centre
Toronto, ON

  • World Heavyweight Championship Title Tournament Semifinal
    Chris Benoit (9'29" guitar kabong -> pin) Jeff Jarrett
  • Evan Karagias (8'00") Disco Inferno
    • Karagias wins World Cruiserweight championship
  • Screamin' Norman Smiley (7'27") Brian Knobbs
    • Smiley crowned Hardcore Champion
  • Elimination Match
    Dean Malenko (2'56") Kidman
    Eddie Guerrero (5'03") Malenko
    Guerrero (6'29" frog splash -> pin) Asya
    Perry Saturn (10'17" Rings of Saturn) Guerrero
    Saturn (11'15" Golota -> pin) Torrie Wilson
  • Loser Leave Town Match
    Buff Bagwell (8'14" Buff Blockbuster -> pin) Curt Hennig

  • World Heavyweight Championship Title Tournament Semifinal
    Bret Hart (9'20" Sharpshooter) Sting
  • Vampiro (5'00"?? [no opening bell] Camel clutch) Berlyn
    • The Wall and Jerry Only were involved - Wall walked out halfway through
  • Meng (5'22" Tongan Death Grip -> pin) Total Package
  • United States Heavyweight Champion &
    World Television Champion Scott Hall (6'03" Outsider Edge -> pin) Booker T.
    • Hall was awarded the TV title after Rick Steiner was ruled "too injured to compete." This is his first TV title reign. This match was the result of an open challenge.
  • David Flair (no contest) Kimberly
    • Kanyon, Diamond Dallas Page & Arn Anderson all returned - post-match Flair laid out Anderson with the crowbar, then left through the crowd
  • Goldberg (5'30" Cobra clutch/body scissors) Sid Vicious
  • World Heavyweight Championship Title Tournament Final
    Bret Hart (17'45" Sharpshooter) Chris Benoit
    • This is Hart's first WCW World title and sixth World title overall.



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