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Pacific National Exhibition Colesium
Vancouver, BC, CANADA
Rating: TV-PG-LV

    Hosts: Tony Schiavone, Scott Hudson & Mark Madden

  • Double Ladder Match
    3 Count (11'32") Jung Dragons
  • The Cat (6'48" Feliner -> pin) The Great Muta
  • "Judy Bagwell on a forklift" match
    Buff Bagwell (6'46" double Buff Blockbuster -> pin) "Positively" Kanyon & David Arquette
  • Four Corners Match
    Tag team champions Kronic (12'23" Clark pins Palumbo) Perfect Event & Captain Rection & Corporal Cajun & Mark Jindark & Sean O'Haire
  • Strap Match
    Billy Kidman (8'22" Tomokaze -> pin) The Franchise
  • ROTC Match
    Major Gunns (6'43" pin in the mud) Miss Hancock
  • Sting (0'53" Scorpion Death Drop -> pin) The Demon
  • Canadian Heavyweight Champion Lance Storm (about 11'00" CO) Mike Awesome
    • Special referee was Jacques Rougeau - who used the Canadian rulebook to stiff Awesome about four times of a victory
  • Vampiro & The Great Muta (9'06" Moonsault -> pin Clark) Kronic
      The returning Harris Boyz helped out - Muta & Vampiro win world tag team titles for the first time
  • Three Way Dance, Anything Goes
    Kevin Nash (10'49" Jackknife powerbomb -> pin) Scott Steiner & Goldberg
      Goldberg walked out about halfway through - Vince Russo made an appearance on his way out
  • World Heavyweight Champion Booker T. (14'31" Book End -> pin) Jeff Jarrett



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