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WCW Slamboree



Kemper Arena
Kansas City, MO
Rating: TV-PG-V

    Hosts: Tony Schiavone, Scott Hudson & Mark Madden

  • World Cruiserweight Champion "Hard Knox" Chris Candido (8' top rope headbutt -> pin) The Artist
  • World Hardcore Champion Terry Funk (10'09") Screamin' Norman Smiley & Ralphus
  • Shawn "the Perfect One" Stasiak (7'56" fisherman suplex -> pin) Curt Hennig
  • United States Heavyweight Champion Scott Steiner (9'24" Steiner Recliner) Captain Rection
      Hugh Morrus relinquished "the name Bischoff gave him - a brain fart" and demanded we refer to him by his REAL name - Hugh G. Rection - Captain Rection for short

      Post-match, the Misfits in Action (sitting in the front row) tried to save Rection, but R&B (Russo & Bischoff) Security stopped them - Booker T. came out instead, with a Harlem sidekick on Steiner

  • Chris "Champagne" Kanyon (12'01" no contest) Mike Awesome
  • Total Package (9'31" Torture Rack) Buff Bagwell
      Post-match, Chuck Palumbo came out in Package gear and laid him out - Buff carried Liz back to Russo (who suffered a Gillooly at the hands of Liz earlier)
  • Shane Douglas (8'46") Ric Flair
      Post-match, Flair called out Russo - but the guy in the Sting mask using the bat turned out to be...David Flair.
  • Sting (6'50" two Scorpion Death Drops -> pin) Vampiro
  • Hulk Hogan (13'32") Billy Kidman
  • Ready to Rumble Cage3
    Jeff Jarrett (15'30") Diamond Dallas Page & David Arquette
      Arquette turned on Page (surprise, surprise) to help Jarrett win his second World heavyweight championship - post-match, Mike Awesome gave Kanyon a Foley bump off the cage through the elevated entryway.



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