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WCW Souled Out



Firstar Centre
Cincinnati, OH

    Prior to the show, it was announced that Bret Hart (concussion) and Jeff Jarrett (head) were denied clearance to wrestle tonight, and as a result, both the World Heavyweight and United States Heavyweight championship titles were vacated.

    Hosts: Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay & Bobby Heenan

  • "Catch as catch can" Match (replaced Dungeon match)
    Kidman (2'35" opponent left ring) Dean Malenko
  • Vampiro (10'32" Nail in the Coffin) David Flair & Crowbar
  • Johnny "the Bull" & Big Vito (9'33" top-rope clothesline Don) Harris Boys
  • Oklahoma (2'56") Madusa
    Oklahoma wins World Cruiserweight championship
  • Four the Hard Way
    Hardcore Champion Brian Knobs (6'11") Screamin' Norman Smiley & Meng & Fit Finlay
  • Bunkhouse Brawl
    Kidman (10'05" You can't powerbomb Kidman) Perry Saturn
  • Booker T. (6'30" DQ) Stevie Ray
    Tony Norris (the former Ahmed Johnson) came out - Ray referred to him as "Big T" and declared themselves "the new Harlem Heat." Apparently, for storyline purposes he's related to Midnight.
  • Shoot Fight
    Tank Abbott (1'38" TKO) Lightningfoot Jerry Flynn
  • Last Man Standing
    Buff Bagwell (11'38" CO) Diamond Dallas Page
  • Caged Heat
    The Wall (5'02" chokeslam) Kidman
  • Kevin Nash (10'00"?? no opening bell) Terry Funk
    Nash becomes Commissioner of WCW
  • Chris Benoit (14'52" Crippler crossface) Sid Vicious

  • Benoit wins the World Heavyweight championship for the first time, despite Vicious having a foot under the ropes - maybe special referee Arn Anderson didn't see it...on purpose?



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