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WCW Spring Stampede



United Center
Chicago, IL
Rating: TV-PG-V

    Hosts: Tony Schiavone, Scott Hudson & Mark Madden

  • Tag team tournament semifinal
    Team Package (6'11" Package Torture Rack Johnny "the Bull") Mamalukes & Harris Boyz
  • Feature Bout - "Eye for an eye" match
    Mancow (2'49") Jimmy Hart
  • United States Heavyweight tournament quarterfinal
    Scott Steiner (3'52" DQ) The Wall
  • United States Heavyweight tournament quarterfinal
    Mike Awesome (4'01" Awesome splash) Cat & Bam Bam Bigelow
      Bigelow replaced the Cat after punking him out, following Awesome punking *Bigelow* out shortly after being announced as the eighth man in the tourney - Cat ran out to job, I guess
  • Tag team tournament semifinal
    Buff Bagwell & Shane Douglas (2'41" fishermanbuster -> pin Ray) Harlem Heat
  • United States Heavyweight tournament quarterfinal
    Sting (6'34" Scorpion Death Drop -> pin) Booker
  • United States Heavyweight tournament quarterfinal
    Vampiro (8'28") Billy Kidman
      Hulk Hogan came out, put Kidman through a table.
    • After the match, Hogan went after Bischoff - Russo brought the cops, who drew their guns - then arrested Hogan

  • Terry Funk (8'03") Screamin' Norman Smiley
      Funk wins Hardcore championship.
  • United States Heavyweight tournament semifinal
    Scott Steiner (3'15" Steiner Recliner) Mike Awesome
      Kevin Nash broke a giant crutch over Awesome's back
      Commentators just gave away the finish of the finals - it'll be Steiner over Sting (oops)
    • Vince Russo fires Dustin Rhodes for Funk winning the title

  • United States Heavyweight tournament semifinal
    Sting (5'57" Scorpion Death Lock) Vampiro
  • Suicide 6-Way
    "Hard Knox" Chris Candido (5'14") The Artist formerly known as Prince Iaukea & Crowbar & Shannon Moore & Juventud Guerrera & Lash LeRoux
      Chris Candido wins the Cruiserweight title when Tammy debuted and waffled the Artist, causing the loss - she and Paisley tussled post-match
  • Tag team tournament final
    Shane Douglas & Buff Bagwell (8'31" Package) Team Package
      Brian Adams & Bryan Clarke returned and H-bombed Package, Vince Russo KO'd referee Nick Patrick and counted the pinfall - Bagwell's sixth tag title with five different partners; Douglas' second
  • United States Heavyweight tournament final
    Scott Steiner (5'32" Steiner Recliner) Sting
      Steiner wins second US championship when Vampiro came up through the ring and "dragged Sting straight to hell" - then brought him back with his mouth full of Demon's red junk
  • Jeff Jarrett (15'02" Stroke -> pin) Diamond Dallas Page
      Jarrett wins the World title after...get ready...Kimberly turns on her husband and embraces Bischoff. All the "New Blood" title holders pose in the middle of the ring as we go out.



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