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WCW Starrcade



MCI Centre
Washington, DC
Rating: TV-PG-V

    • Hosts: Tony Schiavone, Scott Hudson & Bobby Heenan

  • Johnny "the Bull" & Big Vito (9'39") Lash LeRoux & Disco Inferno
  • Madusa (German suplex -> bridge 3'32") Evan Karagias
      Spice turned on Karagias with a low blow and walked out with Madusa - the new World Cruiserweight champion
  • Hardcore Champion Norman Smiley (Finlay & Knobs beatdown -> pin 4'30") Meng
  • Revolution (Douglas 4'54") Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Varsity Club
    • Rotunda & Sullivan & Steiner (with Kimona as a cheerleader) turned on Duggan while also beating down the Revolution. Tomorrow on Nitro Duggan must denounce the USA

  • Vampiro (DQ 5'01") Dr. Death
  • Vampiro (Nail in the coffin -> pin 4'40") Oklahoma
  • Curt Hennig & Creative Control (Gerald 7'54") Booker T. & Midnight
  • Jeff Jarrett (guitar kabong -> pin 11'24") Dustin Rhodes
  • Diamond Dallas Page (Diamond Cutter -> pin 5'35") David Flair
  • Sting (DQ 5'25") Total Package
      Yup, Miss Elizabeth turned on Sting

  • Kevin Nash (6'58") Sid Vicious
  • United States Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit (10'16") Jeff Jarrett
      It was announced earlier in the evening that Scott Hall could not compete due to injury, and was therefore stripped of the title. This is Benoit's second reign as US Champion.
  • World Heavyweight Champion Bret Hart (Sharpshooter 12'11") Goldberg
      Fourth referee Roddy Piper called for the bell, walked off - then handed the title to Hart. If that's sounds confusing, you're with me.

  • BLAH


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