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WOW Unleashed by The Cubs Fan




This is "TCF is often wrong" week, I think, so let's dip into the WOW archive...

"But, like everything, being a really silly and badly thought out wrestling promotion gets old, so don't count on this lasting too long. (The recaps or the promotion, I don't know.)" - #1

I was half right - the recap wasn't long for THAT site (my recaps have been on *5* now?) and, as it turns out, WOW isn't as badly thought out as I thought. (Plus, people STILL watch WCW, so I couldn't have been right.)

Anyway, someone needed to kill a few hours and to PBP and I'm good at that. Killing time. (Until Chris Jones does a recap - is he as late as my writing is dry?)

I'm definitely not going into this blind - I've read a lot about the show during the week since it's been on, and while I tend to ignore people who make uninformed opinions (embarrassing themselves in the process), I'm sure some of that stuff will affect me below. So you know.

Skip the pre-show, so let's go to the paying part - thanks again Chris!

We start the show with the intros, but can't actually see any of them, except Josh Milton thrown to the floor. And then a solid WOW screen. So you already know where the production aspect is going already.

David McLane hypes the show, sets of some fireworks, is replaced by the WOW screen, then a black screen, then he starts explaining the matches, then we start to see the clips of the matches we're supposed to have been seeing. A preview of the bikini videos, which must be observed in slow motion to truly appreciate it. Look at that. And THAT. and THAT. I wonder what that tattoo is. I think that soap isn't supposed to be soap.  I think I saw this on WOW #19, but I'll see it again. You can vote for the winner on The haircut match is hyped last, and we're now in the ring with David McLane showing off the clippers, barber's chair and barber. David McLane introduces Lee, and we get a shot of him - and boos? McLane introduces Bobby Heenan, and he gets cheers. "Bobby Heenan, welcome to WOW, Women of Wrestling." "Thank you for having me here, and it's a pleasure to be here. You know, in all my years in this great industry, I've seen it all, but I haven't seen WOW yet, and that's why I'm here. That's why I'm back in LA, and this is going to be the best damn show you've ever seen, believe me! "We love it, Bobby. But Bobby, I want to warn you, you better not be in the ring for the hair shaving match or else, your blond locks could be cut off." "Well, I guarantee, if someone comes after me with that [the shaver], they'll never find it where I'm gonna put it." 

Harley's Angels (w/some guys and bikes) have just arrived in the back. Their sound is smurfy for this segment, but here goes. EZ: "Caged Heat, you better give up [I'm guessing], because you're dead meat." Thug: "And Selina Majors, when I get through with you in that steel cage, you're gonna want to wish you could kiss a rattlesnake."  Charlie: "Harley's Angels is going to make roadkill out of you!"

That inspires me - I present to you, the quotable Charlie Davidson:

"Hahaha, that sounds like fun." "And if you do decide to mess with Harley's Angels, we're gonna make roadkill out of you."- #5
"That's right Selina - I'm gonna run you down and make road kill out of you!" - #9
"That's right, EZ, we're gonna turn everybody into roadkill! BRING IT ON!" - #15
"That's right Beach Patrol, we're going make roadkill out of you!" EZ: "Charlie, there's no roadkill at the beach!" "Well, we're going to feed them to crabs and leave the corpses laying dead in that sand." - #17

Why does it seem like there should be more? Why do I crack up every time she does the catchphrase? Why don't we get to the matches?

Jacklyn Hyde (w/Nurse Mercy and Sarah Bellum) vs Randi Rah Rah - the sound is still muffled and squeaky for the part of Jacklyn's video we see. Randi Rah Rah has spent the last three months undergoing eye surgery after Lana hit her with mirror all the way back on the second show. That's one long surgery. At any rate, Randi is sporting a eyepatch over her right eye that nicely matches her outfit - she's the cutest person with an eye patch that I know. Lockup, headlock by Randi, stomp, stomp, stomp, off the ropes, shoulderblock. "Yea!" Cartwheel flip over Jacklyn, bounces off the ropes and a big splash for two and kickout. Arm wringer, yank, yank, yank, snap mare while holding on to the arm. "Yea!" Randi points to the sky, and drops the leg on the right arm. "One more?" Sure. And she does. Picking Jacklyn up and wringing that arm again - she's been working on game plans for the last three months, I'm thinking - barring it, wring, wring, hammerlock,  twist, twist, twist, snap mare by Jacklyn.  Off the ropes, somersault head snap. Bobby advises that an opponent of Randi's should move the eye patch to the other eye, so she'd be totally blind. "[incoherent rambling]" - Double legdrop to the midsection. And again. Body slam. Jacklyn dragging her over and go to the top rope, going for a moonsault? Randi crotches her before we find out - Jacklyn falling into a tree of woe and Randi with a dropkick to the midsection.  Corner whip, reversed, Jacklyn charges in but Randi leaps over her, to the other corner, Jacklyn follows, Randi with the second rope cross body with a twist for 3 (2:22) Play her music! Well, maybe later. Bobby's going to have a word with Bobby. They start to play her music when Randi and Bobby start talking, which isn't what I meant. From what I can make out, Bobby's saying that to be a (good) wrestler, you gotta have two eyes, and Randi's saying that's true but she wants to be back and kick Lana's butt. The back up microphone gets there just in time for "I wouldn't want to be Lana Star. I got my eye on you." "Oh, I got it, you've got your eye on her. Well, I think you came back too soon, too early, I would take another couple months off if I was me." "No, I want Lana Star." "Good luck." I don't do star ratings, but I often wonder if it's there's a hidden message to CRZ  putting the stars in a color that doesn't show up well with the background. 

In a limo somewhere, Patti Pizzazz and Lana Star are looking at magazines - apparently, one of those autographed photos Lana was giving out for Christmas showed up in one of them. (Or was inserted in for our benefit.) Here's a black screen to allow you time to think about that. And now a shot with the crowd. Here' those swimsuit competition shots again - different ones then last time. Only on Ice Cold can wear that outfit while it's snowing, I guess. You can vote on

Farah (the Persian Princess) & Paradise vs the Beach Patrol - Farah has a brand new move that she may show off tonight. Bobby: "I like belly dancers" and you can't argue with him there. On the Beach Patrol, "Take me to Malibu and kick sand in my face, all day long." Lee: "Surf's is up, and I can see you waxing your board right as we speak." Bobby: "That's none of your business." Sandi and Paradise start this one off, with Sandi get a headlock, off the ropes, over the top down, under the leapfrog, cross body for a count of - I'm guessing 2, though we never actually see or hear the ref.  Whip by Sandi is reversed into a short clothesline. Pick up by the hair, tag to Farah, double whip,  double clothesline missed, double crossbody, kickout at 2. Tag to Summer, and the dancing duo, who were heading to their corner, suddenly turn around and drop her with a double clothesline. Double suplex. Whip by Farah, clothesline misses and Farah gets rolled up by Summer - into the ropes, but ref Jesse Hernandez counts 2 before Farah kicks Summer away. Whip, , back elbow, picking her up by the hair, no Farah went between her legs, tag to Sandi, and Sandi comes off the second rope with the second rope cross body with a twist for 2 before Farah pushes her off.. Kick to the midsection, slam, stomp, Farah hooks on the Persian Carpet - that looks to be an inverted Indian Deathlock. Summer with a dropkick to the back of Farah's head to break it up. The ref pulls her back while Farah tags in Paradise - double corner whip towards Summer, but Summer leapfrogs her partner - only to get a double clothesline. Now Jesse is saying that Paradise isn't legal, because he didn't see the tag (he was talking to Summer at the time), but that doesn't go on too long because  Sandi dropkicks Paradise into Jesse, and Jesse falls out of the ring.  Meanwhile, Farah with kicks in the corner on Sandi, double whip by the dancers, double sunset flip by the Beach Patrol. Sandi (legal Beach Patrol person according to everyone) completes hers on Farah (the legal person according to what Jesse saw), but Paradise (the legal person according to what we saw) sits down on Summer (illegal) to stop that one from working. Those places hold, and we see Jesse's hand reaching in from out of the ring to count three while we hear someone else (Josh Milton, it ends up being) counting three as well. (2:45) Josh declares Paradise the winner and Jesse declares the Beach Patrol the winner and the argument ensues. Josh and Jesse agree to disagree and declare it a draw - though you can figure out which one should've counted. Replay - at least the refs did a nice job of making their counts at the same exact time. Watching the video rewind is accompanied by a chant for bull excrement, and we move on to...

Lana Star is at Chinese Mann theatre on Hollywood Boulevard and is giving out autographs, while Patti helps out. They're still no where near the forum. Bobby: "My brain's going to be in cement someday."

Look at the angels on that pot! Oh, David McLane is at Jeanie Buss' office. She owns the Lakers, and we last saw her back on episode #11, sitting in the stands. David looks at his flowers, looks at the flowers sitting at the security office and pulls off a switch before being let in. Now he's walking down a hallway. Look at Kobe. Look at the flowers. Watch his mouth move and nothing come out.

Jane Blond vs Tanja the Warrior Woman (w/sword) - Bobby on Jane: "I bet she's got some secret weapons hidden - in her car." Tanja attacks Jane when she's taking off her glasses (though the bell has already rung.) Whip, reversed, lunging clothesline by Tanja. Off the ropes, over Jane, off the far ropes, the timing is off on the leapfrog but Jane acts like she meant to hurt her like that, Tanja off the ropes but taken down in the Fujiwara armbar. Tanja gets to the ropes (didn't have far to go) and Jane lets go to celebrate. Jumping boot by Tanja, a second is caught, enzuiguri is not. Cover ,2. Big slam by Tanja, jumping kick is caught again, and this time Jane ducks the enzuiguri. Off the ropes, dropkick. Jane pulls up Tanja up by the hair, argues with ref Jesse, and Tanja trips her up, somersault cover for 2, Jane bridges up and into the backslide after a battle for 2. Nice dropkick to the chest. Body slam. Going to the top rope - signaling, Kick of Death misses. Tanja with the giant swing - 2.5 rotations, that's better. Jane up and dizzy, spin wheel kick by Tanja and that gets it. (3:47) The ring announcer thinks he's at the circus for a second, saying "Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls" 

First part of the bikini contest - Summer and Paradise. Those can be used as a floatation device in case of water landing, you know. Bobby: "You know what the winner gets? 5000 big ones." "You know it." "Like she needs more big ones."

Hammerin' Heather Steele vs Nicky Law (w/Officer Order and baton) - "I've never seen Bob Villa look this good!" Ring announcer says Nicky Law, the graphic on the big screen says Nicky, little graphic says Kristi Order, I'm so very confused. Lee talks about Kristi, which doesn't really answer my question. The one with the baton gets in the ring and attack Heather, so I'm thinking she's the one in this match and probably Nicky. Mystery looked definitely bigger than Misery, and Law Order look the same, so I think it's someone new. Choking her with the police baton, but Heather rolls her up for 2.  Whip, clothesline, kick to the stomach, gut wrench suplex. Off the ropes, elbow drop. Push into the corner, right, right the stomach, right, right, right, corner whip, Heather falls down. shot to the back, odd looking snap suplex.  Pulling Heather by the Hair,  Heat gets lose and drop toe holds  her - hammer lock, to the feet, Nicky snap mares her over. Whip,  kick to the stomach, reverse neckbreaker (2:03)  Stomp for Heather after, so she crawls over - into Order's corner. Heather's  being handcuffed and  Law with a police baton to the stomach. And another.  Now she threatens the ref (why is it that police and ref's never get along? You'd think they would) and gets in another shot. Bobby: "Why can't we just get along?" The ring fills with refs to break it up.

In the back, Terri Gold is working out - Selina asks the camera person out of the locker room.

Meanwhile, in the back, a SUV is parked. 

Meanwhile, on the phone, Bronco Billie wants to know if they saved the ranch. "No? What happened? The bank foreclosed? Sold? It was auctioned off? So are we going to have to move and everything? The new owner says that we can stay under certain circumstances? I don't care, it's worth anything. Don't worry. [to herself] I wonder who bought the ranch?" 

Boom Boom & Caliente vs Asian Invasion - "And look, everyone at ringside is getting a lei from her." Jade is now "the fiery spitfire." Lee pushes the seeds of a possible breakup before the match even starts. There's Jade's grandmother. Double dropkick to Boom Boom and Caliente while they're waiving to the crowd, Boom Boom taking a hard bump on the ropes. AI is happy with what they did, until Boom Boom double clotheslines them. Lotus is pushed out, whip, powerslam (the lower part of Jade's right leg getting slapped on the bottom rope) 2 count. Corner whip - Boom Boom Splash, Jade falls face first. Corner whip, look at Jade's grandma, Boom Boom Splashes misses and Jade rolls her up for 2. Whip, reversed, Samurai Scissors. Tag to Lotus, tag to Caliente (I think), Jade gets down on all fours so Lotus can use her to hit an elevated cross body on Caliente on 2.  Corner whip, handspring elbow, snap mare, off the ropes, dropkick to the chest!  Corner whip, and another handspring but this time Caliente pushes her way - cross body off the second rope for 2. Whip, reversed, Caliente with a cross body, push off. Tag to Boom Boom, drop toe hold, Boom Boom splash to the back. Rolling her over and over for 2 before she gets pushed off. Whip, clothesline misses kick to the stomach caught, enzuiguri is not. Tag to Jade, who goes right to the top - jumping off the top rope into a 'rana, the Jaded Edge. Jade's a moonsault away from having Lita's move set, maybe. Monkey flipping Caliente, tag to Lotus, double whip into the corner for Caliente, and another for Boom Boom but Caliente jumps out of the way. While Asian Invasion is celebrating, Boom Boom picks up Caliente in a full nelson so she can high kicks on Jade and Lotus. Corner whip, Boom Boom charge in and a Boom Splash for Lotus. Corner whip, Boom Boom Splash hits again. Going for the Bonzai drop - and it connects, but Jade reverses it into a Lotus rollup with a dropkick, Boom Boom escapes at two. Lotus having problems with her top, Kick  for Boom Boom, another kick is blocked and Boom Boom flips her over. Lotus tags out to Jade - Jade in with a bodyscissors roll up for 2.  Jade waits for Boom Boom to get up to try it again, and this time, it's blocked into a face first powerbomb. Boom Boom taking Jade up in a fireman's carry - Samoan Drop. (4:48) Caliente and Boom Boom are really happy. Grandmother is not. Boom Boom and Caliente dance in the ring.

Black screen. SUV. We can see an arm, but that's all

Elsewhere, Selina and Terri are leaving the gym. "Don't worry, I got your back Selina." 

Disciplinarian (w/yard stick) vs Bronco Billie (w/lasso) - Bobby claims that the ranch is actually a parking lot. I think it takes a second for Lee to get that spread line from Bobby that CRZ mentioned. Lockup, headlock by Disciplinarian, off the ropes, shoulderblock. Off the ropes, over Bronco, off the far ropes and Bronco hiptossed him. Armdrag into an armbar, arm bar, wringer, cartwheel out, armbar, wring, wring, whip, clothesline missed, crossbody connects, 2. Disciplinarian up and with a clothesline. Picking her up by the hair.  Fisherman's suplex, but only 2.  Pedigree? No, Bronco sweeps the legs, catapult. Bulldog headlock, but the bulldog is turned into a back suplex. Pulled up by the hair, whip, backdropped. Splash by Disciplinarian and a cover for 2. Whip, reverses, hiptoss blocked and Disciplinarian turns it into a backslide for 2. Whip, clothesline misses, Billie hits an ugly looking dropkick. Whip, reversed, clothesline misses, Billie with something that was supposed to be a bulldog but ended up looking like some weird shoot choke/takedown combination. Both up at the same time, kick to the midsection by Disciplinarian, body slam. Pulling up by the hair, turnbuckle smash and another.  Corner whip, charge in, Disciplinarian misses a double axe handle, Billie with a better bulldog this time. Rolling her over, cover, one, two, foot on the ropes. Whip, high knee from Disciplinarian and a face crusher. Pedigree try #1, and this one works.  Pin, but this time it's Billie's foot who's on the ropes. Disciplinarian doesn't notice and celebrates - and she's rolled up for the win. (3:57) As soon as the ring announcers done announcing the wrong winner, Disciplinarian has something to say. "Hey, Bronco Billie. Hey, Bronco! [This time Billie actually turns around] I'm not done with you yet. I've got a little surprise for you Bronco. I bought your ranch!" Bobby makes the same joke I did when I heard this finish: "She bought the farm!" Meanwhile, Billie looks upset and confused. "And you better be on your best behavior or you and your family will be expelled. Class dismissed!" The ring announcer gets it right time.

We're back at the SUV - the sound in the back is slowly improving - as Danger gets out to cut a promo. "Terri Gold, you better remember, you're in Danger's house, and you've got to play by Danger's rules. As a matter a fact, you're living on Danger's planet and I don't you like you living on it. You see this belt? The WOW World Championship Belt? It looks good on Danger - and that's where it's staying. You know what tonight? The only thing you're going to remember is watching me walk away, 'cause you're going to be laying on the mats and hear the ref count one, two, three for winner and still world champion Danger! Remember that! Out of my house Terri!"

Here's the next two contestant videos for Jade and Roxy Powers. Jade takes off her top (facing away from the camera) get a noticeable reaction from the crowd. I like the blue suit better than the white one. Roxy looks especially good. And she also has a no top - facing away form the camera shot.

Slam Dunk (w/ABA Ball?) vs Roxy Powers - Yea, it is an ABA Ball - the LA Stars here in this building. "All you vertically challenged haters - shut up! [pause for boos] Alright, Roxy Power-less, you need to listen up. You may be a total athlete, but today you're stepping in the ring with Slam Dunk, a superior athlete. Slam Dunk is a superior athlete, because I beat two at one time, oh wait, wait, and I still stand in this ring at undefeated. So, why don't you come out here, pe-Roxy? Oh, did I say that out loud? Why don't you just come out her Roxy, because it's a little early for a march madness, but I'm ready for a February Foul Out. 'cause I am a slam." Pe-Roxy, sounding like peroxide when you say it, because she dies her hair blond, okay. Roxy's wearing a black armband and races in the ring. Stare down, and Slam push her away. And then Roxy pushes her down. Whip, reversed,  bit boo is cooked and Roxy with a hard kick to the inside of the leg.  Lockup, fireman's carry looks awkward. Pick up by the head, headlock,  off the ropes, shoulderblock. Off the ropes, over the leap frog, under the drop down, cross body for 2 and Slam pushes her away. Slam Dunk trips up Roxy, double legdrop to midsection. Legdrop to the head.  Push into the corner, boot choke. Corner whip, reversed, Roxy charges in and gets a boot. Legdrop, no cover. Slam Dunk raise the roof, Slam taking her sweet time going to the top - Arizona Jam comes up empty, Roxy rolling out of the way. Roxy's up first - clothesline is ducked by Slam and hits the ref. Roxy looks surprised and concerned about the ref, but turns around right into the chokeslam. Cover, but Josh is still not up. Josh is up and Slam's yelling at him. You can see Josh start to make a motion towards the announcer/timekeeper (though I'm not sure I would have thought that motion meant anything specific) , but Slam grabs him by the throat - chokeslam. Superkick from Roxy, and she covers, a second ref is in, one, two, the ref is pulled out by Josh. I guess the ref's decided that original ref is the only one that matters between now and that tag match, because Josh calls the double DQ and the other ref's feelings are ignored. (3:36) The ref's do argue some - they need to get together and figure out what the rules are for the guy running in after a bump - but Slam has another chokeslam , no it's broken up. by the second ref. So Slam chokeslams him instead. Too bad Roxy's not done - we hear the superkick and the reaction but never see it. Replays (not showing the second superkick) and then we see Jeanie Buss - the second time we've see her hear, and always during Slam's matches. Hey, Slam was right - this was a foul out!

David McLane gives his flowers to Jeanie Buss - this is just so she can put over WOW. I think they agree to go to dinner. This is a long one, but it's tough to make out again and the announcer talk during it. 

Patti Pizzazz and Lana Star are still taking their time getting to the forum

Riot (w/bat) vs Wendi Wheels (w/shopping cart of weapons) in a Hardcore Match - Riot's top is smaller than it used to be. "Are their any Rioters in the house? I said are their any Rioters in the house? Well, how y'all doing tonight? You know who I am. Oh, wait, I'm a little hard of hearing - who am I? [Riot!] And I am unbeatable, unbreakable, and unstoppable. Are you guys ready for a little hardcore? 'cause I'm as hardcore as it gets. I have hardcore blood ruining through my veins, from the tips of my fingers to the tip of my toes. Let's bring out Wendi Wheels, and let's get bloody!" Wendi wheels out the cart. She's wearing a Wendi Wheels shirt and jeans for this match. Riot tries to attack on the outside, but the punch misses and Riot gets dropped in the cart, Wendi pushes it up and tips i t over. Wendi grabs a mop, but Riot hits her with a baking pan first, right in the face. Wendi thrown in, whip, clothesline misses, diving clothesline by Wendi connects. Turnbuckle smash, corner whip, reversed, Riot charges in but gets the double boot. Riot rolls out, and grabs the pan. Shot to front of the the head, and then one to the top of the head. Now throwing her into apron. Riot's dragging Wendi around by the hair. "What? What? What do you want me to do with her? huh What do you want me to do with her?" If you were thinking "Please slam Wendi's head into the table", Riot did it for you. Water bottle thrown on Wendi, powerbomb on the floor? No, Wendi blocks it and backdrops Riot on the floor. Wendi to the apron - clothesline off the apron! Lee: "Wendi and Riot both like it hardcore." (I've resisted making that joke, but you can feel free to do so.) "Come on, Revv it up baby!" Wendi back on the apron, Riot charges her but gets a shoulder to the midsection, Wendi catapults in with a sunset flip, Riot tries to block by hold the ropes but Wendi pulls her down for 2. Riot with a kick to the midsection, pulling by the hair, whip, back elbow. Dragging her around by the hair again, body slam. Walking over Wendi with a boot to the midsection, pulling her by the hair. Riot going to the top and she's actually not going to be crotched this time - wow, corkscrew elbow drop! (1.5 rotations.) You don't see THAT often. Wendi kicks out at 2. Wendi thrown to the outside. That corkscrew elbow is the Riot Twister, okay. Riot jumps off the apron and Wendi nails her with a mop to the midsection. Cover on the floor, but a 2 count. Now Wendi's pulling by the hair over by the fans, so Riot grabs a guy's (plant? he seemed to be waiting for it to be grabbed) drink and smacks Wendi with it. Now Riot with the stop sign - and a shot to the head. Riot going back to the cart - a water bottle and a drink canister are taken out, with Riot dumping the water over the first row of fans and throwing the half empty bottle at Wendi from a distance. Now she's spraying Wendi using the water gun attached to the drink canister - a road sign ("Slippery When Wet", ha ha) to the head takes care of that. And here's a serving dish to the head. Wendi thrown in , Riot follows, clothesline by Wendi misses, Riot put on armbar, uses a legdrop to take her down and puts a leg scissors on the arm before hooking on the Crossface. Wendi was close to the ropes but has a problem getting those last few inches. Oh, wait, no rope breaks in no DQ matches Riot points out - unfortunately, that serving tray is still in the ring and Wendi gets a hold of it - shot to the face breaks it up. They both get up, and another tray shot from Wendi knocks Riot down. Wendi puts Riot on the rope, joining her up there, but she takes time to celebrate and gets kicked down. Riot gets down, gets the tray, drops it, pulls Wendi up by the hair, holds her back, knee to the midsection, knee, putting Wendi on the top rope, punch, punch, pick up off the top rope and a powerslam on the pan. Riot going to the apron as the fans chant "powerbomb." Oh, she's going for that garbage can that's been sitting by the ramp (but not on the fan side of the rail, so you knew it was going be used at some point), and brings it in.  Riot takes off the lid ('cause Riots don't use trash can lids - Enforcers do), and hits Wendi in the back with it. Now Riot throws the can on top of Wendi, and Wendi pushes it off. And then Riot puts it back on, over head head, and a one foot dropkick to the back of the can (and Wendi's head.  Pulling Wendi by the hair, dropping the serving tray - time for the powerbomb? Wendi tries to stop it midway, but that ain't happening. Riot overshoots the tray, but it don't matter much anyway. (9:38) Here are some replays - well, perhaps in a moment, there we go. 

Here's a look at the Correctional Department Van - out come Caged Heat. Someone thought it was better to turn off the sound then give the squeak sound they had been giving. Loca knocks down the cameraperson, so we only see feet - but there seems to be an extra set of boots with Caged Heat...

Next up in the swimsuit video - Bronco Billie.  She has a water gun shoot out with two other women - Sandi and Paradise? Can't tell from the back. Heather Steele is next. And then Lotus. I'd describe these, but I'm pretty much left with "this is a women who looks really hot on a beach/at a pool. They look GOOD." Here's Sandi. The Beach Patrol music reminds me of Saved by the Bell for some reason.

Jungle Grrl vs Beckie, The Farmer's Daughter in a splash match - "I wonder if you kissed her, would she have a wild taste?" Stare down, Jungle Grrl pushes Beckie's face away, then tries a punch but misses and Beckie drops her with the full nelson butt bomb. Farmer's Roll (3 times flipped) gets stopped by Jungle as she turns around and  picks Beckie up by the neck before powerbombing her down. Body slam. Off the ropes, diving headbutt misses. Headlock by Becky, off the ropes, leap frog by Jungle Grrl, off the far ropes, cross body, Jungle Grrl may have tried to reverse it into a tilt-a-whirl something but ends up still falling backwards and hitting the mat. Beckie headlock, back suplex by Jungle but Beckie lands on her feet, off the ropes, cross body, Jungle catches her and drops her in a backbreaker. Whip, back elbow. Push in the corner, kick to the midsection, kick to the midsection, corner whip by Jungle, charge in to the corner but Beckie uses the second rope to leapfrog out of the way, then hip tosses Jungle to the middle of the ring. Armdrag, and then a nice dropkick. Running up the turnbuckle second rope twisting cross body gets 1.  Kick to the midsection by Jungle changes the momentum, and then a Meltdown is a little off, but still good. Pulling her up by the pony tail - is that Michinoku Driver? Not the impact on the head ever, but yea. Wow. Jungle going to the top - splash connects right to the head. Pulling up Beckie by the head, but Beckie reverses into her own headlock. Extended headlock, then Jungle Grrl is tripped up and a slingshot takes Jungle Grrl to the floor. Jungle recovering on the outside - and she doesn't see Beckie running off the apron and diving on Jungle with a cross body (but neither do we.) Jungle takes more time on the outside as Beckie comes back in. Here's replay of the end of it, just as Jungle Grrl gets back on the apron. Seems like Beckie must have catapulted her in while we were away. Josh Milton is at ringside for the match - he's been there the whole time, as I look back, this is just when I noticed it. Beckie pulling Jungle up, whip, reversed, flapjack is reversed into a dropkick. Bodyslam - and Beckie's going ot the top - splash hits knees! That did look rather painful. Kick to the stomach, kick to the stomach, corner whip, reversed, Beckie follows in but gets a second rope clothesline with a twist. Whip, and a clothesline turns Beckie inside out. Up to the top - missile dropkick connects well, and Jungle Grrl walks on top of Beckie on their way to the apron. Jungle asks the crowd if she should go up - but she gets a springboard dropkick to the floor before she has a chance to decide. Jungle Grrl recovering on the floor, now pulling Beckie out. Hard shot into the apron, and Jungle rolls back in. Jungle's upset now, as Beckie recovers on the outside. Up on the apron, kick to the side, suplex in. Pulling Beckie by the hair, German suplex try (!) is blocked, Beckie goes behind, but Jungle Grrl snap mares her. Beckie lands on a foot and gets in a dropkick. Beckie into the corner, charging out - sunset flip gets 1.5. Going to the second rope - missile dropkick connects, but Beckie is too far away and too slow to cover. Now she's going up to the top rope again -  getting the fans support, and she gets crotched. Jungle Grrl joins her - superplex! Now picking her up again and putting her back on the top rope - belly to belly superplex from the second rope and Jungle Grrl is my new favorite wrestler. Well, female. Jungle Grrl attempts to go for the unquestioned number one (and more importantly, win this match) by rolling out and getting - a ladder.  That's a tall ladder, and she sets up in on the outside, directly behind on of the corners. The refs don't like this but they aren't stopping her (and they seem to be holding the ladder in place.) Jungle Grrl at the very top - this is about where the sixth rope would be, if you want a mental picture - SUPER JUNGLE SPLASH CONNECTS. (Well, it was more a SUPER JUNGLE HEADBUTT, but we give many points for effort. And yes, that will do it. (9:46) Jungle Grrl kicks Beckie out of the ring - she never really had a chance after that splash to the knees. "Jungle Grrl, can I talk to you for just a minute? Thirty five years in this industry, and I have never seen a move like that in my life! I am impressed." "You should be impressed, and everyone else should be impressed. 'cause not only am I the queen of the jungle, baby, I'm the queen of that ring! So, Beckie, how did it feel to get splattered all over the mat?" "Well thank you very much, like I said before, I am very impressed! You'll be seeing a lot more of Jungle and I predict a very short time before you are the W-O-W Champion. Good luck to you." "That' right, I will be the W-O-W champion. So Terri Gold, or whoever else has that belt, that belt will be mine." Is Bobby staring at Jungle Grrl's butt as she leaves? I wouldn't think someone would be that blatant, but. Replays. I think this might be better than the previous match (especially if we ignore that there were special stipulations) but keep it to yourself.

Though I've pointed out a lot of production mistakes, I haven't complained about the camera angles much tonight, because even when they've been weird (not getting the right angle of the move, for the most part), I'm not totally sure how much/which ones I'd be pointing if it hadn't already been brought up in discussion. However, they did something along that lines here that really annoyed me, so I must: When Jungle Grrl went for that ladder splash, a camera guy positioned himself on the apron directly below her. He seems to be a mobile guy who moves from position to position, depending on what shot they're looking for, so it's not that hard of a stretch to assume he was told to be standing there when that spot came. And he was, and he caught the move from a perfect angle, as Jungle Grrl fell out of the sky and onto Beckie. But they never used that angle, not in the live and not in the replay. It could have been a great angle to watch it from, and they went through the effort to make sure it was there - and then not use it at all? Bizarre and makes you wish you didn't notice those details so you didn't know what could've been. 

Jeanie Buss shows of the Lakers' NBA Trophies to David McLane. Instead of a squeaky sound, now we have a really distorted echo sound - better, actually. I think David asks how much you could sell one for. They look at the practice arena. Hey, there's Shaw working on a free throws!  Lee: "Did you see Shaq hit that free throw?" Bobby: "No, that's gotta be an imposter." 

A Limo has arrived, about time, too. Tee red carpet is rolled out, and out come Lana and Patti. Lana tells Patti (who we don't get a good shot off, hmm) to get to the bags while she talks to the camera but we're back to the squeaky sound again. She talks about the hair cut match, and I think says Poison's going to get shaved. We see Patti (obstructed, hair in her face, no good shot - I'm not sure) and then Ice Cold appears to punk her out and throw her in the limo. Ice Cold says that Lana is going to be shaved completely bald - and the limo takes off

EZ Rider & Charlie Davidson (w/Thug) vs Caged Heat in a No Disqualification, Must Be a Winner match for the WOW Tag Team Belts - They all do the belt signal. "Harley's Angels is in the house. You know what you're here for tonight? You're here to watch Harley's Angels win the tag team tournament! You know why? 'cause Harleys Angels deserves the belt, we need the belt, and we're going take the belt. And Caged Heat, you are dead meat! Tell them Char!" "That's right, what'cha going do when the Harley's Angels make road kill out of you!" Caged Heat mouth along with their lyrics and rush the ring. Angels run at them with a double clothesline, but both are ducked, simultaneous kicks to the stomach, simultaneous Blow Outs. (Wait, that doesn't seem right.) Double clothesline by Thug, and there goes the bell. Thug tries to knock their heads together, but they block it, double punch to the midsection, double Blow Out on Thug. Caged Heat rule the ring while the Angels figure out strategy on the floor. Loca gets the mic and I can't totally make out what's she's saying for some reason: "Caged Heat, all the way from Nevada to you. This is going to be the most ill minded match, because play time is over baby! Yo D, tell all these people here what you think of the Harley's Angels." "[something I can't make out] They gonna Harley talk and after this match here, they gonna Harley walk!! So, is there a clock on up in here? Does anyone have a watch up in here? Somebody, anybody, everybody, tell us - what time is it?" Crowd: "Hard Time" "That's what I thought." So, anyway, the Angels strategy appears to be that EZ should get up on the apron but continue looking at her partners on the floor so she can get flipped in by Delta, 'cause that's what happens. Pulled up by the hair, whip, hair toss. Off the ropes, legdrop. Tag to Loca, hold for a second rope double axhandle. Caged Heat celebrate and EZ makes the tag to Charlie. Charlie's punches blocked, kick by Loca connects, whip, clothesline, elbow drop. Now Delta is in with out a tag, and goes to the second rope while Loca holds Charlie - but Charlie moves out of the way of the ax-handle and Loca gets flattened. Charlie celebrates, whip, side slam. Tag To EZ.  EZ celebrates, dancing legdrop. Pushing Loca into the corner and bieling her in the middle of the ring.  EZ argues with ref Josh Milton, then dropkicks Loca, with Loca's head hitting hard on the second turnbuckle. Very painful looking - less so is the EZ Bronco Buster that follows. EZ argues with Josh for no reason, while Loca tags out, Punch by Delta misses, eye rake by EZ, eye rake by Delta! This IS a heel/heel match up. Whip, powerslam. Going to the top, somersault senton misses as EZ rolls out of the way. EZ dropkicks Delta in the corner (safer looking this time) and Bronco Buster #2 is stopped when Loca pulls EZ down by the hair at the last second. Charlie  in, double whip on Delta, double back elbow, double celebration. Double whip to the corner, then Charlie pulls her out to whip her back in again, but Josh gets sandwiched in the corner, Delta rebounds out into a double DDT. Josh is slow to count, and Loca pulls him out at 2. Thug charges at Loca on the outside, but Loca moves out of the way and Josh gets a clothesline. Thug gets kicked (off camera) as the Angels go to double team Delta - double suplex is blocked in to a double DDT. Tag to Loca, shot to EZ's the stomach, EZ's lifted up by Delta and Loca hits the flying clothesline - but there's no ref to count. Delta goes out after Charlie, and Thug breaks out the pin - chokeslam on Loca. EZ rolled on top, as Josh is still out on the floor and someone runs down the ramp. Another ref? No, another women in prison gear, going to the top, (Lee thinks it's Loca, realizes that Loca's on the mat and figures it's Delta - Bobby seems to know there's something odd going on here, but isn't sure what it is) flying elbow drop connects for EZ, and Loca is rolled back on top. Josh is thrown back in by the real Delta, and makes the count - Caged Heat wins. (5:38) Now Lee notices that there's the mystery chick isn't Delta and is really confused. She talks to the camera as her partners celebrate in the ring - and get attacked by Charlie and Thug in the ring. Now all six in the ring and brawling, EZ being beat up by Loca and new girl, while Charlie and Thug take out Delta. Everyone but Thug and new girl end up out of the ring, and they back up in to each other, then stare each other down. New girl's punch is ducked, and it look like she's going for a ride - but new girl blocks it and body slam's Thug, whoa. She holds Thug so Delta and Loca can hit a flying elbow drop and a flying somersault legdrop from opposite corners at the same time. Everyone in orange celebrates as Josh gives them  the belts. Are they gon-yea, Loca pastes Josh with the belt before I can even finish my thought. Delta throws him over the top rope. Caged Heat and friend celebrate in the ring, and wait to be announced as WOW TAG TEAM Champions - fireworks, scary. Caged Heat goes down in the ring - did Delta just do a Worm in reverse there? Now Loca's doing the Worm. Security officers wait in the aisle as they get announced one more time. You know, that's very odd - when you win a title in WOW, they make it seem like it's a big thing. The party's over when the security carts them off, but they're still pretty happy.

In the locker room, Lana Star apparently talks to Patti Pizzazz on the cell - she's not going make it to the match, and Lana's not really happy about it. Lana makes another call - to the trainer?

Here's the world title clip piece from the preview show and the show that was just a preview - but with the wacky sound distortion, it's not as effective. Wait, no, those people going through tables don't need sound to look effective. This seemed long, but with the sound problems and seeing it for the third time, it may have just felt that way.

Terri Gold vs Danger for the WOW Championship - Staredown to start, and lockup, but Danger pushes Terri down. Terri jumps right back up for a lockup, and is pushed down again, but this time she flips up while Danger is looking at the crowd and charges at her. Danger turns around in time, and Terri runs right into position for the Danger Drop, but Terri swings behind Danger when she's lifted and reverses it into a sunset flip for 2. Kick to the stomach from Danger, whip, clothesline misses, Danger's back elbow misses, Terri's springboard cross body with a twist off the second rope does not.  Dropkick but Danger moves out of the way. Body slam. Danger picks her up in a body slam, bounces her off the top rope and slams her down - that's a slingshot powerslam, I think. Splash cover for 2.  Kick to the stomach, swinging neckbreaker is avoided when Terri trips Danger up, but Terri's elbow drop comes up empty. Both up, hiptoss by Terri. Armdrag into an armbar. Arm wring, wring, and Danger reverses into a swinging neckbreaker. Whip, side slam. Push to the corner, right, right, corner whip, reversed, handspring elbow.  Corner whip, this handspring elbow misses, Danger with a standing Firewoman's carry. Whip, no, Danger will turn her around and go the other the way, and you'd think Josh would remember to be careful about such things after last time, but no, he gets knocked out of the ring, and Terri and Danger collide, going down. Riot is running to ringside, pulling Danger out of the ring out by the hair. Shot to the apron. Riot pulls Danger around clears of the ring announcer's desk - powerbomb? No, Riot can't get a good grip on her and ends up dropping Danger back on her neck - that couldn't have felt good. Try again, powerbomb on the table, but the table doesn't break, the legs just give out. Riot throws Danger back in the ring - Perfect 10 from Terri Gold, and Josh Milton is back in the ring to count. New champion. (4:21) Gold confetti everywhere.  The announcers speculate if Terri Gold realizes that she got helped. I wonder if Terri Gold planned on getting helped.

Back to the swimsuit videos - here's Ice Cold. Why are we looking at the photographer? You know, I don't think that's real snow. Lana Star's video - see, you'd think Lana would have someone to wash her car for her. If not Patti, then someone else, but Lana actually do the work herself? Nah. 

Backstage, Caged Heat interview themselves. (Did we lose Julie Day?) The sound is perfectly fine on here - maybe it's a live vignette and the others have all been taped? Delta: "Yo yo yo, what's up? You're standing here - we're standing here, looking at the first and the badest world tag team champions, Caged Heat, of all the of Women of Wrestling! And Thug, you thought your rattlesnake gang thought you had a surprise for us? Well, we brought our own secret weapon - Vendetta. Now there's One" Loca: "Two" Vendatta (and Delta): "Three" Delta: "of us. Yea, we're the baddest mother-" Loca: "D!" Delta: "You thought I was going say that, ha ha, you know what, can't no body beat the Heat! So, when we ask you the next time if you got your clock on, or your watch on, what time is it, we want you to say what?" All: "Hard Time"." "We out."

Why is Poison leaving Lana Star's lockeroom?

Lana Star & Patti Pizzazz vs Poison & Ice Cold in a hair shaving match - Well, Patti's not here, and Lana's walking to the ring on crutches, so this might not happen like that - but let's wait for Lana to fill us in first. She got the red carpet treatment. "Hi everybody. I hate to inform you all, I'll be unable to participate in the head shaving match tonight. Wait, wait, shhh, let me speak. Ice Cold beat up my tag tea partner Patti Pizzazz and locked her in the trunk of my limo, so now she's in the hospital. So, wait, she was unable to turn the TV on in my dressing room, so I had to do it myself, and I tripped over the coffee table. I injured my ankle! Hold on - as the star, and the executive producer of WOW Unleashed, I'm canceling the head shaving match tonight." The crowd has two words (no, not THOSE two words) for Lana's story.  We go backstage - David McLane is running out of the production truck and towards the ring. "What did you just say?" "I'm injured, what do you want me to do - fight them by myself?" "First of all, you're not canceling anything!" "Wrong, I'm the true executive producer of WOW, I'm going to cancel." "Well, I got news for you Lana, tonight you're going to find out who the real executive producer is - because unlike the other wrestling organizations, WOW Women of Wrestling delivers what they promise!" "What are you trying to tell me, that I'm going to have to wrestle?" "I'm going to tell you what I'm telling you - and all the fans. WOW promised a hair shaving match, and in fact, some of them are looking forward to you having your head shaved! So, Lana Star, there's going to be a hair shaving match, tonight!" "Are you sure you don't want to rethink that?" "I'm sure." "No, think hard!" "There's going to be a hair shaving match tonight, Lana, whether you like it or not." "You know what I can do? And now you're going to pay for this."

Lana Star vs Poison & Ice Cold in a hair shaving match - No music for Poison? Or new music played really softly? Lana's still claiming she's injured. Ice tosses McLane out of the ring, then Poison flips Lana into it. Double whip, double back elbow. Whip by Poison, right to the midsection, running high knee. Lana manages to trip her up  - slingshot. Whip, reversed, flapjack turned into a dropkick by Lana. Ice is very loud on the apron, and trips Lana up as she tries to slam Poison, so Poison falls on top for the pin, but Josh gets Ice out of the ring before counting - 1. Poison with a slam. Running kneedrop. Slam. Ice top rope elbow drop comes up empty. Scissors kick by Poison to take back control, corner whip, reverses, Lana off the ropes with the face lift. She celebrates, and doesn't ever see Ice coming with the double axe handle off the second rope. Poison up and spears Lana, tag out to Ice. Clothesline by Ice, whip, back elbow. Michinoku driver #2 by Ice. Top rope - elbow drop connects (that's the Ice Pick, if I remember), and Ice has the match, but the ref's too busy arguing with Poison. Lana awkwardly rolls up Ice, with Ice ending up on top. Picking Lana up, kick to the stomach, swinging neckbreaker. Push into the corner, right, right, right, right, look at the barber, whip ,corner whip, Ice with a springboard second rope back elbow but Lana moves out of the way. Lana with a DDT - but Poison in with a Poison Paralyzer. She celebrates, but Josh again tries throw her out of the ring - wait, Ice has hand over Lana, but Josh isn't seeing it, now he does, but Lana kicks out at 2. Ice throws Lana out of the ring, and then  throws her on the barber chair to attack her, but Josh Milton pulls her away. Lana retreats to the ring, where Poison has Lana's crutch. Lana grabs the other end and they tug of war over it, while Ice is coming back in the ring - Lana lets go and Poison (accidentally?) hits Ice with it. Ice is out and Lana covers - Poison makes no attempts to break it up (5:16) Lana and Poison share a look right after the pin, then Poison looks sad and walks off. Lana celebrates, as the chair is brought in the ring. The refs help strap the unconscious Ice in the chair, as  the barber gets in the ring. Lana walks around watching, as Bobby compares it to Ice being sent to a different, more electric chair. Bobby also says: "She doesn't need a chair, she needs an exorcism." Lana: "No, wait, this is so wrong" and stops everyone for a moment - so she can empty a water bottle on Ice to wake her up. Now Ice realizes it and she's not too happy. Ice is screaming and trying to get free as Lana watches. Watch Ice go from disbelief to anger to sadness. Lana walks around ringside to taunt Ice and the fans. Lana walks up the ramp before the hair cut is done. "I'm going to kill you Lana Star! David McLane, this is all your fault! This is all your fault, David McLane! I'm going to kill you both. Now Ice is making one last try to break out and keep what hair's left, but they're holding her down - and now carting her off. The fans are upset because she's still got hair - and now they're carrying her off. Here's a replay of the haircut.

Here's the cage. It covers part of ringside, but it has an open top. The door is locked and padlocked. The only way out is win or submission. "This cage is bigger than Bronco's Billie's farm!" "It's a ranch, Bobby." "No, it's a cage." 4/8 is the next PPV, Spring Vengeance.

Thug (w/EZ Ryder and Charlie Davidson) vs Selina Majors - The ring announcer takes his time with Selina's introductions in hopes that she'll show by the end of it, but she doesn't. Now she's out with no music.  "Hey hey hey wait a minute wait a minute. Hey, Thug, you think you have all the cards, baby, but let me tell you something, I got a special enforcer, I'm calling the gatekeeper and I'm telling you now - right now!" That's Terri Gold, wearing a ref shirt, while Selina dives in the ring and takes Thug down with a Thesz press. Punches, and there's the bell. Terri's locking the cage from the inside, as EZ and Charlie yell from the outside. Selina with the ten punch count along (well, four) in the corner. Thug pushes her away but Selina goes up and gets taken down again. Selina off the ropes, faceslam, Thug rolls out of the ring. Selina off the ropes - between the ropes dropkick for Thug.  Thug is slowly up to the apron, Selina charges and gets a knee. Now Selina gets a shot to the midsection, slides out under the rope, and Thug gets tripped up and dropped chin first on the apron. Selina with a whip, reversed by Thug and Selina goes into the cage. Thug picks Selina up over her shoulder and runs her into the cage. Selina goes down and Thug stomps - is Selina getting something from under the ring? Thug definitely is, as she looks under the ring for something - and come sup with a water bottle. Head first into the apron, and now rights to the head. In the back, Lana watches on as Ice gets completely shaved. Back outside the ring, Selina gets knock down by one punch, then thrown into the cage again. Punches to the head, as we look at the Angels and Terri watching. Selina thrown in, right to the head. Now more punches to the head. Legdrop, cover, sounds like a two count as we watch Ice getting shaved. Rights to the head - Selina is bleeding form the head. Shot to the turnbuckle. And again. To the back, and to to the ring, right to the head, right to the neck, boot choke, Ice's is almost done. Selina looks almost done in the corner. EZ looks at the camera.  Corner whip, clothesline. Boot choke. We're done in the back, as Ice and company have left and the barber's cleaning up. Selina escapes to the apron but is caught and getting shots to the neck. Now a knee to the back and she's dropped to the floor, right in front of Terri and the Angels. Selina looks at her blood as Thug comes out, and a shot to the back. Slingshot into the cage. Lookat Terri hold the door shut, as Thug looks - for something. Not there, so she walks around and grabs Selina, walking her around and rubbing her face into the chain link cage. Boot scrape. Selina up to her feet, right. Thug picks her up and takes her down. Thug talks to the camera. Selina thrown into the cage. Rubbing her face into the cage. Here's a another slingshot into the cage. Perhaps Thug should think to try a pin, seeing as Selina has got a move in minutes. Pickup, punch down. Thrown into the cage off camera. Wait a bit, and they do it again. Stomp as Selina reaches under. Thug goes looking for something as Selina crawls in the ring - Thug has a chair but she has to wait for Selina to get back out of the ring. Meanwhile, Ice Cold runs to ringside to show of her new 'do - and she's not too happy about it. "McLane - you did this to me! And you're going to pay for this! You're a dead man, McLane! Where ever you are!" Refs pull her away, and we never did see what happened to that chair but the match seems the same as we left - oops, Thug accidentally decked Josh,. He's dizzy, Thug's got Selina on her shoulder and she's going to run her head first into the cage again, but Selina falls behind and pushes Thug into Josh. Josh is squashed. Josh is climbing the cage? Thug doesn't like that and pulls him off. Right to the head. Right to the head. Throw in the side of cage. Punch for Josh on purpose. Josh is going to climb up again - kick, Blow Out from Selina as she gets her first offense in about ten minutes. Selina starts to climb up after Josh, who's about 2/3rds up, but decides not too. Josh is now on the other side and Selina's climbing up after him - she shakes the cage and Josh takes the HBK bump through the table. Wow. Well, that might actually get him for a while. Selina climbed/feel back down. Josh is busted open something ugly. Thug's pulling selling back in and working on her neck, ignoring what's around her, as Josh is carted off. Selina got in a shot off camera (maybe a Stunner over the ropes), and now she's covering - is this the first cover of the match - she counts three but that doesn't work. Look back to the door - Angels really want in now and Terri's having to work to make sure that door doesn't open. Now there's a ref out there and he wants in, I think Terri's holding the door from being opened it, but then again, she may just be trying to find a way to unlock it. Selina with a slap, and another, and a third. Fourth. Fifth. Sixth. Seven. Whip, reversed, kick whiff Stunner (boot didn't actually hit anything) and another cover. You'd think Selina would know that she needs a ref to win - and now she's going over to talk to Terri about why she's not letting anyone in. Terri tries to whip the blood from Selina's face. Thug's got that chair - shot to the head for Selina. Terri in the ring, Thug in the ring, Terri doesn't want to count one, no moving around to check the shoulders, one, two, three. (14:56) Hey, Terri, why didn't you count when Selina had the pin? I don't trust this Terri Gold. Wow, look at those fireworks. Terri's got the towel to help whip off Selina, but Selina wants nothing to do with it. She's got the chair - shot for Terri! And another. She's ticked and going to town with punches to the head. The door is finnaly opened and Jesse's in - now Jess's down with a punch. Who's left? Terri tries to go to the outside but Selina goes after her and throws her in. Now another ref is in - and he's knocked down. Selina with a punch for Terri, punch for ref and now back on top and punching Terri in the head. Now two ref's in and both pulling Selina (who's bleeding a heck of a lot now) and they're still not able to really stop Selina. Finnaly, Terri gets away, but Selina takes the belt and smacks Terri with it. Terri's out of the cage and gets smacked in the back of the head with it. And now to the front. Punches on the ramp! Selina's SNAPPED! Another belt shot. now she raises the belt over her head - Terri decides to take off and worry about the belt later. Now Selina's going after ref Jesse - he smartly locks himself in the cage to prevent any more punishment, as the rest of the refs finnaly show up and help Selina away.

Cut to the announcers, who show us the remains of Josh Milton. Or the table he went through. Here's a replay of the finish. Here are some shots from the match. Back to the live shot, Selina is back in the ring, holding up the belt like she won it and bleeding like she got beat up a lot. Lee and Bobby say goodbye.

Three hour shows are TOUGH. (And then I went and recapped three one hours shows, argh.)

Thing I wanted to mention before but saved till the end: People complained that Jungle Grrl gave away the finish of the title match with her last interview, but it really made sense for me - Jungle Grrl hates Terri Gold and wants to beat her even if it wasn't for the title, but she'd like the title again, so she's thinking ahead about the possibility where she can do both in one shot. It's reminds me of the kinda of thing teams say when they're in the playoffs and they don't know who they'll face yet, but one of the possibilities is a close rival and they really rather beat the crap out of them, but they don't want the other team to use the "We're going to beat [x]" statement as a momentum in case they advance instead. If that makes any sense.

Slippery When Wet, hahahahaha...

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