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WCW Uncensored



American Airlines Arena
Miami, FL
Rating: TV-PG-V

    Hosts: Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay & Mark Madden

  • Cruiserweight champion The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Iaukea (7'22" second rope DDT -> pin) Psychosis
      "Hard Knox" Chris Candido joined the commentary team to let us know he had joined WCW
  • Screamin' Demon (3'42" Smiley Norman Conquest Rave) XS
  • Bam Bam Bigelow (3'35" DCOR? DQ?) The Wall
      Post-match, Crowbar & David Flair tried to attack the Wall - this led to a scaffold chokeslam for Crowbar
  • "Gauntlet" Match
    Brian Knobs (3'02") Sugar Shane Helms
    Knobs (4'17" powerbomb through table -> pin) Evan Karagias
    Knobs (6'59" garbage can from the second rope -> pin) Shannon Moore
      Brian Knobs wins third Hardcore title
  • Booker & Kidman (6'59" Big T) Harlem Heat
  • Falls Count Anywhere
    Vampiro (8'45" Nail in the Coffin -> pin) Fit Finlay
  • No DQ
    Harris Brothers (8'48" Heavy D pins Vito) Mamalukes
      Harris Brothers win third championship
  • Bullrope Match
    Dustin Rhodes (9'02" piledriver on cowbell -> pin) Terry Funk
  • Lumberjack cast match
    Sting (7'01" Scorpion Death Drop -> pin) Total Package
      During the match, Tank Abbott came out to KO Dillinger
  • World Heavyweight Champion Sid Vicious (7'36" Hogan legdrop -> pin) Jeff Jarrett
      Scott Steiner returned post-match and laid out Hulk Hogan - Flair immediately entered with no music and we moved to the
  • Strap Match
    Hulk Hogan (14'27") Ric Flair



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