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WWA: The Revolution
Aladdin Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

  • CEO Andrew McManus opened the show with a brief announcement. He also announced Randy Savage's failure to appear tonight due to his "business advisors...[stalling] contract talks" on Thursday.
  • Tantric (?) performed "Revolution"
  • Your hosts are Jeremy Borash & Mark Madden
  • Cruiserweight Survival Elimination Match
    • Lo-Ki (7'48" jumping kick -> pin) Shark Boy
    • AJ Styles (11'27" Styles clash -> pin) Tony Mamaluke
    • Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels (15'23" top rope throat slam -> pin) Lo-Ki
    • Styles (18'12" top rope Styles clash -> pin) Daniels
    • Nova (19'53" leg sweep into superplex -> pin) Styles
  • WWA Commissioner Bret Hart announced that tonight's main event had been changed to Jeff Jarrett vs. Brian Christopher for the WWA World Championship - then he rehashed the same speech he gave during the first PPV
  • The Funkster (Alan Funk) (7'35" piledriver -> legdrop -> pin) Reno
  • Relieved of his match with Brian Christopher, Disco Inferno laid out an open challenge, then joined the commentators
  • Kronic (4'52" High Times -> Clarke pin ?) Native Blood (Navajo Warrior & Ghost Walker)
  • The Star-ettes "danced" to DJ Icey
  • "The Erruption" (sic) takes place 13 April in Australia - it will be broadcast in America on 14 April
  • Hardcore Midget Action
    Puppet the Psycho Dwarf (7'27" TKO on thumbtacks -> pin) TEO
    Visit - if you dare
  • Post-match, Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner came out for a little ritualistic midget abuse...and a few words...this led to
  • Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner (not a match - about 2 minutes) Disco Inferno
  • Eddy Guererro (sic) (12'45" frog splash -> pin) Psicosis & Juventud Guerrera
    Guerrero becomes "WWA international cruiserweight champion of the world," winning title held by Psicosis coming into this match

    Post-match, he started to cut an angry promo, but was interrupted by Jerry Lynn, who cut a face promo until an impromptu brawl broke out - culminating in Lynn executing a cradle piledriver on the belt
  • Star-ettes dance to J.Lo's "Play"
  • No Disqualification
    Devon Storm (20'39") Sabu
  • Larry Zbyszko is welcomed to the ring to say a few words - but sticks around to say a few more, eventually challenging "Vince Jr." to accept a one-way ticket to Larryland...and a match in the WWA ring
  • Rick Steiner & Ernest "The Cat" Miller (0'58" kick -> pin) West Hollywood Blondes (Lenny & Lodi)
  • WWA heavyweight champion "The Chosen One" Jeff Jarrett (13'12" Stroke on belt -> pin) "The Grandmaster" Brian Christopher



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