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/22 January 2000

WWF Jakked by Marc Taylor




I've got a whole heap of classwork that I need to get to, so I'll be even lighter than normal on play by play and such this week. Sorry, but I need to get good grades if I wanna get those beautiful things called financial aid checks.

Your announcers are Michael Hayes and Jonathan Coachman.

The Hollys vs. Joey Abs and Pete Gas w/Rodney
Early on Crash and Joey are outside, and Crash runs and leaps off the ring steps, hitting a sweetass midair hurracanrana on Joey. The ending goes something like this: as the referee is distracted, Rodney comes in and Pete Gas holds Crash for Rodney to hit with the High Society neckbreaker, but Crash moves, so Rodney takes out Gas. Hardcore comes in and Pete Gas is easy pickings for the Hollycaust and pin at 4:58.

Recap of the HHH vs. Mick Foley stuff from the past few weeks, as HHH wins the WWF title, gets pissed at Foley and fires him, gets forced to reinstate Foley, and then pisses off Foley enough to unleash Cactus Jack, who he must face at the Royal Rumble.

Slam Of The Week: from Smackdown, Buh Buh Ray Dudley gets chaired and falls from the stage to the tables below, and then Matt Hardy's king-sized legdrop from the stage onto D-von Dudley and a table.

Kaientai vs. Too Cool
No Rikishi Phatu tonight. Cool little match here between 4 excellent workers. This had a mix of nice ring work (in the form of Kaientai's assisted dropkick to the face, a beautiful moonsault to nowhere from Taka, and Brian Christopher's sunset flip powerbomb to the outside, and just generally good wrestling all around) and a hilarious comedy bit, as Taka and Funaki dance for a bit, before falling prey to stereo powerbombs from Too Cool. Too Cool hit the Veg-o-matic on Funaki for the victory at 5:20.

Recap: 2 weeks ago on Smackdown Big Slow turned on the Rock and they haven't gotten along since. On Smackdown they argued about winning the Royal Rumble, and then HHH set up the triple threat over the top lumberjack match between Big Slow, Kane, and the Rock. Kane won, and all the lumberjacks ran in for the big schmozz to preview the rumble.

WWF Rewind: Edge gets tongued by Mae Young.

Vis(cera) vs. Gangrel w/Luna
Nothing too exciting here, as all I can remember is what I put in my notes: DCOR 2:32.

Halftime Heat is January 30th at Superbowl Halftime.

Bulldog vs. Kevin Landry
I'm sure everyone can imagine what happened here with little difficulty. Squash, Running Powerslam, pin, Bulldog wins at 2:05.

And that, as they say, is that.

Marc "the Mark" Taylor
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