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/12 February 2000

WWF Jakked by Marc Taylor




This week we have Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman for our announcing duo. Cole seems disinterested and pissy throughout the show, probably because he's stuck on Jakked again.

Gangrel w/Luna vs. Big Bossman
Luna hops up on the apron immediately, so Bossman chases her around ringside, but Gangrel catches up to him and starts things off between the two. Bossman's right arm is pretty heavily wrapped. Gangrel goes for the Impaler, but a Bossman backdrop counters that. Off the ropes, hey, there's the Bossman slam, 1, 2, 3. That was quicker than I expected. 2:28

A look back at Raw-The Radicals thank the fans, thank Cactus Jack, and then at the behest of HHH, turn on Cactus, setting up the supercool main event between HHH/Xpac/Benoit/Saturn/Malenko and Cactus/Rock/Rikishi/Too Cool. In said match, the Radicals/DX team went over courtesy of a Benoit diving headbutt, and then the New Age Outlaws ran in to beat everyone up with some pipes. The lights go down: hey look, its Paul Bearer and Kane. Kane then proceeds to destroy all the heels with no difficulty.

Slam Of The Week: Kurt Angle wins the European Title from Val Venis on Smackdown.

Val Venis vs. Joey Abs w/Posse
Val's entrance isn't showing, since he would've still had the Euro title when this was taped on Monday. The action spills outside quickly, where Val gets sent into the stairs. Joey heads back in to distract the ref, and the Posse put the boots to him. Yowch, Abs whips Val into the corner, and Val's head smacks right into the second turnbuckle. Val takes back over, whips Abs to the ropes and follows him in with the running knees. Russian leg sweep, and he stands over him for the gyrations. Abs gets a ddt for a two count, and then goes for a tigerbomb as Rodney and Pete Gas get up on the apron for no discernable reason other than so Val can wriggle free of the tigerbomb attempt and knock each of them off the apron, which is just waht happens. Val gets a fisherman suplex, but one of the sweater vested bitches pulls him off at two. A spine buster and Money Shot seal the deal though. I forgot to time this one, but it was somewhere around 5:00 I think.

Now we take a look at Those Damn Dudleys: 3 weeks ago Terri was powerbombed through a table by Buh Buh, and on Raw he and D-von attempted to do the same to BB after beating the team of Godfather and D'lo. Edge and Christian made the save, which sends the saga to Smackdown; Buh Buh fakes a knee injury to draw out BB and the medics, and then tells everyone 'No it doesn't hurt!' as he and D-von grab BB and set up the powerbomb through the table, which is succseful this time, as Edge and Christian are late making the save, and get chaired by D-von.

On Smackdown HHH booked himslef and X-pac in a handicap match against Kane, which Kane won when HHH used a chair and got DQ'd. Postmatch, Tori made the mistake of grabbing the chair from Kane, and took a tombstone piledriver from her former Big Red Lover.

Taz video package.

Free For All of the Week: from Smackdown, Jeff Hardy's tope con hilo on Al Snow.

Mosh w/Thrasher vs. Prince Albert
Albert's a punching and kicking machine to start. Albert spins around a whole bunch of times before dropping Mosh in a sidewalk slam. Splash misses, and Mosh takes over, ripping out some back hair form Albert. DDT, then into the corner for some boot choking. Albert pulls off a rack into a swinging neckbreaker to turn it around, then nails a corner charge. He sets Mosh up under the ropes, and then slingshots him into the ropes. Behind the ref's back Thrasher manages to switch with Mosh, causing Michael Cole to say "Chad Patten, open your eyes, they don't even look like each other!". Albert disposes of Thrasher, and Mosh leaps off the top onto Albert for the pin at 3:39.

Mideon vs. Sedrick Hollywood
Sedrick takes a pretty good bump after a clothesline, bouncing when he hits the mat. H-bomb gives Shitteon the victory at 4:09.

Heat Hype, and thats it.

So long, gentle reader.

Marc "the Mark" Taylor
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