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/19 February 2000

WWF Jakked by Marc Taylor




Headbangers vs. Acolytes Mosh gets the stick and says the APA sucks. Here come the acolytes, and its on right away. Bradshaw pummels Mosh in the corner. Mosh reverses an irish whip, and the 'bangers get a double suplex for a two count. Bradshaw catches Thrasher coming off the ropes, fallaway slam. Faarooq tagged in now, going for the Dominator, but Thrasher wiggles free and shoves Faarooq into the waiting boot of Mosh in the 'banger corner. Now each Acolyte pairs off against a 'banger, with Faarooq on the outside, and Bradshaw in the ring. Bradshaw hits a lariat in the corner, and follows up with the Clothesline from Hell for the pinfall at 2:25.

Raw recaps- The Rock fell victim to some well placed interference from The Big Slow, and lost by pinfall to Chris Benoit(yeah baby!). Benoit was also nice enough to hit Rock with the swan dive headbutt after the match. Later that same night, Kane squared off against HHH and Big Slow in a no-dq handicap match. Rock attempted to interfere, only to be chokeslammed(HA!), but then Cactus Jack's interference was enough to turn the tide and give Kane the victory, and a no-dq match against Xpac at No Way Out. This all leads quite nicely into...

Smackdown Recaps- DX showed their support for public transportation by giving Kane and Cactus Jack free rides on the DX Express bus after their respective matches against HHH and Xpac.

Free For All of the Week- from Raw, Edge spears the bejeezus out of Jeff Hardy, then D-von Damn Dudley hits the inverted ddt on Edge to send the Dudleys to No Way Out to hopefully take the tag straps off of the New Age Outlaws once and for all.

Prince Albert vs. Tim Patterson All I remember about this match is what I wrote in my notes, which is just a listing of moves Albert used on poor Mr. Patterson. So I guess that's about what I'll put here too: big shoulderblock, slingshot under the ropes, choke into powerbomb, spinning sideslam, pulls him up at 2, corner charge, pump kick, pin at 3:22. I'm sure Patterson got some sort of offense in at some point, but there really wasn't much more to this than the move list I've supplied above.

More Smackdown recaps- The Helmsley-McMahons booked a tag match between the New Age Outlaws and Rock/Big Slow(ya see, Rock and Slow have a match at No Way Out, and they don't like each other too much.), and Big Slow didn't show up right away, but when he did, Rock decided to attack him, and ended up falling prey to a 3 on one beatdown courtesy of Slow and the Outlaws. DX and Slow try to stick him on the bus, but he slips out the other side and wallops Slow with a board.

More Raw recaps- Kurt Angle said that Europe is better off since he's become their champion, while America has gone to shit. He also challenged Chris Jericho to an Intercontinetal title match at No Way out. Jericho responded with fists 'a flyin', and Chyna came out to ddt Angle just because. Then, on Smackdown Angle had a match against Chyna, and he decided to smack her with the European title, which brought out Jericho. Angle managed to hit his fallaway slam on Jericho, but Chyna took him out.

WWF Rewind- on Raw Essa Rios and Lita each hit swinging 'ranas and moonsaults on poor superheavyweight Crash Holly.

Big Bossman vs. Billy D(who is unfortunately neither Tenacious, Furious, or Williams)
A hearty 'Bossman Sucks' chant brings me a bit of joy. Lots and lots of right hands from Bossman. Bossman throws D to the outside, and D hops right back in. D manages a dropkick and a side kick, but when he heads up top, he gets tossed off. Bossman with a big boot following the irish whip. Bossman chokes away in the corner, but then misses a corner charge. D gets a shoulderblock on the dazed Bossman, but when he goes for another, Bossman catches him with the Bossman Slam for the pin at 3:48.

Requisite Heat Hype (Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy!) closes things out.

Farewell humanoids.

Marc "the Mark" Taylor
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