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/18 March 2000

WWF Jakked by Marc Taylor




Godfather w/Hos vs. Gangrel w/Fired Spouse
Its time, once again, for everybody, to sit through another bad Godfather match. Godfather would offer Gangrel the hos, but he's all freaky with the fangs and blood and whatnot, and also, it seems like the people would rather see Gangrel get his ass kicked. Gangrel charges right away and hits a clothesline. Off the ropes, Godfather goes for a back kick which misses, then Gangrel backdrops him outside. Godfather is sent into the steps. Back inside for some stompin'. Gangrel hammers away in the corner, but Godfather comes back for a bit, but Gangrel ends that by bringing the boot up to stop the charging pimp. Gangrel misses a corner charge of his own, and takes the Ho Train splash to his back, and Godfather rolls him up to get the pin. 2:15

Desperate Men Do Desperate Things Involving A Tag Team Of Midgets- The Rock put his career on the line in order to get one last shot at Wrestlemania, and as I'm sure you all know by now, Vincent K. returned to send the self proclaimed People's Champion to Wrestlemania. On Smackdown Shane McMahon announced that the WM main event will now be a triple threat match, between HHH, The Rock, and The Big Slow. Later that very evening, during the Rock vs. Xpac matchup, Kane came out to chase his 'former best friend', and the 3 participants in the WM main event tussled briefly, before the Rock left the ring to leave Big Slow and HHH to fight it out.

Prince Albert vs. Inferno Kid
Albert starts off with some punches, which seems to be a recurring theme in Jakked matches. He takes down Kid with a shoulderblock, and then does his slingshot into the ropes, and gets a 2 count. Kid comes back with a brief fist flurry, but Albert stops that with his chokebomb. He whips him to the buckle, and then hits a spinning side slam for 2. 2nd rope legdrop misses, and Kid manages a pair of dropkicks before Albert slams him off as he attempts to go up top. Albert's rack-into-neckbreaker nets the victory. 2:50

2 weeks ago on Raw- Mae Young was superbombed through a table by Those Damn Dudleys, and this past week on Raw, she was powerbombed off the stage, through a table, again by Those Damn Dudleys. And to top it all off, Fabulous Moolah's pissed off at Mae too.

Slam of The Week- Crash Holly successfully defended the Hardcore title from the Headbangers at Funtime USA.

Headbangers vs. Julio Fantastico and Ty Street
Thrasher and Fantastico start us off. Fantastico hits a spinning headscissors, and then in the corner he hits a headscissors that send Thrasher headfirst into the buckle. Julio gets a dropkick, but then when he bounds off the ropes, Mosh pulls down the top rope, sending Julio tumbling outside, where Mosh nails him with a flying forearm. Back inside, Mosh tags in and hits a flying clothesline. To the corner, for some chops, and then Mosh sends him across to the opposite corner, and follows him in with a butt splash. Street gets tagged and manages a sunset flip for 2, but then he eats a clothesline, and Mosh gets the 2nd rope straddle, then hits a reverse DVD before tagging in Thrasher. Thrasher just has his way with him, hitting a jawbreaker and a powerslam. Then both 'bangers are in for a duoble flapjack and the Stage Dive to finish at 4:29.

Viscera vs. J.R. Ryder
Ryder starts off with some rights, and then has his whip attempt reversed and Viscera slams him. Vis beals him out of the corner. Ryder gets some more rights in, but falls prey to the distended belly to normal belly suplex. A Vis splash misses, and Ryder gets more rights, but gets caught coming off the ropes with a samoan drop. Another splash misses, and Ryder hits a clothesline, but as he rebounds off the ropes Vis pulls off the pseudo heel kick. Vis misses a corner charge, and Ryder climbs up to punch away, but Vis grabs on and powerbombs the hell out of Ryder, and then hits a splash for the pin at 3:00.

Marc "the Mark" Taylor
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