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/4 November 2000

WWF Jakked by The Cubs Fan




So, this week, the local station cuts off the a second from the beginning (something it'd do all night) and the WWF changes around the clips.  How about that?  Let's look at it now:

All skipped by my local station - we'll check these out next week.
Jakked screen (the normal background with the sound wave moving around and no "Jakked")
Gangrel on the fire circled elevator
Jakked logo
somewhat bloody Big Show
Jakked screen
Kurt Angle posing on the second turnbuckle

I start with the end of...
quick red Jakked logo
Trish (w/T&A cut out of the picture except an arm or two)
(purple to green) Jakked logo
Triple H spitting water
staring angrily at someone coming to the ring  (Rikishi dancing)
(Big Show chokeslamming Undertaker through the the ring)
purple Jakked screen
Rocky (an older pic with Corporation's video behind him perhaps?)
Undertaker giving the last ride to Kurt Angle from Fully Loaded (D'Lo doing the Lo Down)
a color inverted Jakked logo
holding up the Women's Title
inverted logo again
an old shot of Chyna
Jakked screen (that I missed last time)
Bradshaw dropping Jeff Hardy on his head
red Jakked screen
Shane McMahon celebrating about something (Joey Abs is seen on the mat on the TitanTron behind Shane)
a moving Jakked logo
Al Snow powerbombing Hardcore Holly through a table (from a PPV)
Kane does the "arms go down, fireworks go up" thing
Terri (w/the Hardyz far in the background) bending over the top rope
Jakked logo
Rock hitting the elbow of People's Elbow on Triple H
Jakked moving backwards logo
Jeff Hardy with a Swanton Bomb
(red) Jakked Logo
Chris Jericho
Triple H
giving Test the Pedigree  ( Test with that powerbomb variant he does on Joey Abs)
part of a Jakked screen
(yellow to purple to yellow ) Jakked logo
Road Dogg doing his water spit (on Smackdown or in front of a blue screen)
Big Show with a second rope elbow drop on Undertaker
(red) Jakked logo
Kane (with fireworks going off)
Undertaker sitting on his bike ( X-Pac and Road Dogg coming to the ring)
(red) Jakked logo
X-Pac (in the red outfit with X fireworks going off)
(purple) Jakked logo
Edge getting a Rock Bottom
(red) Jakked logo
Chyna with a chair shot for Road Dogg
forward moving Jakked logo
( a single frame of Undertaker chokeslamming Big Show)
Chris Benoit with a Swandive Headbutt
another frame of Undertaker chokeslamming Big Show (both shots undetectable on normal speed)
Jeff and Matt Hardy posing to the crowd on the turnbuckles Ivory in the ring (as Chyna's lights come on?)
(white) Jakked logo
Lita with a moonsault on Trish) (X-Pac (in the red outfit) with a turning cross body off the second rope onto Hardcore Holly)
closeups of parts of the Jakked logo
Christian coming off the top rope to the outside on Matt Hardy
off the top to the outside hitting Show and Taker (I think)
(purple to green) Jakked logo
Edge coming off the second rope with a spear on Jeff Hardy at a King of the Ring
green Jakked screen
Austin celebrating on the second turnbuckle with beer
(purple to green to red for a frame) Jakked logo
Austin celebrates with the beer some more

There's some subtle meanings up in there, but the thing that really matters to me is that someone actually went in and cut out those two little frames of Undertaker and Big Show.  I bet Show's not in the part I didn't see. 

Raven (#500) vs Essa Rios (#280) - Coach sounds louder than usual for some reason.  Maybe he's excited to see Raven.  Hmm, the hyperactive Rios versus the lethargic Raven.  This is what you call "contrast". Raven stalls before the match by sulking in the corner, Essa stands on the second rope and looks at the fans. Lockup, Raven gets the advantage into the corner and gets lots of punches and lots of kicks, but not a lot of zeros. Corner whip, Raven reverses the motion back in the corner Essa came out of, and then charges in, only to get a back elbow. Essa comes out of the corner, punch, charges at Raven and gets flipped to the apron, punch to stun him, flip in the ring, onto Raven's back and off the far side ropes.  Running back at Raven, flying headscissors, dropkick, bodyslam, and he's gonna up.  Missile Dropkick to an "ECW" chant. Cover, 2 count. Essa with a bodyslam. Up top for the moonsault, and it eats knees.  Stomp, stomp, corner whip, Raven with the clothesline in, bulldog out combo. Cover, 2. Snap mare, off the ropes, discus punch! Cover, 2 count. Raven with a sitting version of the hangman's neckbreaker, then two elbow drops that get a two count. Shot to the turnbuckle, shot to the other turnbuckle, and Raven puts Essa on the top rope.  Raven with punches to keep him stunned, but Essa pushes him to the floor. Raven's quickly up to crotch Essa before he can do anything, but after climbing back up, he can't get the superplex off and gets pushed down again.  Essa jumps off the second turnbuckle with a flying 'rana.  Jumping back kick by Essa, than he grabs Raven by the head, walks up the turnbuckle and stun guns him on the ropes. Wow, that was pretty cool.  Essa gets back in the ring, body slam. 2 count. Corner whip, reversed, Essa kips up, Raven catches him, Raven falls off and pushes him into the corner, punches, Essa grabs an arm and goes for the Mexican armdrag, but he slips up on the ropes and blows the move.  Raven quickly ends it with the DDT.  (4:15) As good as the flashy moves look when they're pulled off, they look awful when they're blown. Essa may have hurt himself, as he's slow to get back up.

Your announcers are Michael Hayes and Jonathon Coachman.  They talk about Rikishi and the fact that the Coach's friends don't like him too.

Coming up later, Just Joe takes on Steve Blackman, and Triple H has an interesting week.  But next, did the Rock know?

New TNN on RAW ad. 

Let's take a video trip to Raw and Smackdown, watching the evolving Rikishi (#350)/the Rock (#196)/Steve Austin (NR) saga.  Guest appearances made by Chris Jericho (#80) and Kurt Angle (#139)

Live this Monday on Raw: Rikishi and Kurt Angle vs the Rock and Steve Austin.

Coming up on Jakked Gangrel is in the house, Chris Benoit and Hunter have issues - did they settle them?  But next, it's Hardcore Champion Steve Blackman!

Just Joe (#496) vs Steve Blackman (#419), w/Let's Take You Back to Smackdown) for the Hardcore Title - Just Joe gets this title shot on virtue of his win There's Steve helping out Crash against T&A.  Lockup. Joe gets the better of it. Punches, mild looking chops. Steve with harder chops, punches, whip, reversed, head down too soon, Joe with a kick to the head, clothesline misses, Steve's spinning side kick doesn't. Stomp, stomp, second rope elbow drop misses. Joe up with a kick, kick, punch, corner whip, reversed by Blackman, Joe goes in chest first and get dropkicked. Joe rolls out. Steve follows and gets in a chop, headshot to the barrier. Whip, no, reversed and Steve goes into the barricade. Stomp, and Joe goes for the weapons.  He's got a couple trash can lids, and laughs about it. Steve thrown back in. Whip, lid is thrown under the ropes, kick misses, lid doesn't. This seems familiar. Joe waits for Steve to get to a sitting position so he can hit his boot to the head. Joe goes out to get a trash can. Back in, wedging it in the corner. Punch, corner whip is of course reversed, Joe goes back first into the can, Blackman with a kick as Joe rebounds out. Blackman with a whip, running lid shot to knee and one to the back. Blackman with a back suplex onto the top rope, crotching Joe. "Time to have some fun", and there's the spinning lid shot to the back of the head. "We're not done yet!" Bulldog on the lid. 2 count, Joe kicks out. Punch by Blackman. He goes for the trash can, but it's stuck. He goes back towards Joe, kicks him, whip, reversed, and Steve Blackman's head meets the trash can. Joe with a flap jack. Joe goes out of the ring for a steel chair, throws it in the ring on the ground, whip, reversed and Blackman sweeps the leg, dropping Joe face fist on the chair.  Steve goes out for the sticks. "It's party time!" Joe grabs the chair for self defense, but Steve still gets the million stick shots in.  There's your crotch suplex with the stick for 2. Corner whip, Blackman charges into an elbow. Joe goes up top, but Blackman crotches him. Lid shot, and Blackman tries for the superplex. Blocked, and Joe signals - SUPERBOMB? Nah, Blackman backdrops him of the top. That's a pretty big bump. "The party's over". Blackman up to the top with the kendo stick. Kendo stick, meet Joe's head. (5:57)

Coming up, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko are back together? But next, Triple H beats people up.

Triple H is not a nice person.  Well, as far as Kurt Angle, Edge (#119), Christian (#81), Chris Benoit (#1), Perry Saturn (#368), Dean Malenko (#48) and Eddie Guerrero (#39) are concerned. No one's quite sure how Steph feels about this.  These clips sure make only one person look good. (Hint: His name is not Dean Malenko.)

Still to come: Saturn and Malenko reunite.

This month, WWF Fanatic presents you "Hell Yea - Stone Cold's Saga Continues!"

Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko (w/ Terri and WWF Light Heavyweight Title Belt) vs Bob Evans (NR) and Mike Hallow (NR) - The pseudo-Radicals come out to Saturn's music.  Saturn and Evans start this up. Saturn with a kick, punch, hard clothesline in the ropes.  Whip, Saturn's head down too soon, Evans with a kick, run into corner, clothesline, tag, double whip, double hiptoss, double hiptoss. Cover by Hallow, kickout at 2. Whip, Saturn ducks the clothesline and hits a superkick. Tag to Dean, who receives a drop toe hold upon entry. Whip, reversed, heel kick by Malenko. Dean with a turnbuckle shot, kicks in the corner for Hallow. Choke by Dean, broke at four. Corner whip, Dean follows right behind with a clothesline. Tag to Saturn, Corner whip for Hallow. Saturn whips Dean in for a clothesline, but Hallow ducks under and then sunset flips Saturn. 2 count, Dean breaks it up. Saturn takes back control, T-Bone suplex. Kick for Bob on the apron. Saturn with a snap suplex. Corner whip, back elbow. Body slam by Saturn, 2nd rope springboard twisting legdrop. No cover, headlock and tag to Dean, who gets in a knee shot.  Corner whip, Dean follows in and meets boot. Mike with a second rope with clothesline, and crawls for a tag. Bob Evans in, clothesline and a powerslam cover for Dean, but only 2. Whip, no, Dean reverses into a knee shot, tag to Saturn, side backbreaker held, and Saturn off the rope with a flying knee. That's like a modified Vegamatic. Dean with a shot for Hallow on the apron, while Saturn viciously flips over Evans to put on the Rings of Saturn, and Evans gives it up quick. (3:56)

The Lugz Boot of the Week is Undertaker powerbombing Steve Richards from Smackdown

Gangrel (#212) vs Funaki (#97) - On the basis of his DVDVR 500 ranking ("Oh, that's what that is - what's DVDVR?"), Funaki gets second entrance. Lockup, no, Funaki ducks under and slaps Gangrel in the face. Celebration. Lockup, Funaki ducks under and slaps again. Celebration. Gangrel now charges in and throws Funaki into the corner, angry punches from Gangrel, and the ref has to pull him out the corner. Funaki takes advantage of Gangrel being held up and hits a missile dropkick. Corner whip, reversed, Funaki kips up but Gangrel's pulls up shorts and clotheslines Funaki from behind. Whip for Funaki, clothesline, cover for 2. Bodyslam, running elbow drop, another running elbow drop. Gangrel has good elbow drops. 2 count. Funaki rolls out of the ring to escape, Gangrel follows, Funaki rolls back in and stomps Gangrel as he does.  Whip, Gangrel ducks under Funaki's clothesline and hits one of his own. Funaki takes over again with a eye poke, bulldog, celebration, then the cover, 2 count. Funaki with the weak slaps to the back, Gangrel gets up and charges him only to get a drop toe hold that lands Gangrel's head on the second turnbuckle. Funaki works his back over, up, whip, hiptoss blocked, Gangrel hooks the other arm and hits his double arm belly to belly suplex. Gangrel with a corner whip, charges into a boot, punches by Funaki who quickly sits on the top rope, Tornado DDT is reversed into atomic drop from Gangrel. Gangrel holds on right into a reverse facelock, floats around to a front facelock, and here's the Impaler. (3:20) Funaki doesn't even sell it for an extra second, immediately rolling out. Gangrel pushes the ref away and raises his arms by himself.

This Monday night, Rock/Austin vs Rikishi/Angle.  On Sunday Night Heat, Jerry Lawler is the guest host, Godsmack is the guest band and Matt Hardy (w/Jeff Hardy) vs Edge (w/Christian).

The Cubs Fan
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