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/11 November 2000

WWF Jakked by The Cubs Fan




This week, the opening cuts off all the way to Rikishi's bit. Sigh.

William Regal vs Gangrel - WWF European Championship. Regal: "A jolly good evening to all my good friends here in Texas. It is been my pleasure this week, to spend the week here in Texas and it has impressed me so much, because you love everything big and everything is on a grand scale, and I know that you, my friends, love a challenge. And so do I and so tonight, I make a challenge to anyone of the World Wrestling Federation superstars to come down and wrestle me, nah, grapple me, for my European Championship. [Crowd boos.] Unlike you people here in Texas, I will show sportsmanship and pride - not like you when you got beat by Oklahoma a few weeks ago!" I bet JR got him to do that. "Thank you very much." Gangrel's lift is on the right side of the stage this week, and he's got sunglasses.  Hayes drops ZZ Top in hyping Wrestlemania. Lockup, no, Gangrel ducks, right, right, whip, reversed by Regal into a headlock, shot to the head, off the ropes, shoulderblock, off the ropes, over Gangrel, Gangrel blocks the hiptoss, knee, knee, Northern Lights Suplex for 2. Regal with a leg trip, punches to the back of the head.  Road Dogg will be on Heat. Gangrel out with elbows and a back suplex. 2 count. Corner whip, charge into a boot. Regal throws Gangrel into the post. Punch, right, right forearm, throw to the mat, Regal goes out and slams Gangrel's head into the mat. "Regal Sucks" shot to the chest, rolls back in. Regal with a dropkick! Right, Gangrel fights back with his own, but Regal with three knees and a European Uppercut. Cover, 2 count. Chinlock. Hayes: "I owe the Rock an apology." Gangrel fights up but Regal knocks him to his knees with a right. Snap suplex by Regal, 2 count. Knee shot, choke on the middle rope. Right, Gangrel fights back with a right, right , right, drop toe hold by Regal, Regal with the "um...somewhat different style" according to Coachman, although it kinda looks like a Crossface with the arms loose, allowing Gangrel to get to the ropes. Regal lets go at four. Gangrel with a right, Regal with a right, right, right, Gangrel reversed a whip into a Russian legsweep for 2. Slam, off the ropes, running elbowdrop times 2 for 2. Gangrel runs at Regal, gets punched and there's Regal's nifty neckbreaker variation, 3 count. (4:01)

Your hosts are Jonathon Coachman and Michael Hayes. The best part of the "taped at the arena" conversation is...well, see if you can figure it out. "Well, Michael this past week, we finally found out who the accomplice was. Wasn't a surprise to find out who it wasn't, but what a shocker who it was." "Well, you know I'm still reeling from that revelation, but Coach, you know what was even more shocking to me? That Stone Cold Steve Austin doesn't practice what he preaches. In other words, what I mean is, Steve, DTA, don't trust anybody!"

Still to come, Kane and Chris Jericho have problems, a look at the Wrestlemania conference, but next, Triple H reveals himself.

Survivor Series promo features Kurt Angle/Undertaker, Rock/Rikishi and Steve Austin/Triple H in increasing order of importance.

Rock/Rikishi/Austin/Triple H video package. "Bitch" gets muted. This all goes 8:44and leads right into hype of Triple H/Steve Austin and Rock/Rikishi at Survivor Series.

Coming up, Kane and Chris Jericho have some unsettled issues, Al Snow has some of his own issues (but just with himself), but next, the Wrestlemania XVII press conference.

Wrestlemania XVII will take place at the Astrodome. Order now!

Wrestlemania XVII press conference video package runs 1:30

Al Snow vs Funaki - Funaki gets heel heat, odd. Lockup, AL with a takedown, reversal lead to an armbar by Al, reversed into a hammerlock by Funaki, Fireman's carry from Al, Funaki with a leg scissors to get a two count. Al with a headlock, off the ropes, shoulderblock. Off the ropes, hiptoss blocked and Al sweeps the leg. Pickup, shot in to the turnbuckle, right, corner whip, reversed into a back suplex from Al. Cover, 2 count. Push into the corner, lots of kicks in the corner. Al Celebrates, Corner whip, kip up, Funaki with a kick, bulldog.  Celebrate, boos from the crowd. Funaki goes to the top rope, crossbody, kick out at 1. Funaki with a punches, whip, reversed, drop toe hold. AL to the apron, slingshot legdrop. Al points to Head.  Whip, flying headscissors by Funaki. Dropkick, dropkick knocks Al through the ropes. Funaki with a baseball slide dropkick, but Al moves out of the way and clotheslines Funaki.  Al with the inverted powerbomb on the ramp. "That could be an improvement to Funaki's face." Al throws him back in, cover, 2. Hayes: "Look how far I've brought you along in a year? Because you really did suck when you first came along." Short powerbomb by Al, and he goes for Head.  The referee is looking at Funaki, and Funaki pushes the ref away so Al can hit him with Head. Cover, 3. (4:00)  Al jumps in the crowd to celebrate after the match.

Crash comes up in one on one action later, but next, Jericho has fun at Kane's expense.

WWF Fanatic Series presents Stone Cold Steve Austin for November.

Kane and Chris Jericho have problems in 2:20.

Ahead, Essa Rios drops in to Jakked, but next, Crash.

WWF Shopzone ad.

Lugz Boot of the Week is T&A beating Too Cool and Molly Holly beating up Trish.

Crash (without Molly Holly or a last name) vs Shawn Hernandez (already in the ring) - The announcers talk over Fink's introduction of the local jobber and we get no graphic, so I'm assuming on the first name spelling.  Lockup, Crash with a waistlock into a headlock, down to the mat, pin attempt but Shawn bridges out  Shawn muscles Crash into the corner, right, right, choke, let go at four. Whip, leapfrog, Hernandez with a powerslam for two. Crash up with a few punches, but Sean pushes him into the corner, shoulder to the gut, corner whip and Crash falls to the ground. Another shoulder too the gut, snap mare. Chin lock. Crash elbows out, off the ropes, sunset flip for 2. Shawn up with a clothesline. Choke by Shawn, whip, clothesline misses, double clothesline and both men go down.  They start to stir at 5, getting up before 7. Shawn's clothesline misses, Crash gets in punches and a flying forearm.  Running clothesline awkwardly knocks Shawn down in the corner, Crash lifts him up, corner whip, reversed, Crash moves out of the way. Crash to the top rope, missile dropkick, Acid Drop. That's good enough. (3:46)

Warriors Might and Magic Slam of the Week is RTC winning the tag team title belts. 

Essa Rios vs Zane Morris (already in the ring) - Zane has a graphic and a black hair died red like Essa. Someone has an "Essa Rios" sign!  Lockup, Essa with a headlock, Zane flips him loose, but Essa lands on his feet and hits a spin kick. Punch, punch, hiptoss blocked and Zane hits a monkey flip, but Essa lands on his feet, powerslam, 2 count. Essa hangs him in the Tree of Woe, kick, kick, Essa goes for the sliding dropkick, but Zane pulls himself up and Essa crotches himself on the post. "I'm the man now!" Top rope bulldog, 2 count.  Right, left, whip, reversed, but Zane re-reverses it into a DDT. Essa gets hit foot on the ropes before 3. "You love me!" Hayes: "Did Zane Morris possibly go to the Jeff Hardy School of Hair Coloring?" Corner whip, Zane charge sin, backdropped to the apron, Essa with a couple back elbows a Stunner with the ring ropes! Essa sets up - running somersault tope over the turnbuckle! Essa brings him in, right, dropkick. Cover, 2 count. Choke on the ropes, Essa lets go at 2. Boot choke, Essa lets go at 4. Right, right, right, off the ropes, Essa goes hamstring first into the ropes when Zane moves. "I'm gonna break his leg!" Toehold, and an elbow to the inside of the leg. Back to the toe hold. Now to his feet, whip reversed into a Essa snap suplex. Essa with a front face lock - here's the walk up the turnbuckle and snap your neck on the top rope move. Essa to the rope, moonsault (3:59)

On Heat, Kurt Angle defends against a "worthy challenger", Too Cool faces Edge and Christian and my tape goes out.  We'll end there.

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