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/18 November 2000

WWF Jakked by The Cubs Fan




WWF Live Event promo for November 25th at the Allstate Arena (what a shock, a Chicago event when I'm off in the suburbs - it only happens every single time.) In the commercial, we see got: Buh Buh Ray Dudley, Kurt Angle, Kane, (nice guy) Rikishi, Road Dogg, Hardy Boyz, Grandmaster Sexay, the Big Show, a Rikishi Driver for Crash Holly, Jeff Hardy's Swanton Bomb off of the door frame onto D-Von Dudley from their match at the Royal Rumble, Kane hiptossing Jeff Hardy high in the air, Rikishi giving the Stinkface to Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Jeff Hardy with the between the ropes dropkick on Christian, Jericho being whipped into the ring steps (at King of the ring by Kurt Angle?), Bradshaw press slamming Saturn out of the ring, Kane press slamming Christian, Saturn frogsplahing Eddie Guerrero, Faarooq throwing down D'Lo Brown, X-Pac, Jericho (being stretched by Benoit?), Scotty 2 Hotty getting ready for the Worm, Christian giving his sometimes named finisher to Matt Hardy, Tazz giving Kurt Angle a T-Bone suplex (from the Rumble), Head Cheese with the Veg-o-matic on Test, Test with the flying elbow on Steve Blackman, 3D on Edge (from Wrestlemania), X-Pac giving the Bronco Buster to Rikishi, Eddie Guerrero in a bow tie. At the end of the commercial, the announcer says: "Don't forget to Smackdown your vote!"

Odd - No Essa Rios. Also, no Undertaker, Triple H, Steve Austin or the Rock. Are the tippy top guys getting Thanksgiving weekend off? (Why can't all of them?) Also, most of these clips are KOTR or older (which might explain no Austin or Taker) - someone needs to make a new promo.

The info on Live Event pages says Steve Austin, Y2J, Triple H and Kurt Angle - the Rock looks to have the night off. 

Again, the intro is clipped, all the way to the end this time. We don't even see Austin, just the multicolored Jakked logos. At this rate, we're gonna start the show right in the middle of seeing Just Joe job to Perry Saturn.

Just Joe and Funaki vs Too Cool - Hey, there he is. That team comes out to Kai En Tai's music, just in case you weren't sure about Joe's current spot on the roster. I sure hope Too Cool get an angle one of these days - it'd suck for them to be stuck back on this show after getting over and getting off of it in the first place. Your hosts are Michael Hayes and Jonathon Coachman. Funaki and Scotty start. Lockup, Funaki pushes Scotty in the corner, kicks, celebration. Now Funaki's in, push to the corners, chops, kicks, corner whip, kip up but Scotty pulled up, kick to the midsection, pumphandle overhead suplex. Scotty moonwalks to a tag. Whip, side slam/elbow drop combo. Whip, Funaki pulls up and kicks Sexay in the head. Tag to Joe, who runs right into an armdrag. Funaki's still in the ring celebrating that kick, atomic drop with a twist, so Funaki runs right into Joe. Funaki rolls out to recover, Sexay to the second rope, dance, dropkick. Cover, 2 count.  Tag to Scotty, Sexay with a punch, kick, Scotty with a kick, punch, Whip, reversed, Funaki pulls down the top rope and Scotty falls to the floor. Funaki with the weak strikes to the back and Sexay tries to come over to help. That only succeeds in allowing Funaki to throw Scotty back in the ring so both guys can beat on him. Joe with a whip, drop down, clothesline. Joe celebrates, covers, 2 count. Tag to Funaki, Joe puts Scotty in an abdominal stretch, Funaki claps, shot to the head. Four slaps, then Scotty reverses with slaps of his own, corner whip, Funaki moves out of the way of the charge, boot to the midsection and a nice snap suplex gets 2.  Funaki works Scotty over in his cover while Joe adds a choke. Now over to a neutral corner, corner whip, reversed, Scotty charges into a boot, Funaki charges out, misses a clothesline and gets a back suplex. Race to the tag, Joe in, Sexay in. Joe's clothesline misses, big punch for Joe, big punch for Funaki, body slam for Joe, body slam for Funaki, whip, backdrop for Joe, Funaki tries a 'rana and gets powerbombed.  Grandmaster with the Running Man, then a rolling cradle on Joe that gets broken up by Funaki. Funaki is thrown out of the ring, Joe attacks Sexay from behind, corner whip, Joe eats boot and then a bulldog from Scotty. Scotty makes the face. Hayes: "Bathroom's two doors down on the left." W-O-R-M. Hip Hop Drop, Funaki gets kicked off the apron. (4:48) Oh my god, Joe lost! Those...replays (of the Hip Hop Drop.)

Coming up, Trish (w/Albert), and Kane and Chris Jericho are having problems, but next, a recap of the Triple H/Austin saga.

Survivor Series promo.

Steve Austin/Triple H back story video package. (2:05) Here's a look at their Survivor Series graphic. And the Rock and Rikishi's. While we're at it, Undertaker vs Kurt Angle (w/Steph).

Coming up, Undertaker and Kurt Angle spent a lot of time together this week and Jesse Ventura will be spending time with the XFL. But next, it's time for the Chris Jericho/Kane promo piece. 

Chris Jericho/Kane back story video package.  This looks a lot like the same one we saw last week. Oh, we've got this week's stuff added on to the end. We get a lot of the Test/Kane vs Steve Blackman/Chris Jericho match, as well as the glass breaking and the Smackdown match. Hmm, the WWF just spent 9:15 on hyping someone that they're apparently not pushing. (Kane.)

Rikishi is taking aim on the Rock, and Kurt Angle's title is on the line against the Undertaker. But next, we'll have a MATCH!

XFL Cheerleader promo leads right into the XFL/Jesse Ventura bit. This runs 1:28.

Al Snow (wHead) vs Albert (w/Trish) in a "Loser May Not Be Called Al" match - Al's (really) over - we were Ohio this week, right? Albert and Trish come out in their T&APA shirts. Lockup, waistlock by Al, Al turns it around into a front face lock, but get thrown off.  Albert misses a clothesline, big kick to the stomach, big kick to the stomach, big kick to the stomach, ten punch count-a-long goes to six before Albert pushes Al away. Drop toe hold by Al as Albert charges at him. Bodyslam is block by Albert, who shows Al how to do it. Off the ropes, dropkick, but Albert holds the ropes. GIANT SPIN! Good lord. Al's dizzy. Press slam by Albert, but he's dizzy too and looses his footing, falling down with Al crashing on top - for 2, until Al's pushed off (and lands hard on the ref Jim Korderas.) Korderas is slow to get up, so Trish gives him some time by pulling on Al's leg. Al chases her around the ring, right into Albert's clothesline. Al thrown in, palm shot to the neck. Another. Corner whip, reversed, Al slides back through Albert's legs while still holding the arm, Albert with a couple elbows to get him to let go. Corner whip, yelling avalanche by Albert. Albert with the slingshot into the second rope, and then a cover for 2. Al fights back with punches as the crowd is actually chanting "Go Al Go." I'm awed. Corner whip but Al Slides short, kick is caught, enzuiguri is not. Kick to the shin, and Al slams the big man! It's Wrestlemania III all over again! Al hurt his back, but he's going up top. Flying crossbody, 2 count. Punch, whip, head down to soon by Al, Albert hooks him for a powerbomb, Al reverses it to a 'rana, legs (not) hooked for 3! (3:48) Trish is in - Al gets slapped. Al's looking for revenge, but Albert's up and behind him - Albertbomb! Trish pulls something out for her shirt - a T&APA Protection Agency business card! Something tells me this one isn't over! (Well, if it wasn't on Jakked, at least.)

Rikishi beat the crap out of Rock - we'll take a look at that next. But first, Undertaker wants to beat Kurt Angle at Survivor Series, so let's see what those two did this week.

Warriors Might of Magic Slam of the Week is Undertaker winning the Number One Contender match.

Kurt Angle/Undertaker back story video package runs only 1:52. Undertaker/Angle, Rock/Rikishi and Triple H/Steve Austin matches are hyped again.

Lugz Boot of the Week is the driving sledgehammer blow on the Rock from last Monday. No boots were harmed in the making of Raw.

Rikishi/Rock back story video package. (2:32) This time, the matches are hyped in the order Rock/Rikishi, Undertaker/Austin and Triple H/Austin. Jericho/Kane, Ivory/Lita, Dudleyz/Hardyz vs RTC/Edge/Christian are hyped by name only.

Back to Survivor Series 1999, and Steve Austin getting hit by a car. Here's a few replays. (:53) WWF Heat will be live at the Survivor Series. Undertaker/Angle, Rock/Rikishi, Triple H/Austin are all hyped one more time.

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