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/2 December 2000

WWF Jakked by The Cubs Fan




The Dudley Boys vs Funaki and Just Joe - Bubba Ray models the new Dudley shirt. Your hosts are Michael Hayes and Jonathon Coachman. Hayes gives the Dudleys a thumbs up. They talk about the HITC match without actually saying it our right. Funaki and Just Joe come out to Joe's music this week! Hmm. The Dudleys attack before the bell? They must be in a hurry. Funaki and D-Von are left in, so they're legal. Whip, Funaki around and around adn hiptossed. And another. And a clothesline. And a crowd shot. "We want tables." Tag to Bubba.  Bubba with a bow, punch to the gut. Bubba puts the glasses on Funaki, holding sidewalk slam. Funaki crawls for a tag - wrong corner. Punch, slap, Funaki tries to fall down but Bubba keeps him up, bodyslam, second rope senton misses. Funaki tags out to Joe. Big clothesline from Joe, punches, kicks, punches, argue with the ref, Bubba gets one in but Joe takes back control, whip, clothesline misses, big swinging kick from Joe! 2 count. Right, Bubba with a chop, kick, corner whip, charge into a boot, Bubba with a big clothesline. Tag to D'Von. Big right, right, whip, flying forearm, clothesline for Funaki when he tries to come in. Whip, reversed, duck under clothesline, reversed brainbuster for 2 when Joe breaks it off. Bubba in to throw out JO, and then to do say "Wazzup" to his half brother. Joe attacks D-Von before Bubba can ask him for the tables, whip, reversed, 3D! (3:44) Joe, pinned? Say it ain't so.

We see the Dudleys hanging around in the ring for a long time.

Triple H and Angle still have problems, Tazz will be in action, but next, Austin and Triple H still hate each other.

Backtrack through the Triple H/Austin situation, with a clip from the the long clip we saw last week, and Steph saying she's putting the family on hold on Heat.  That interview on Heat...that was something.  Different than usual for her, for sure. Onto the match against Angle and Triple H's run in. This week's unedited clip is the long beatdown on Steve Austin. Or it seems long, actually. (4:51)

Here's the Armageddon Promo - Coach hypes the no touching rule which leads us too...

A series of clips from Smackdown on Triple H's celebration. Hey, it's Vince this time too. I wonder if they showed the blood on Metal. (2:04)

Coming up, Raven's on Jakked, Angle, Rock and Kurt fought on Smackdown, but next, Essa Rios takes on Tazz.

Tazz vs Essa Rios - Essa gets second entrance, odd. Circle. Lockup, push in to the corner by Tazz. Kick, kick, right, right, right, right, whip, duck under clothesline spin kick by Essa. Ax handle, whip, reversed flip over Tazz's backdrop attempt, two kicks to the back of the leg, kick to the chest, capture suplex by Tazz. Tazz slams Essa's head into the mat a few times, stomp, throw by his hair. Thrown outside. Shot to the stairs. "There's always a historic moment in a HITC match!" Essa thrown back in, cover, 2 count. Snap mare, shot to the back. shot to the back. Punch to the head. Whip, backdrop but Essa lands on his feet, off the ropes, big clothesline by Tazz. Overhead belly to belly by Tazz. Stomp. Whip, sunset flip by Essa for 2. Big right from Tazz. Corner whip, Essa gets a foot up, up top the top, turning cross body for 2. Body slam, to the apron, slingshot legdrop for 2. Right, right, right, corner whip, reversed, Essa climbs the turnbuckle, moonsault but Tazz never followed up and is standing behind him - Tazzmisison, quick tap out. (3:34) "Another one bites the dust to the one man crime spree. It's simple, my name is Tazz and he just became just another victim." (:21)

GTX Slam of the week - Kurt Angle attacking the Rock during the #1 contender's match on RAW.

That was just one of Kurt Angle's contradictions on Monday, as he set up the Kane/Taker match and managed to get away from Steve Austin. Onto Smackdown. The end of Mick's announcement and parts of the main event tag match. (7:22)

Six Way Armageddon Promo

Still to come, the unpredictable Al Snow, but up next, Raven is in action.

XFL Cheerleaders Promo

Raven vs Justin Rochelau - That's gotta be his real name. Justin attacks before the bell...punches, corner whip reversed, clothesline followed by Raven. Raven throws him out - Russian Legsweep into the barricade. Thrown back in, snap mare, nose/mouth pull. Hangman's Neckbreaker choke. "What about Raven?" The announcers speculate on a Tazz run in. Whip, charge in shoulder tackle by Raven. Right, right, right, right, right, right, ref pushes him back and he gets kicked. Stomp, Stomp, WHAT is Justin wearing anyway? Right, Right, whip, reversed, clothesline misses, flipping clothesline by Justin for 2. Stomp, stomp, stomp, kick, kick, kick, celebrates, Raven kicks him a whole bunch of times in the corner, Bronco Billie special. Mr. Wrestling #1 Kneelift. Evenflow (Hayes calls it.) That's 3. (2:45) "What about Raven?!? GET UP!"

Lugz Peace and Joy - Steve Blackman destroys Tiger Ali Singh on Raw.

Al Snow (w/Head) vs Rodney - Long time no see, on this program. How is that the MSP can get in the building but Lo Down couldn't? Lockup, Al quickly takes him down to the mat, Rodney with a reverse into a standing armbar but Al reversed but Rodney re reverses and it all ends with a 2  count by AL, Rodney with a head scissors, AL rolls over for 2, Rodney stops the mat stuff and throws AL down by the hair. Right, right, Al with lots of rights in the corner. The announcers talk about Rodney working in Memphis. Whip, reverses, Al Slides under, shot to the back, belly to back suplex. JR's BBQ sauce is now in stores!  Al's got Head, but the ref spots it. "We want head." Rodney's kick is caught, enzuiguri is ducked, third try connects. Corner whip, shoulderblock follow up by Rodney works. Another corner whip, kick on the rebound, double underhook snap suplex for 2. Rodney's a lot better. Shot to the turnbuckle, corner whip, reversed, Flair Flip, Al clotheslines him. Al out to the floor - Rodney's taking the inverted powerbomb to the rail. Thrown back in, Al follows - wedgie for Rodney! Right, corner whip, Rodney falls back out, belly to back but Rodney lands on his feet. Corner whip, Al slides short and is up with a clothesline. Snow Plow sign! Snow Plow! Clean win! (4:02) Al points at Head...the fans seem to like the idea. Rodney's arguing the count. Al sets up - Rodney gets Head! He goes for the ref but he takes off.

On Heat, the Rock will be the guest host, Dudley Boys versus Lo Down and Crash & Molly vs Ivory and Val Venis

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