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/2 December 2000

WWF Jakked by The Cubs Fan




Again with the cutting off the beginning of the intro.. Is it that hard to end the commercials on time?

Too Cool vs Lo Down (w/Tiger Ali Singh) - Your hosts are Jonathon Coachman and Michael Hayes. D'Lo and Chaz are wearing the orange turbans, while Tiger has opted for a multi-colored one. A quick prayer before the match. GMS and Chas start off, Sexay with mat wrestling, Chaz with the knee to the gut, punches in the corner, corner whip, Sexay gets a boot up and hits a bulldog . Running man by GMS, up to the second rope, missile dropkick gets 2. Tag to Scotty, who dump his lid before getting in the ring. Whip, knee to the gut, Scotty's new rolling kick for 2. I can't wait till he pulls it out on RAW or Smackdown and someone says that he's never done it before. Whip, hiptoss, blocked, Scotty flips out and then hits a superkick. Off the ropes, no, D'Lo pulls them down and Scotty falls out. Right, big clothesline. Thrown back in. Cover, kick out by Scotty. Rights by Scotty, off the ropes, atomic drop. Knee, shot to the back by Chaz. Pickup, off the ropes, reserved awkwardly, Scotty with some weak shots and a whip, reversed again, DDT by Scotty. That was weird. Time for the hot tag already? Tag to Sexay, tag to D'Lo, his clothesline misses, Sexay's dropkick doesn't, dropkick, punch, punch misses Chaz and he grabs a hold and D'Lo tries for a clothesline, which connects. With Chaz. Roll up by GMS on D'Lo get 2. Everyone in, now D'Lo out, leaving his turban behind. Chaz misses a corner charge, which provides ample opportunity for the bulldog - W O R M. Six man tag announced for tomorrow: Steve Blackman and Too Cool versus Lo Down and Tiger. Just in case Holly vs Regal wasn't enough to get CRZ's money. GMS to the top rope, but D'Lo's pulling out Scotty to distract the ref and Tiger pushes Sexay off the top rope. Scotty chases Tiger and gets cut off by Chaz before he can get there, but meanwhile, D'Lo's off the top with the Lo Down on GMS - hits, 3! (3:37) Lo Down wins again!

Vince McMahon was back this week, and we'll see a lot of that, We'll also get some Latino heat, but next, there's this six man match that all the kids are talking about.

We can't even come back in time to hear all of Coach's promo for Armageddon.  Anyway, here's a clip package you'll see on Heat and the PPV, highlighting the tension between the six and some of them refusing Vince McMahon's plea to step back. (2:54) Here's a graphic in case you're slow.

Coming up "the dark spirit, the inner rage" Raven, and the stress leading up to Armageddon gets out of control, but next, Latino Heat vs Essa Rios.

Eddie Guerrero vs Essa Rios - Fink's really into the r's here. Limited seated are available for Armageddon (they say production released some seats, but I weren't there still normal ones left?) Announced on LiveWire: The Hardyz/Lita vs Saturn/Malenko/Eddie in an elimination match. Circle, Essa taunts Eddie. "Eddie Sucks." Lockup, waistlock by Essa, Eddie into an armbar, trip him to the mat, Essa back up with an arm drag, Eddie up with a clothesline. Boot to the back. Snap Mare. but Essa lands on his feet, slide underneath, jump over the top, monkey flip (into the ropes again - is that supposed to be a signature bump or just a bad luck on a move?) tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Stomps, lift to his feet. Right, right, right, shoulder, right, right, Corner whip, reversed, moonsault escaped but Eddie's all about dropkicking the knee. Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, Essa gets under the ropes and holds his leg. Essa bends it on the bottom rope and sits down on it a couple times. Kick to the inner portion of the (right) leg. Backdrop, 2, kickout.  Stomp, elbow to the inside of the leg. Eddie bends the leg backwards. "How does it feel?" Up in a toe hold, now grabbing him  by one leg to work on it, but Essa manages an Enzuiguri to escape.  "Eddie sucks" chant.  Eddie up first, putting Essa  on the top rope - 'rana is blocked and Eddie goes off by himself. Essa to the top rope, oh, that's not at all good. Essa was trying to jump up onto Eddie into a 'rana, but he didn't land right or Eddie didn't hold him right and Eddie fell backwards and they both kinda crashed to the mat. The ref's checking on Eddie, as the announcer speculate that his knee gave way - looking it in slow motion, it looks like Eddie just didn't get the footing he needed to drop Essa into a powerbomb. Essa up first, slam, and his right leg is hurting. He's gonna go for the moonsault anyway, and it's a nice one, but it came up with knees. Eddie over and cradles an arm and leg and that's it. (4:09) Is this the hamstring problem that JR was talking about? Probably. 

Still to come, that wacky al Snow, and Armageddon will be the end of Jericho and Kane's battle, but next, Vince snapped on Smackdown.

Castrol Slam of the Week - No Way Out - Mick Foley gets backdropped through the cage

This week, Vince tried to convince some people not to go in the match (we saw these clips before), alliance was set up, and Mick Foley and Vince McMahon started having problems. Here's the 3 on 1 beating (Vince) and the 3 on 3. On to Smackdown. (5:36)

Still to come, Al Snow might give someone head, and where they'll be anything left of Kane and Jericho after tomorrow night? But next, Raven.

XFL/Jesse Ventura Promo

Raven vs TAKA Michinkou - Raven's announced as 230 pounds - is that the Light Heavyweight limit this week? Everyone welcomes back TAKA. He's got a new shirt and new tights. Lockup. Taka thrown in the corner, right, right, right, right, right, right misses and Taka hits a boot to the face, big side kick. Off the ropes, flying headscissors, punch knocks Raven through the ropes, off the far ropes, sliding dropkick. Plancha but no one's home! That's not to nice, Raven. Russian Legsweep into the barrier. Raven smiles and throws Taka back in. Corner whip, Bronco Billie special for 2. Raven to the top ropes, hmm, that looks like the Tarantula. Hayes "What the hell is Raven doing? Didn't I see something like this a Mexican bar late at night?"  Corner whip, Taka (slowly) bounces out and gets clotheslined. Cover, 2. Whip, Taka sunset flip for 2. Raven up, clothesline. Whip, reversed, sleeper by Taka! raven pushes him off, reverses sleeper! Jawbreaker by TAKA. Snap mare. Snap mare! Raven's a house a fire! Wait, suplex is reversed into a small package for 2.7. Palm strike from Taka, Raven punch, Taka palm strike, Raven punch, punch, punch, whip by Taka, reversed, Taka spinning heel kick off the ropes. Here's his seated dropkick.  Stiff kick to the head. Whip, reversed, Taka moves out of the way, kick, 'rana by Taka for 2.  Off the ropes, reversed, right into the Even flow. (3:30) "Get up! Get up!" I take it he's mad about that whole bWo dealio.

WWF - Don't do this at home promo

Besides HiTC (you mean there's something besides HiTC?), there was also another violent match scheduled for Armageddon, Chris Jericho vs Kane. Here's a recap of their whole feud. (1:57) It'll come to an end at the PPV. Also, there's this six man match, so let's show the graphic one more time.

Al Snow (w/Head) vs Mike Bell (already in the ring) - Circle, lockup, Al with a wristlock headlock snap mare, tripped up, cover for 0. Al trips him up, cover for one. arm drag into an armbar. Into the corner, Bell with a right, right, right, corner whip, Al slides to a stop and clotheslines Bell. Kick, kick, standing spin kick. Bell begs backs off as AL looks for Head. Al goes after Bell in the corner, but he trips him into the turnbuckle. Punches, corner whip, Al's boot up on the charge, elbow, moonsault out of the corner. Al goes for head but Teddy Long stops him. Al slowly puts it back and charges at Bell. The fans boo Long while Al gets dropped on the top rope. Turnbuckle shot, Right, corner whip, side breaker on the rebound that's held into a blockbuster suplex and bridge for 2. Headbutt, double under hook, holding slam cover for 2. Kick, kick, eye rake by Mike, right, right, Al takes control, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right right and a whole lot more by Al. Kick, right, whip, backdrop. Turnbuckle shot, Corner whip, Corner whip, reversed, reveres again so al can slide through, DDT. Snow plow this time. Al grabs his hand - it hurts for him to make the sign. Kick to the stomach - Snow Plow (3:37) Al looks at head. The fans want head. Al gets head. Al points at Bell. Al Raises it over his head. The fans like the idea. Mike Bell probably didn't, but he just got Head anyway. Al Chases Teddy Long out of the ring, but he isn't getting head. So Al decides to go out of the ring.

Back to Smackdown, and "Dude, where's my car?" Ashton is lying when he says "I like Canadians" because no one really likes Canadians.

Everything starts tomorrow, on WWF Heat! All the latest information! Here's a graphic for Chris Jericho vs Kane and the main event - maybe they'll get one done for Billy and Chris by Sunday.

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