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wwf the world leader in intros

Billy Gunn (w/WWF the Music volume 5) vs Gary Stenstrom - thanks for the graphic! Circle. Lockup, headlock by Billy, off the ropes, shoulderblock. Off the ropes, over the drop down, Gary's hiptoss blocked and Billy turns it into a Russian Legsweep. Armbar, Gar gets to the ropes. Clean break, but Gary Pushes him away - now Gunn's angry and puncher and kicks away. Corner whip, but Gunn charges into an elbow. Gary charges (well, walks) out into a clothesline. Chinlock? Yea, I guess. Gary up with an eye rake ,right, kick, kick, right, right, Gun with a right, right, slam. Off the ropes, elbow drop misses. Gary Shot to the back, shot to the back, shot to the back, shot to the back, Gunn's no longer selling, oh now he is on that kick. That's some goofy logic. Corner whip, reversed, press slam on the rebound. Clothesline by Gunn. Whip, slow tilt-a-whirl slam. Gunn signals - the One and Only finishes it. (2:38) Let's watch Gunn slap hands with the fans.

The Rock and Austin play the finisher game, the APA are in action, but next, Vince 'n' Shane.

Yes, Vince and Shane. (6:06), but it felt like :20 - probably the fast forward.

Later on, Haku is in action, Austin and Rock had a face to face interview, but next, the APA will have a hand to face interaction with some other wrestlers.

Lugz Spike Dudley Debut and Acid Drop Of The Week

A.P.A. vs Dave Danger/J.P. Black - 2 for 2, though the periods confuse me. Faarooq will start with J.P. Lockup, no kick by Farrooq, shots tot he back, right to the face, right, whip, clothesline misses, J.P. with a kick , off the ropes, sunset flip for 2. J.P. off the ropes -right into the spinebuster. Night. APA/Tazz vs RTC at WM. J.P. thrown in his corner so Dave can tag in, and get a drop toe hold. Stomp. Tag to Bradshaw, Takedown - CROSS ARM BREAKER! Bradshaw is UFC. Too bad he's in the ropes, that would have finished him for sure. Turnbuckle smash is definitely not UFC, so let's forget that. I wonder if he just won a bet. Chop, knee, chop, right, right, corner whip, follow in hard clothesline. T-Bone suplex! Throw in the corner so J.P. can get beat. Bradshaw with a kick, kick, whip, clothesline misses, catch the cross body and a blockbuster suplex. Putting J.P. on the top rope - off the top rope back superplex! J.P. discarded for Dave to come back in - knee, and he's thrown out through the middle ropes. Faarooq gets the stairs and introduce them to Dave's head. Dave thrown in. Snap mare, kick to the back. Off the ropes - clothesline fro SUPER SUPER HELL. Faarooq in to kill J.P. black - Dominator on top of his partner. Bradshaw covers (4:14

Still to come, Essa Rios. But next, Rock and Austin are on the road to WM. 

Rock and Austin and Raw and Smackdown (8:17)

Later, Essa Rios. Next, Haku.

Well, maybe not next. Triple H and Undertaker. (2:26)

Haku vs Jeff Starr - 3 for 3. Choke by Haku, push in the corner, follow in, Starr moves out of the way and starts punching, probably not having done the best scouting for this match. Corner whip is stopped cold, normal whip by Haku, go behind by Starr, who goes for a sleeper and gets rudely flipped to the mat. He's up, off the ropes, caught and slammed. Stomp, thrown in to the corner and chop, chop, kick, kick, kick, headbutt. Yell to the crowd. Right. Right. Whip, clothesline misses, Haku gets his head down and it gets kicked, but Starr's follow up clothesline is no-sold. Off the ropes and into the Kick of Fear. Right. Stomp. Pick up. Elbow. Whip, flapjack, Tongan Death Grip! That gets the pin. (2:11

WM Moment: The Bushwackers interrupt Rhythm and Blues' performance.

Essa Rios (red and black no destiny and hip swivel) vs Loki - They were perfect, till now. Talk about the gimmick battle royale - why isn't Honky Tonk Man in that? And another hip swivel - he's regressing! Lockup, break. Michael Hayes (we didn't see the announcers at all this week, or I missed it) figures he's got a good shot - it is in Texas, after all. Lockup 2, break. Lockup 3, Headlock by Loki, belly to back but Loki lands on his feet and pushes Essa in to the ropes, Essa bounces off and pushes Loki down. Cover for 1. Trip up by Loki, cover for 0. Loki jumps over the trip up try by Essa, but takes an elbow to the gut, snap mare, Loki gets a snap kick to Essa' head. Dropkick to the knee.  Loki with a stiff kick to the chest. And another. And one to smash Essa's skull in. I don't know how he kicks out at 2 there. Essa tries to escape to the ropes but he's pulled back in. Stomp. Pick up in the corner, right, choke in the corner. Corner whip, charge in, but Essa gets a boot up - Essa goes to the top rope, but Loki's coming back with the handspring jumping HIGH Roundhouse kick and it looks great and Essa goes to the floor and someone sign Loki RIGHT NOW. You can hear Coach and Hayes' jaw drop there. Essa manages to get up on the apron (he should be DEAD right now) and manages a Hot Shot. Drop toe hold by Loki to take it back. Suplex, no Essa falls behind, Loki to the ropes, and off them with a clothesline. Cover - no, two hand choke. Loki lets go, pulls Essa up by the hair, right, right, whip, reversed, back drop. Essa with a kick, right, corner whip, charge in but Loki moves out of the way and Essa hits the corner hip swivel first. Headbutt. Headbutt. Right. Right. Chop. Whip, reversed into a knee, shot to the back, kick to the stomach - Mexican Armdrag into a powerslam! Corner whip, reversed, Loki celebrates, then tries for the handspring high roundhouse again, but Essa hits him with a jumping heel kick. Powerbomb? Yes. That's it. Moonsault and we're done. (4:50) Whoever gave this extra time deserves a gold star.

On Heat, Raven hosts, the Hardy Boyz take on Kai En Tai and it all goes down Sunday. That's it.

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