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You ever notice how many WWF intros end with Steve Austin?

Too Cheesey (w/WWF the Music Volume 5 and the power of funk) vs Damien and Seven - Hayes likes calling him "Boogie Woogie Blackman." Speaking of Michael Hayes, look at him. And Jonathon Coachman. They talk about trying to take out Austin and Triple H. Of course we don't get graphics for the other guys, and Coach doesn't help by calling both of them Seven at points. I think this is Damien. Lockup, no Damien's gonna kick Sexay. Then he celebrates and Sexay kicks back, right, right, right, whip, reversed, clothesline is ducked, kick reverse neckbreaker by Sexay. Dancing. Corner whip, reversed, WOW cross body hits for one two. Hayes and Coach work hard to try to point out how important Heat is - we're gonna get some important info about that tag match Regal promised Kane and Taker out tomorrow. Kick, tag to Blackman, whip, flapjack. Palm shot, chop, off the ropes and a spinning back elbow to the back. Damien sneaks in a cheap shot, then tags to Seven. Right, no Blackman blocks it then hits a series of stiff kicks to Seven's right leg, then a right when he's down to a knee. Corner whip, reversed, Blackman jumps up to the second rope, fakes jumping back towards Seven (who ducks) but Damien is standing there and hot shots him, causing Blackman to fall back into a clothesline. Tag to Damien, double whip, double back elbow, one two. Right, tag to Seven, right, forearm, Seven picks up Blackman and slams him. Going up to the top rope as Sexay starts the clap - Seven is unsteady on the top rope and takes his time, missing the flying legdrop. Tag to Sexay, Seven's clothesline is ducked, right, right, right, whip, reversed, Sexay slides under, kick is caught enzuiguri is not. Damien is on the top rope but Sexay beals him off, then dropkicks Seven. Noggin knocker. Dance, off the ropes, double clothesline is ducked by Sexay, off the ropes, double backdrop is reversed into a double DDT. Cover on Seven, one, two broken up by Damien. Damien's lifted up in a spinebuster hold so Blackman can superkick him down. Hart Attack on Seven. Front suplex for Damien Sexay on the top, flying glasses, Hip Hop Drop and that's one two three. (3:28) You don't get up from the Hip Hop Drop. Will eh dance? He's not really resisting, and there goes the glasses. Sexay starts the claps, turn out the lights,  It's amazing how Blackman has not, um, changed his ability one bit since he's start. Moonwalk, splits, spin kick fireworks, get get get get down.

Vince doesn't really want a divorce, K-Kwik is action later, but next, Triple H and Austin continue their assault.

Rematch. Even the good video packages aren't that much the fourth time you see them. This lead to Smackdown, Taker and Kane exchange a hurt arm and the Hardcore Title for the tag team titles and a shot at Austin and Triple H. (7:55)

Still to come, Haku, and would Big Show be the first one to go to that other company? But next, K-Kwik is getting Rowdy.

Backlash comes to live next Sunday from Chicago IL.

K-Kwik (w/WWF the Music Volume 5) vs Ray Steele - Kwik's not even bothering to rap live anymore. Or maybe he's only doing some of it. What's with Q's back? What's with Kwik's dancing - roll up off mat reversal for 2. Here's another one for 2. Clothesline misses, arm drag arm drag, dropkick, Q rolls out to recover. Did some prankster draw a face on his back? He's threatening to walk out. Oh, no, those are just blurry tattoos from this angle.  He's back in, and he's get a drop toe hold. Right, right, right, whip, fall behind, and Steele's clothesline misses - Kwik off the ropes and Steels hits a jumping heel kick. Cover for 2. Snap mare, chin lock. Hayes says the last man standing match has ten counts. Elbow out, right, right, off the ropes and a sunset flip for 12. Steele's up first and knocks down Kwik with a clothesline. Snap mare, chin lock AGAIN. Two chin locks in one match four minute match is very impressive. Elbow, elbow, right, right, corner whip, charge in but Kwik meets boot, Steels charge out, Kwik ducks a clothesline and hits a back suplex. Both down, one, two, three, four, Kwik up at five. So is Steele, but Kwik gets the better of the punches and there's a dancing discus clothesline. Whip ,reversed, flying headscissors. Kip up. splits for no reason - Kwik's side kick is ducked, kick to the gut, corner whip, reversed, Kwik kips up, flips, side kick hits this time. Cover for one two. Whip, reversed, kick to the stomach, Hat Rack Cracked hook the leg one two three (4:34) Kwik leaves the ring doing that cool one handed flip that Faarooq does.

Essa Rios will be here later, but next, the Big Show had a decision to make.

The Lugz Boot Of The Week Has A Correct Date Title On This Show

Smackdown, Vince, Shane and the Show. (6:35)

Still to come, Essa Rios, but next, the large and scary Haku

The Slam of the Week is the same as it's been the last two times I've watched it.

Haku vs Scott Patrick - No graphic here either. Lockup, headlock by Meng, Scott tries to fight his way out o but that's going nowhere. Off the ropes, shoulderblock. Off the ropes, Scott with a kick, arm bar, easily reverses, Scott with a reverse clothesline is no sold and Haku knocks him down. Stomp. Push in the corner. Loud chop. Hayes hates Coach more than usual today. Chop. Corner whip, run into an elbow. Scott off the second rope - flying forearm does knock him down. Forward headstand by Patrick for no real reason. Off the ropes and into a flapjack. Right hands to the face, and now a choke on the mat. Stomp. Forearm. Side backbreaker holding for another. They're trying to build Steven up as a face here? Corner whip, clothesline, corner whip, clothesline. Pummeling in the corner. Headbutt. Slam. Off the ropes, elbow drop misses. Right, right, chop, whip, backdrop. Tongan dance, Tongan Death Grip one two three (3:15) The fans somewhat popped when they knew what was coming.

Marylyn Manson. Brothers of Destruction. Are they not a slave to a god who doesn't exist?

Essa Rios (w/silver tear way pants and yellow Ambition tights) vs Chris - 0 for 4. Circle, lockup, Essa with a headlock, off the ropes, shoulderblock. Off the ropes, over, Essa stops short and just dropkicks on the mat. Whip, reversed, flying headscissors, clothesline. Coach is contract is up soon. Double chop in the corner and another. Corner whip, charge in but meets elbow. Charge in again and meets nothing, and falls right into a superkick. Cover one two. Pick up, right, corner whip, Essa flies to the apron, right hand misses, Essa gets a shot to the back then drags him outside - right on the outside and throw him back in. Essa  grabs Michaels by the hair and lifts him up - fireman's carry, throw forward. He's going to the apron - catapult legdrop. Pause, cover one two. Kick. Whip, go behind, push into the corner, Essa slowly rebounds out into a back suplex. Stomp. Whip, reversed, head down too soon, Michaels goes for a 'rana - and it works, although it take s a few punches to do it. Michaels says that's it - he's going up and he's jumping right into a dropkick. Michaels gets up, right is blocked, Essa hits his own, repeat, forearm, forearm, whip, reversed in armbar, two stuff kicks and the Mexican Armdrag into a powerslam. Clothesline misses, Michaels tries a 'rana again but gets the powerbomb this time. Corner whip, reversed, Essa kips up to escape, clothesline is ducked and turned into a slam. Essa with a fireman's front slam again, going up - Moonsault and that's one two three. (4:17) Hayes says Coach is going back to KC if he keeps talking about Vince in such negative way. Big big news on Sunday night heat.

Trish is the guest host on Sunday Night Heat. Plus big news about that tag match.

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