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open - I tape the A1 wrestling block before this so I may never get around to figuring out all the new clips but you don't care. From what I've caught, it's mostly trying to massage out the clips that are three years old - some old ones are replaced by newer ones with the exact same people. Best sign of Big Show's downward spiral yet: He gets bumped for K-Kwik. Essa Rios made the cut - too bad it's him getting 3Ded. 

Edge vs Rick Vain (already in the ring, 1 for 1) - Edge is entered in the King Of The Ring tournament, and he's gotta be considered a favorite, apparently. Lockup, Edge with a knee, forearm to the back, forearm to the back. Hayes: "Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho have started to crack the glass ceiling, so to speak." Headlock, spins to a hammerlock, reversed, Edge looks to grab the leg for the reversal but it's not there so he just goes behind and up to a headlock, Vain tries a wristlock, Edge back to the hammerlock, Vain to the hammerlock, Edge with the back elbow to the face to break it up. The crowd approves. Big right knocks Vain down. Stomp. Choke over the ropes. Whip, reversed, hiptoss and another by Vain. Vain with a slam and a dropkick, knocking Edge to the floor. Edge recovers over by the barrier, and Vain eventually finds his way out. Right, whip, no reversed into a short clothesline from Edge. Rick's so vain, I bet he thinks those cheers are for him. Edge throws him in, following in himself. Standing dropkick to the chest, cover one and half shoulder up. Stomps on the mat, pick up and push in the corner for some punches and forearms, then pushed down and boot choked. When that's broken up, Edge goes brute force and smashes the back of Rick Vain's head into the bottom turnbuckle. Edge takes a break, looks at the ref, fixes his hair, and grabs Vain. Vain fired back with a series of punches but one Edge forearm ends that. Right by Edge and Vain is down to one knee. Whip, reversed, spinning heel kick by Vain. Announcers are talking about Stu Hart. Hayes has trouble resisting the urge to make Lawler-type jokes about Stu. Both slow up, Edge's punch missed, kick by Vain, right, right, whip, spinning side slam. Edge escapes into the corner, but Vain follows him with a right, corner whip, charge gets flipped to the apron, and Vain hot shots him on the top rope. Hayes is surprised Edge isn't doing so swell - he's been in the same position as Vain is (in this town, maybe?) and should know how hard the other guy's gonna fight. Springboard clothesline and cover by vain, one two shoulder up. Corner whip, reversed, Edge is slow to charge but does, Vain kips up and backs up, Edge comes running out of the corner with a spear. Edge looks like he's had enough - IMPALER! One two three (5:06) Let's see: Downward Spiral (Flatliner), Inner Fury (Off the shoulder face first powerbomb), Spear, Edge-O-Matic (reverse face slam) and now this makes five. I guess there's no need to be consistent when you're not winning squashes much. Your announcers are Michael Hayes and Jonathon Coachman and they talk about Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit.

Coming up, Chris Jericho takes on Kurt Angle (Coach says it like it's gonna happen on this show) and Test, but up next, Stone Cold vs Chris Benoit.

Last Monday, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit had a long hard(core) road to a WWF Title shot, but in the end, they both came up short. The journey continued on Smackdown but the result was the same. 

Coming up, Triple H injury footage and Kai En Tai in tag team action. Test is next.

Combos Double Hardcore Title Switch of Last Monday

Test vs Billy Yates (already in the ring, 2 for 2) - Test takes on Big Show this Sunday on Heat; Kurt Angle will be your guest host. Test sure takes his time getting ready. Circle. Yates look like they pulled him in off the street. Lockup, push down by Test. Announcers are risking their own fates by talking about WCW and Lance Storm. Rights by Yates but they're not doing anything to hurt Test. Off the ropes, Test avoids the clothesline and hits a tilt-a whirl side slam. Test with a big right. He's not having any trouble here. Turnbuckle smash. Corner whip, charge in clotheslines. Corner whip, clothesline. Test calls for Yates to come out - boot to the midsection, gut wrench powerbomb (called by Hayes!) Hayes isn't into romance - wham bam, thank you ma'am for him. Coach adds "and remember to leave the money on the dresser." Test tries for more but Yates hides in the ropes. Then he runs at Test and gets backdropped to the floor. Test may be in the KOTR, and he's got to be gearing up. Test pulls Yates up to the apron, but gets Hot shot by Yates. Yates with a right, right, yell, right misses and Yates walks right into the full nelson release slam, landing right on his neck. Test with a corner whip, Yates kip up, corner whip, reversed, Test charges and gets a shoulder. Test holds his face (oh no, the nose is broken again!) and Yates charges out - right into the big boot. Goodnight. One two three. (3:36) Hayes thinks people should work on Test's right boot in order to wear him down from being able to pull off that mood.

Still to come, the one Billy Gunn. But when return, Shane made sure Kurt noticed him this week.

1-800-Call-ATT Lance Storm Invasion/Superkick From Monday    

On to Smackdown, where Vince ordered security beefed up for Kurt Angle's match - but Shane got some help to get it all done.

Coming up, evil. Next, Triple H.

Same Triple H footage they've shown on every show here.

Kaientai (w/flags) vs Greg Pawluk and Rob McManus (already in the ring and shaking hands, 3 for 3) - TAKA can't - oh there is is. Checking to make sure it's on. Meanwhile, Hayes and Coach are comparing educational backgrounds. "Hey you two in the ring - we are Kaientai and our goal tonight to come down to that ring and show everybody here in Calgary exactly we are evil!" "InDEED!" Either TAKA's voice is going a little horse or he got a new transplant. Funaki sounded normal, but I don't why I should point that out. TAKA teases throwing his shirt into the crowd but then just drops it for the ring crew to pick up. Circle, Funaki and Rob start. Circle, lockup, headlock by Funaki, off the ropes, shoulderblock. Off the ropes, over, ducks the clothesline, whips Rob but Rob comes back with a clothesline. Whip by Rob, reversed, flying headscissors by Rob. Tag to Greg, punch by Rob, punch by Greg. Whip, head down too soon, Funaki with a kick and throws Greg down by his head. Tag to TAKA, stomp, whip, reversed, TAKA ducks the clothesline but ends up getting an inverted DDT anyway. Slam, to the apron - slingshot somersault legdrop. Whip, dropkick. Tag to Rob, hold for a kick, right by Rob, right, TAKA is staggered but managed to reverse a whip so that Rob goes right into Funaki's forearm. Rob turns around and connects with him, but then gets a palm shot from TAKA. Another. Crowd chants "EVIL!" which might be the coolest thing ever. Tag to Funaki, drop toe hold, camel clutch, formal bow, dropkick to the face. Funaki gives Greg a shot on the apron as a bonus. Whip for Rob, Rob ducks the clothesline but doesn't avoid the knee. Double jumping stomp to the chest! Funaki asks if he should give another - he does. One more? Sure. Turnbuckle shot, tag to TAKA. TAKA with a kick, whip, sunset flip by Rob one two kickout. TAKA hits a spin kick to stop that. Pulling Rob up by the hair, palm shot. Tag to Funaki, right to the face. Whip, reversed, clothesline misses, double clothesline hits and both are crawling to their corners for a tag. Tag to TAKA, tag to Rob, clothesline for TAKA, clothesline for Funaki, slam for TAKA, slam for Funaki. Rob and Greg pound Kaientai in opposite corners, double corner whip - Funaki reverses his and TAKA ducks a clothesline, then superkicks Rob. Greg charges at Funaki at gets caught in a full nelson - TAKA tries a spin kick and ends up hitting Funaki when Greg ducks. Greg tries a clothesline on TAKA, TAKA ducks and goes for a 'rana, Greg powerbombs him cover one two kickout. Slam no TAKA falls behind, Greg turns around, there's  the Michinoku Driver one two three (4:51) Kaientai collect their shirts and head back up the ramp victoriously. Those guys with the "TAKA Michinoku" sign should've held it up more.

Classic King of the Ring Moment: Billy Gunn hits a second rope Fameasser to become the 1999 King Of The Ring.

the One Billy Gunn (w/WWF the Music Volume 5) vs Chris Williams (already in the ring, no graphic) - Coach says "Bret Hart" when recounting careers that took off after winning the KOTR. He claims Billy Gunn's took off after his win; you can't win them all. Lockup, Billy pushes Chris into the corner, clean break. Lockup, Williams pushes Gunn in the corner, clean break - no, Williams is gonna pound him. Whip, clothesline misses, Gunn with a whip, his clothesline misses, Gunn drop toe hold (!) doesn't. Arm drag, hip toss, Williams needs a break on the outside. Gunn gets sick of waiting and rolls out, Williams in, Gunn in, Gunn gets an ax-handle. Williams with a snap suplex. Shot to the back, choke into the corner. Gunn fights back with punches to take control. Corner whip, reverse, Williams charges in and gets an elbow. Gunn charges out, Williams ducks the clothesline, kick to the gut, off the ropes, swinging neckbreaker, cover one two shoulder up. Gunn is still down holding his head so Williams goes all the way up, stop to point at the sky, splash misses. Gunn is up, Williams goes down. Right, right, whip, powerslam. Gunn stares at the crowd. Pulling Williams up by the hair, whip no short clothesline. Holding on to the arm to chain it right into the One and Only - one two three. (3:06)

Kurt Angle is your special guest host on Heat! See you then.

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