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one world leader tv 14 ldv - l is language and v is violence but I forget what d is. ("Adult dialogue" - CRZ)

The open is first so this is it

Intros - 

  • yellow Jakked screen (the normal background with the sound wave moving around and no "Jakked")
  • the Rock asks some one to bring it
  • yellow Jakked logo
  • + Steven Regal, waving to the crowd 
    • - Mick Foley, waving to the crowd
  • yellow/red to purple Jakked screen
  • + Undertaker, Dead Man Inc. 
    • - Kurt Angle posing on the second turnbuckle
    • - Edge
  • quick red Jakked logo
  • + Trish (wearing black) 
    • - Trish (w/T&A cut out of the picture except an arm or two)
  • (purple to green) Jakked logo
  • Triple H spitting water
  • Rikishi staring angrily at someone coming to the ring  
  • purple Jakked screen
  • + Rock, giving you a People's Eyebrow 
    • - Rock (an older pic with Corporation's video behind him perhaps?)
  • + Kurt Angle, arms raised in celebration 
    • - Undertaker giving the last ride to Kurt Angle from Fully Loaded
  • a color inverted Jakked logo
  • + Steph happy about something (in the midst of Triple H's intro)
    • - Steph holding up the Women's Title
  • inverted logo again
  • + Chris Benoit smiles despite a missing tooth
    • - an old shot of Chyna
  • Jakked screen 
  • + Triple H shows off his muscle development 
    • - Bradshaw dropping Jeff Hardy on his head
  • red Jakked screen
  • + Chyna (in a leather outfit) with her arms raised 
    • - Shane McMahon celebrating about something (Joey Abs is seen on the mat on the TitanTron behind Shane)
  • a moving Jakked logo
  • + The Dudleyz do a 3D on Essa Rios 
    • - Al Snow powerbombing Hardcore Holly through a table (from a PPV),
    • - Kane does the "arms go down, fireworks go up" thing)
  • + Terri does the she devil pose 
    • - Terri (w/the Hardyz far in the background) bending over the top rope
  • Jakked logo
  • Rock hitting the elbow of People's Elbow on Triple H
  • Jakked moving backwards logo
  • Jeff Hardy with a Swanton Bomb
  • (red) Jakked Logo
  • Chris Jericho
  • Triple H giving Test the Pedigree  
  • part of a Jakked screen
  • Tazz
  • (yellow to purple to yellow ) Jakked logo
  • + Scotty Too Hotty in a pre-match celebration 
    • - Eddie smiling, with a belt over his shoulder.
  • + K-Kwik, rapping his way to the ring 
    • - Big Show with a second rope elbow drop on Undertaker (that doesn't quite connect)
  • really short (red) Jakked logo
  • + Kane (a different shot of him and fireworks?) 
    • - Kane (with fireworks going off)
  • + Undertaker riding his bike to the ring 
    • - Undertaker sitting on his bike 
  • (red) Jakked logo
  • + D-Von Dudley doing the 3D symbol 
    • - X-Pac (in the red outfit with X fireworks going off)
  • (purple) Jakked logo
  • Edge getting a Rock Bottom
  • (red) Jakked logo
  • Austin with a stunner for Eddie
  • forward moving Jakked logo
  • Chris Benoit with a Swandive Headbutt
  • Jeff and Matt Hardy posing to the crowd on the turnbuckles 
  • (white) Jakked logo
  • Lita with a moonsault on Trish
  • closeups of parts of the Jakked logo
  • + Chris Jericho coming off the top rope with a cross body for someone 
    • - Christian coming off the top rope to the outside on Matt Hardy
  • + Albert giving the Baldo Bomb to Spike Dudley off the apron through a table 
    • - Kane off the top to the outside hitting Show and Taker (I think)
  • (purple to green) Jakked logo
  • + Rhyno's debut, spearing the crap out of Jeff Hardy 
    • - Edge coming off the second rope with a spear on Jeff Hardy at a King of the Ring
  • green Jakked screen
  • Austin with a sinister look in his eyes.
  • (purple to green to red for a frame) Jakked logo
  • Austin angry
  • One more Jakked logo

Chyna for Chris Benoit is someone's dream and someone nightmare. The only really old clips left are the People's Elbow on Triple H (from Fully Loaded '99, I think - and it looks really good so they're wise not to ditch it) and the Rock Bottom on Edge (which is really breif so what does it matter.) I mentioned all the switching just to update last week so I won't this one.

Raven (w/o WWF the Music Volume 5!) and the one Billy Gunn (w/WWF the Music Volume 5) vs X-Factor (w/Albert) - This is your definition of an odd pairing. Hayes calls Coach a hypocrite for calling Austin a cheater last week when he pulled the tights but saying Benoit "defied the odds" when he did it on Smackdown. Oh, by the way, your hosts are Michael Hayes (what's he doing on Metal? Why has Heyman be sitting in Dr. Tom Pritchard's chair the last couple weeks? Maybe E.C. did see what he thought he saw on Byte This a few weeks ago) and Jonathon Coachman, who abruptly change the discussion over to Kurt Angle talk in the arena sound bit. I guess we only get one WWF the Music plug per team. Did you hear "What'cha Looking At?" during Game Seven? That was an odd choice. Raven and Justin are going to start this off. Well, after Raven gets done talking to X-Pac. There we go. Justin with a knee, right, right, right right right right, corner whip, reversed, rebound clothesline by Raven. Mr. Wrestling #1 Knee Lift! Armbar and tag to Gunn. Gunn takes his time as Justin begs off but hits the ax handle again. Armbar and Justin with an eye poke and tag to X-Pac. On Superstars, Triple H talks. But remember, you have to watch Superstars, because there's no chance they'll show it again three times or more this week. Kick, Chop by X-Pac. Right Gun with a right, right right right by X-Pac, whip, reversed, X-Pac ducks the clothesline but runs right into a powerslam one two kickout. Hayes expects Steve Austin to get a full apology for losing the tag team titles.  Eyepoke, tag to Justin who runs right into armdrag, armbar.  Tag to Raven, right whip, reversed, Justin's head down too soon, over sell of a kick, Raven with the Bronco Billie special! He must want to end this match early if he's getting in all his spots. Cover but Albert distracts the ref, then Gun distracts the ref  Then X-Pac comes in and side kicks Raven. X-Pac is happy. Justin gives Raven a turnbuckle shot, kick, tag to X-Pac hold for a kick. Forearm shot. X-Pac knocks him outside and Gunn distracts so Albert can get his shots in. Lightning leg drop. Turnbuckle smash. Kick kick set up Bronco Buster misses as Raven moves his head. Justin in to try his sliding dropkick but Raven moves and Justin crotches himself on the ring post.  Raven pulls himself towards the corner using the ropes but he's really slow but so is X-Factor - there we go. Clothesline for Justin clothesline for X-Pac. Repeat. Whip for Justin, tilt-a-whirl powerslam. Billy stops to call for something and gets hit from behind by X-Pac - corner whip, reversed, X-Pac rebound right into the press slam and gets tossed on to Justin. Albert up on the apron and Albert down to a right. Gunn is slow to pay attention and X-Pac gets him with a kick as he turns around but the X-Factor is blocked. Raven over to take care of Justin, ref watches that, Gunn goes for the One and Only but Albert's in and breaks it up - Baldo Bomb - X-Pac with a roll up and Justin holds Raven back one two three.(4:01) Don't look at me like that. Don't look at ME like that. At least this means they probably won't be a permanent team.

Coming up, Austin and Vince went for the tag team titles, and the Lethal Weapon is in action, but next, Bra and Panties.

I don't know what you think, but I'm happy Lawler isn't around. At least for this match. And the bad thing is, they're not cutting out the end. We get everything, including entrances. (4:30)

Still to come, Jerry Lynn will be on Jakked, as will Steve Blackman. But next, Mick Foley, media darling.

Classic King Of The Ring Moment - 1998: Mankind falls a long way very hard. Repeat but harder.

Mick Foley was in much better shape on Monday when he was on Raw. And he was on World News Tonight. I saw this - Jennings liked the paradox thing. (1:00)

Steve Blackman vs Steve Lumpkin (already in the ring) - Lumpkin seems very proud to be announced. Mick Foley will be on Heat this week. Will he have something to say to Commissioner Regal? Circle. Kick by Blackman, right, chop, pulling him up by the neck, right. Turnbcukle smash, chop. Whip, dropkick but Lumpkin holds the ropes, then hits his own dropkick. Right right chop whip, Lumpkin didn't get much elevation on whatever he was trying so Blackman just powerslams him. Stomp. Thrown out. Blackman follows. Chop. Climbing the stairs and the apron GUTWRENCH FACE FIRST DROP ON THE STAIRS! That's it, Blackman's being sent home for being to mean to the enhancement talent. You heard it here first. Blackman very calmly rolls in and out, then throws Lumpkin in. Corner whip, Lumpkin goes down. Blackman does the double bicep pose! Corner whip and down goes Lumpkin again. Blackman with a normal whip, back elbow, one hand push ups! RIght right Lumpikin's blocked, whip, clothelsine ducked, flapjack try but Lumpkin hits the dropkick. Lumpkin might have hurt his headi nthe process, or maybe his head still hurts, because he's slow up. SIde back breaker by Blackman. Double leg grapvine - Bow and Arrow! Jerry Lynn has brought the love of the Bow and Arrow back to the WWF and Steve Blackman's catching the fever. Would help if someone gave - Lumpkin doesn't. Blackman tries a powerbomb (!) but Lumpkin falls behind and turns it into a sunset flip one two kickout. Whip, running axhandle. Snap suplex. Martial arts move. "It's Party Time!" Northern Lights Side Suplex (I'm making it up) one two three (3:49) No Lethal Kick? Boooo. No one DARE say "Boogie Woogie Blackman."

Still to come, the always intense Haku, but when they return, a tag match from Smackdown.

Last Thursday, there was a tag match that turned in to a few tag team matches. Let's watch some of that. (11:43) Make that "a lot of that/"

Still to come, the big and nasty Haku, but next the former light heavyweight champion.

1-800-Call ATT and tell them Rhyno won his KOTR qualifying match last Monday.

Michael Shane (already in the ring) vs Jerry Lynn (already in the ring - what kind of jobber is he?) - Oh, wait, Tim White has a gold belt that we aren't supposed to notice here. If they came in a second later, it would have been perfect. Lockup, Shane with a hammerlock, Lynn with a leg trip headscissors, Shane with an armbar, Lynn with a roll and reversal, Shane with a roll, handspring and a reversal to a hammerlock, Lynn reverses with a headlock. Off the ropes, shoulderblock. Off the ropes, over, slam no Shane goes behind, waistlock, Shane to the ropes, Lynn rebounds back. Shane off the ropes with a clothesline, Lynn ducks but Shane's spin kick connects. Turnbuckle shot, chop, chop, chop. Lynn with a open hand slap, open hand slap, corner whip, reversed, Lynn kips up, Shane goes to the rope and Lynn trips him up - springboard dropkick knocks him out of the ring. Lynn goes to the apron - running somersault tope! Shane thrown back in. Stomp. Suplex no blocked, and Shane hits his own. Lynn up first right, right from Shane, right from Lynn, right for Shane, right from Lynn is ducked, Shane picks him up in a fireman's carry and drops him chin first on his knee. Off the ropes, flying forearm. Right, corner whip, reverse, kip up but Lynn catches him, but Shane reverses it into a bulldog! The announcers are talking Shane big here - but more of the other Shane. Right by Shane. Corner whip, charge in but Lynn gets his boot up. Up to the second rope. Tornado DDT no blocked, Shane misses the clothesline, Lynn off the ropes and hits the jumping tornado DDT and that's one two three. (3:37)  

Combos Jeff Hardy KOTR win from Monday.

Haku vs Rory Fox (already in the ring, no newspaper bag) - So you wanna be a pro-wrestler. Lockup, no big kick, big forearm, big turnbuckle smash. Chop. Corner whip, Fox kips up and dropkicks Haku in the corner. Right, second rope rights, Haku just carries him in the middle of the ring and it's an inverted atomic drop. Corner whip, clothesline. Pummeling in the corner. Tongan dance, headbutt. Yell. Rory rolls out, but Haku follows - hard chop. Hayes says "So you want to be a wrestler, paper boy." Push in the apron. Coach suddenly decides to segue into Tough Enough talk, how about that. Rolled back in, kick. Whip, backslide. Cover one two kickout. Whip, head down too soon, kick, right, dropkick is waved away. Elbow drop misses. Fox goes to the second rope - flying shoulderblock gets nothing and likes it. Haku should've been on Tough Enough. Since Haku seems content at yelling at the crowd, Fox goes all the way up - missile dropkick. Right, right, whip, reversed, clothesline misses, big back drop. Tongan Dance - this is Hayes favorite move - TONGAN DEATH GRIP one two three. (2:55) Coach says "So you want to be a wrestler" too. Hayes calls ref Mike Sparks ugly for no good reason.

On HEAT, Matt Hardy defends the Light Heavyweight Title - will he rebound from his loss to his brother? Mick Foley will be the guest host - Hayes think it would be great if Regal had Foley run out of WWFNY. It's LIVE, it's tomorrow, and this is OVER.

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