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the world leader - TV 14 LDV

Open. Shockingly, Chyna hasn't been taking out already. We'll check again next week.

Crash (w/Slam of the Week) vs Jerry Lynn - Combos Molly Slap, Austin Stunner of the Week. Your hosts are Michael Hayes and Jonathon Coachman. Hayes is mad about having to talk to Kelly last week. Who's the face here? Lock up, Crash sticks his finger in Lynn's chest and talks to him - I guess he's still mad about the title loss all the way back at Backlash (which the announcers do remember.) Lynn gives him a "What do you want  me to do about it? I don't got the belt either" and Crash slaps him. Now it's on - lockup, push in the ropes - clean break, no Crash kicks. off the ropes and right into a hiptoss. Clothelsine. Kick in the back. Kick in the back. Right. Lockup, and into the ropes - Lynn off the, shoulderblock. Lynn off the ropes, over, under, Crash with a 'rana. Crash up and charges right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Cover one two kickout. Big right. Kick, corner whip, reversed, charge in but Lynn gets up a big elbow. Lynn charges out into a big powerslam, one two kickout. Stomp, stomp, stomp. Chicken wing by Crash and knee to the back but he can't get Lynn down - push in the ropes, rebound back into a forearm. Crash with a stomp to the back, delayed cover for one two shoulder up. Corner whip, Crash charges in, Lynn kips up, and rolls him up for one two. Crash pushes him off and into the corner - back suplex one two kickout. Surfboard! Crash stands up and smashes the knee into Lynn's back for added effect. Back up - whip, high angle sidewalk slam and cover one two kickout. Surfboard again. Hayes talks about a relationship with DDP but he's still surprised. Crash working that surfboard, now onto the chin lock and now it's easier for Lynn to get loose. Elbows, he goes for the ropes but Crash pulls him down by his hair. This ticks off Lynn and he spins Crash around - right, right, whip, backdrop. Hayes suggests that the confrontation (which they both point out is NOT a match) with the Undertaker might be a set up by DDP for some greater plan. Clothesline, whip, reversed, Crash jumps up for a 'rana and Lynn spinebuster slams him down, one two kickout. Lynn with a stomp. Corner whip, reversed, Lynn with the corner sunset flip for one two, Crash breaks loose jacknifes over for one two, Lynn pushes him over so he's on top one two Crash reverses one two Lynn reverses one two kickout. Hayes strongly objects to Coach calling it a teeter-totter. Kick by Crash - Acid Drop no Lynn pushes him off in the corner - German suplex one two kickout. Both are down and tired. Short clothesline by Lynn. He's moving a bit slow - corner whip, reversed, Lynn jumps up to the second rope and hits a boot - Tornado DDT but Crash pushes loose on the way down, clothesline misses, Lynn's clothesline misses, Crash with a kick, Acid Drop - one two three (5:47) Hayes: "You know, Crash lost the Light Heavyweight Title to Jerry Lynn, but let's talk about Kurt Angle." I swear that's what he said; it's like Nitro. Anyway, it must suck to be Jerry Lynn. On the other hand, Crash finnaly got back his win over Lynn, and even clean, which probably cements Crash's new found attitude change. I'm sure Spike would appreciate it if he found a new move to go along with it but we can't have everything.

Coming up, a look back at the Angle/Shane rivalry, Shane's buddy Test will be in action later, but next, a look back at the possible last few days of Steve Austin's title reign.

Let's look back at this month - Jericho and Benoit won the tag team titles and Triple H was lost. Austin doesn't care, because Triple H lost the title, and even more "I can beat both of them in the ring at the same time." Linda makes it good. There's the hug. There's the ultimatum. There's the Stunner to Molly. There's the tag team title change. Snapping on Michael Cole. Vince pushes away the hug and gives his ultimatum. Here's Benoit and Jericho beating up Austin , and Austin getting some revenge. Double submission. "It's a conspiracy" is said many times. Vince and Austin's relationship is pushed as the last and most important issue. 2:45) Tomorrow night, these three people meet for the WWF Title. Order now.

Coach can feel the evil - Kaientai is here, plus, the Stalker has been revealed, but when return, Test is in action.

This week on Tough Enough, people take their first bumps, mud wrestle and run.

Hardcore Champion Test vs ??? (already in the ring) in a non-title match - Test gives a high five to Gerry Brisco's kid, which the announcers point out. Are they gonna name the guy who Test is fighting? NO. Hayes is still steamed about a champion (Test, in this case) possibly leaving with a title. Hmmm. So, it's Test vs this guy and Test is gonna win and if they don't give me a name, I'm not doing play by play. I mean, you can probably put together the spots in your head and get the same result.  I guess I could go look up a RAW live report and figure it out but if the announcers and production people don't bother than I'm not. Test no-sells a bunch of punches and starts his offensive run. There's the gutwrench powerbomb. Always like that. That guy staggers around the announcers, which gets him noticed - and eventually a named. It's Mike Sullivan. He's doing a fine job selling Test's stuff. Stun Gun on the railing. Back in the ring, Mike takes over by going for the leg, but Test comes back, as Test is won't to do, and Takes of Sullivan's head with a clothesline. Press slam. Test charges in to a back elbow, so Sullivan gets in a few strikes but one misses and there's the full nelson release slam. Big Boot, one two three. (2:46)

Still to come, Haku is here, and the KOTR tournament is turning friend against friend, but next, a look back at the road that leads to Shane/Angle.

Use 1-800-Collect to tell someone about Stacy Kiebler this week - what, we couldn't figure out something good this week. Wouldn't it have been better to show this before the last week?

Shane/Angle video package. (2:35) It's tomorrow night. Here's your Combo's KOTR bracket - Hayes says that Angle will compete at least one match before the street fight.

In the back, Kaientai are showing off their muscles and are getting pumped for their match. This is very disturbing for some reason.

On Raw, we found out who the stalker was - DDP. Page is better when he's edited down to five sentences. (2:15) CONFRONTATION. Repeat. 

Kaientai (w/new entrance video) vs Scoot Andrews and Chris Daniels (already in the ring) - Hayes calls them "the brothers of EVIL" and it's so true. "Hahaha - look at you two, you are nothing! But look at us, the all mighty [Slodiv?] has requested nothing but pure EEEEEEVIL in us. HAHAHAHAHA. HAHA" TAKA starts to take off but then Funaki's waiting for the mic. Then TAKA laughs but the mic is no where near him. "inDEED!" Coach gives props to those other guys in the ring. Scoot and Funaki start, headlock by Funaki, off the ropes, shoulderblock by Funaki, he's very happy. Off the ropes ropes, over, under, kick to the midsection, suplex. Happy. Scoot with a knee, forearm to the back, tag to Daniels. Right, right, right, whip, head down too soon, thrown down by the back of the head. Tag to TAKA, palm shot, palm shot, exchange of open hand slaps and it's pretty even - TAKA with the eye poke, windup punch! One two kickout. Tag to Funaki. Hayes makes fun of Daniels extreme bleach blond hair. Right, right, whip, backdrop, Daniels flips over, his back, Funaki turns around and gets an atomic drop. Coach says "Speaking of too much" and I get all weirded out, then expect a Scotty Too Hotty update but it's just a Tough Enough plug. Daniels turns Funaki into position for a reverse neckbreaker but instead hits an elbow to the face that knocks him down, then an elbow drop. Forearm whip, reversed, clothesline misses, Funaki gets in a knee. Daniels thrown down, clapping, bowing, double jumping leg stomp to the chest! Scoot in - hiptoss, double jumping stomp to the chest for him too. Funaki beats both of them up with chops at the same time - oops, that one misses - spiked back suplex! Andrews is proud of himself and doesn't cover - there's a legdrop, choke.  Whip, dropkick, cover one two kickout. Tag to Daniels, corner whip, hiptoss in to a Daniels powerbomb one two kickout. Daniels with a shot for TAKA on the apron and then holds Funaki for a Andrews chop.  No tag but he's in - slam, and going up - Florida Jam but Funaki moves. It's the race to a tag - TAKA's begging for it and he gets it, and so does Daniels. Pal shots for everyone. Spin kick for Daniels, Drop toe hold on Daniels, camel clutch - dropkick to the face. Celebrate! Oh, Andrews with a double clothesline. Beat down in the corners, Daniels and Andrews with a double corner whip, double reversals, Andrews and Daniels reverse each other around, Funaki backdrops Andrews to the floor and Daniels gets in a back elbow. Daniels charges at Funaki - boot to the face, bulldog. TAKA calls for the Michinoku Driver - YES! Spiked harder than usual. TAKA with his usual sitting one leg hooked cover, one two three. (4:25) Funaki counts the pin too. Everyone's happy. Especially the guy with the Indeed sign.

In the back, Haku is getting ready. Don't punch the camera.

Classic King Of The Ring Moment: Angle wins the 2000 Tournament. Surprising that they didn't show Yoko beating Hogan this year.

That leads to clips from Smackdown to show how the four buddies turn on each other. Heyman was horrible for parts of Smackdown, you know. (2:57) This is the only unedited video, so you'll see the other ones again during the show. Combos' brackets.

Haku vs Billy Fuves (already in the ring - only one to get a graphic) - Circle, Haku pushes Bully in the corner but Billy rolls out of the way of a punch. A kick stops him cold, chop, whip, slide under the legs by Fives, he lands punches off the ropes, cross body is caught and thrown down. Again by Fives and this time he gets a powerslam for his trouble. Stomp, stomp. Turnbuckle smash. Chop. Chop and Fives is hit so hard he lands on the top rope, so Fives kicks him in the back a lot. Headbutt. Stomp to the midsection. Forearm, push in the corner. Fives fires back but it's not happening. Headbutt. Corner whip, charge in clothesline. Beat down in the corner. Elbow to the neck. Snap suplex. Haku to the second rope - frogsplash! The crowd is impressed. It's over except Haku just needs to finish him. Picking him up for the headbutt but Fives fires back with punches. Don't punch Haku. Just don't do it. Haku's wavering and all but all it takes is a momentary pause, and there it is, for him to punch you and that ends that. Whip, Fives gets up both his feet and then clotheslines Haku - Haku's not going down but he's staggered. Missile dropkick knocks him down but Fives goes back up - flying axhandle gets a boot. Haku dances and picks up Fives - jawbreaker! Fives off the ropes - Tongan Death Grip! One Two Three (3:31

Sunday Night Heat gets you all ready for KOTR.  Here are some last plugs for KOTR - they mentioned the Light Heavyweight match earlier, but don't here. Outside of the promo package, Vince's ultimatum to Austin is barely (if it all) mentioned. See you next week!

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