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WWF Jakked by The Cubs Fan




Two Years Ago, Marc Taylor watched D'Lo beat Joey Abs despite the help of the rest of the Posse, the Headbangers beat Kaientai and Mideon take out Sean Stasiask.

One Year Ago, I saw the Dudleyz beat Just Joe and Funaki (easy guess who took the pin), Tazz choke out Essa (so happy about it, he cut a promo afterwards), Raven get a squash and Al Snow get a near one over Rodney. Everyone gets Head.

So, I'm checking the schedule last week and noticing that because of college basketball, Metal and Jakked are pushed to way late night. Somewhat surprisingly, I remember to change the timing on my VCR so I actually get the show. Even better, I'm up and fooling around and flipping channels. I get to WCIU, the local station the WWF airs on, and it's off the air. Nothing but snow. (Same thing for the UPN station, so I figure it must've been a common problem.) I even grab an antenna to see if my cable company is acting silly but no dice their either. No Metal or Jakked for me.

And then truly weird part was that right when Jakked would have been over, the station clicks back on (though the sound takes a few minutes to start working) and here's an infomercial for the Hair Club For Men. Which makes me wonder how accidental the whole thing must've been (though it was off the air before the WWF so it's probably not related.) 

Anyway, it all adds up to me finding a new way to not watch this show. Amazing. And the way my VCR was making squeaking noises while recording, well, I don't have the best of hope here. 

If I had seen the show, this is my guess on what I would have seen, based on various live RAW reports and the predictability of this show (and undoubtly a little of "what I would have done" sneaking in)

  • Scotty 2 Hotty defeats Funaki with the Worm (Fink still calling Funaki "Sho Funaki" despite the graphics indicating his name is otherwise.)
  • Recap of the Vince/JR/Undertaker stuff from the end of RAW, probably leading to the Undertaker/RVD stuff from Smackdown
  • Perry Saturn defeats Brooklyn Brawler via step over armbar (Coach is still sure it's the Rings of Saturn - no one's cared enough to correct him, or at least have him note that it's a different move we're calling the Rings Of Saturn.)
  • Recap of the Team Extreme trouble in the last week, with the announcers speculating on what Jeff meant on Smackdown.
  • X of the Last Monday involving the participants in the mini-tournament at Vengeance - maybe the finish of the Angle/Jericho/Kane/Rock match.
  • That leads straight in to a longer recap of similar incidents - working Rock's promo on Vince on Smackdown (if it wasn't done earlier) and Austin's strap match with Regal.
  • X of the Last Monday, maybe something to do with the Test/Christian/Albert/Scotty looming tag match.
  • Tajiri (w/Torrie) defeats Spike Dudley (announcers are too busy drooling over Torrie to bring up any belt Tajiri might have held.)

Next week. Or next show.

The Cubs Fan
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