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/28 August 1999

WWF Jakked


Guest columnist: Marc Taylor


WWF Jakked Report for August 28th, 1999, by Marc "The Mark" Taylor

Here we are with WWF Jakked, the weekend filler show formerly known as Shotgun!

The Jakked intro sure looks a hell of a lot more modern than the old Shotgun intro.

Our hosts for this TV14 evening are Micheal Cole and Kevin Kelly.

I might as well say right now that all of these matches sucked, so my commentary on them will be limited.

Prince Albert vs. Ken Shamrock
A back and forth matchup, with Shamrock focusing on Albert's left knee, with various kicks and holds. Albert didn't do much of note. Shamrock slaps on a legbar after a sunset flip to get the tap-out. 5:00

Recap of the Summerslam main event leads to this past Raw, with HHH "breaking" Jim Ross' arm, Shane forcing the match between Mankind and HHH, and HHH winning the World Title about one month too early.(If you ask me, his title win should've been postponed until Unforgiven.) This all brings us to the Smackdown main event, and Shawn Micheal's heel turn, which gave HHH the win.

Jacqueline vs. Ivory WWF Women's Title Match
Ivory seems to have talent, as shown by a cool fireman's carry into a Michinoku Driver, but I still don't care about the women's division. Ivory wins it to retain following a roll-up with her feet on the ropes. 2:55

Raw Recap- Jeff Jarret/Debra/Mark Henry/Miss Kitty discuss the open contract, and the bastards omit the best part of this segment(D-Lo!) and just focus on Gunn/Chyna arguing about the open contract, and Jarret BLASTING Chyna with the guitar. This funfest takes us to Jarret vs. Gunn from Smackdown, with Gunn getting the non-title victory.

The Kaboom Of The Week is Shane McMahon's damned impressive top rope elbow through the table on Test from Summerslam.

Droz vs. Chaz w/Marianna SInce both guys are from New Jersey, Cole and Kelly hype this as "the battle of Jersey". This match was as unspectacular as you'd think Droz vs. Chaz would be. Both are mediocre talents with little to no crowd heat. The end comes as Marianna gets up on the apron, and Chaz gets whipped into her, allowing Droz to hit his Ligerbomb for the pin. 4:27

Goofy local anti-drug ad has a "surfing monkey coin bank" being sold on a home shopping channel, with a stoned guy calling in and ordering 15 of them. The caption at the end reads "Marijuana. An expensive habit."

Rescue Of The Week is Chris "Minor Deity" Jericho 'rescuing' Howard Finkel from Road Dogg on Raw.

Blue Meanie/Stevie Richards vs. Scotty Zappa/Derrick Dukes
I recognize the jobbers from last week's Shotgun, although Dukes isn't teaming with Tony Dennucci this week. Dukes falls prey to a StevieKick and then a MeanieSault. 3:17

Hype for Heat: The show of no matches but lots of interviews closes.

My apologies for the thin report, but damn, this wasn't exactly riveting television.

Marc "the Mark" Taylor

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