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/11 September 1999

WWF Jakked by Marc Taylor




For the second week in a row, we've got The Michaels, Cole and Hayes as announcers.

Droz vs. Xpac
Cole calls Droz "the mad hatter of the WWF". Droz shoves Xpac to start, but Xpac is right back up. Xpac hits a spinning kick off the ropes. Droz draws him outside, where Xpac chases him back in, only to meet up with the stomping feet of Droz. A powerslam gets only 2, so Droz drops an elbow. Another elbow attempt misses, and Xpac's Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine leads to a roundhouse kick. Xpac misses a broncobuster attempt, but then dodges out as Droz attempts a corner charge. Xpac hits his 3 kick corner combo, and then the broncobuster. A couple more punches thrown, and then the Xfactor gives Xpac the victory at 3:55.

Recap of the Rock/Mankind vs. Big Slow/Undertaker buried alive tag title match from Smackdown. The highlight of this segment for me was the Pilsbury's Toaster Strudel I ate during it. HHH's involvement in this still makes little sense 2 days later. Austin smashing the semi into the ambulance was worth another look though.

Slam Of The Week: Kane chokeslamming HHH, Chyna, and Shane McMahon at the end of Raw.

Headlock takedown by Stevie countered by a Michinoku headscissors, then Tak does the headlock takedown and Stevie does the headscissors. Off the ropes, drop toehold by Stevie, who follows up with the Curt Hennig rolling neck snap! Series of chops and slaps on Taka, then Stevie whips him across but misses the dropkick. Taka dropkicks Stevie in the back of the head, and then right in the face. Stevie ragains the momentum with a supercool facefirst powerbomb on Taka. 10 punch countalong, complete with the hip wiggling. Stevie hits the buckle on a corner charge and heads outside, where Taka lands an Asai moonsault. Taka does a stomach stomp on Stevie twice. Taka chops away in the corner and then laughs like the wonderfully evil god that he is. Tornado ddt gets a 2 count. Taka goes for a hurracanrana, but gets a powerbomb from Stevie for a 2 count. Stevie meets an elbow coming into the corner and Taka connects with a damn fine missile dropkick. Michinoku Driver attempt is blocked, but Taka's superkick is not blocked. Stevie dodges a Taka moonsault and nails the StevieKick for the pin. 5:50 It needed to be at least twice as long, but this is about the best damn match I'll get to recap on a WWF weekend filler show.

Recap of the Jeff Jarret vs. Jacqueline match from Raw, and then Jarret's anti Chyna speech and old woman beating from Smackdown.

Rescue Of The Week: Val Venis attacking Steve Blackman from behind, allowing D-lo Brown to pin him on Raw.

Viscera vs. Prince Albert
Rather nondecript (which is a good thing with Viscera in there) back and forth brawling sorta match, until they head outside and Albert gest whipped into the steps, and the bell sounds? Why yes, it's a double fucking countout. 3:49 Why even put this match on if its not going to a finish?

Big Bossman vs. Knuckles Nelson
The back of Nelson's tights reads "BROTHER HOOD". After choking the comcially named jobber in the corner, Bossman slips, and probably would've fallen on his ass if he didn't have the ropes to grab on to. Bossman pulls Nelson up by the back of his tights, which unfortunately exposes some backside briefly. Bossman stands on Nelson's hair and pulls upward on his arms, which actually looks fairly painful. Bossman slam, 1, 2, 3. 3:43 Nelson gets handcuffed to the ropes, and Bossman does some nightstick smacking.

Tomorrow on Heat: D-lo Brown/ValVenis vs. Steve Blackman/Mark Henry, and Joey Abs vs. Sean Stasiak.

That's that.

Marc "the Mark" Taylor
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