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/16 October 1999

WWF Jakked by Marc Taylor




I'll start things of by saying that yes, I did puke twice at Six Flags: Great America last week. Since I was in the land of nauseating thrill rides, my brother Eric filled in for me. But I am here now, so on we go.....

Jakked is the land of the Michaels, and it is Cole who tells us that it was announced on Livewire that the Brood vs. Edge and Christian match at No Mercy as the finals of the Terri Runnels Invitational Tournament(TIT) will now be a ladder match. This announcement coincides nicely with said Brood accompanying Gangrel to the ring for the opening match.

Gangrel w/Brood vs. Shit Stasiak
Jeff Hardy amuses me by taking a bump to the barricade from the apron here on Jakked, when he's not even wrestling! I wonder how many different ways he'll think of to land on his head from the top of the ladder at No Mercy. Anyway, the Impaler gives Gangrel the win at 3:47.

Kaboom of The Week: JR responds to HHH's smacking him around with some smacking around of his own at the beginning of Raw.

Recap of Austin/JR vs. HHH/Chyna from Raw, leads to Austin "introducing" HHH to the snake, which in turn leads to a recap of Smackdown, and the whole HHH swerve thing with the "I'm quitting because I got bit by a snake" thing leading to HHH beating down Austin.

Prince Albert w/Droz's hat vs. Stevie Richards w/Dude Love gimmick
Yes, Prince Albert actually carried Droz's hat to the ring with him. Cole tells us that Droz is making great progress so far in his recovery. Stevie asks to dance at first, but only manages a few steps before eating a clothesline. Mostly a squash, but Stevie does hit Sweet Shin Music, and then a superkick for a 2 count. Stevie bails out and grabs a trash can from under the ring, only to have it kicked into his face. Albert then has no trouble hitting his press slam/falcon arrow combo finisher. 3:23

Slam of The Week: from 2 weeks a go on Smackdown, Mankind inadvertantly hitting Rock with a chair, and Rock responding by giving Mankind a Rock Bottom.

Recap from Smackdown of the "last" teaming of the Rock and Sock Connection against the New Age Outlaws for the tag titles. And of course we were all sports-entertained by the finish, where Rock/Sock won, with a little help from the Hollys.

Dudley Boys vs. Mideon and Viscera
Buh Buh Ray gets stutter time, then hands the mic off to D-von, who tells us the 3 commandments of Dudley-ness. I was surprised at the generally non-putrid nature of this match, considering 1/2 of the participants were Mideon and Viscera. The Dudleys did some nice double teams, most notably when Buh Buh Ray held up Viscera's legs so that D-von could do a diving headbutt to the groin. D-von succesfully managed to hoist Viscera up for 3D at 5:20.

Papi Chulo's all about the flippy floppy lucha stuff, and Taka just rules. Taka's does a cool spot where he bows and then SMACKS Papi with a dropkick to the face, and then bows again. Chulo pulls off his flippity floppity armdrag from the top rope. Chulo also pulls off his tope con hilo over the turnbuckle. Taka regains control, and does a pair of stomach stomps. Taka seems to be on the road to victory until he misses a moonsault, which allows Papi Chulo to pull off a rally and win with a badly blown shooting star press at 5:04. An unfortunate ending to an otherwise groovy match.

And that's that.

Marc "the Mark" Taylor
[slash] wrestling

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