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/23 October 1999

WWF Jakked by Marc Taylor




I'm gonna do something different this week and try out the "Workrate Report" style used by those fantastic folks at Ollie's Wrestling Resources ( I welcome and encourage any and all feedback about which format you fine, fine readers prefer.

If you haven't seen the "workrate report" form before, it goes like this: the report is divided into 2 sections, What Worked, and What Didn't Work. The various segments of the show are stuck into whichever of the two categories that the reviewer deems appropriate. Now that I've smartened up the newcomers, LETS GET IT ON!


Stevie Richards vs. Steve Blackman was basically your average nondescript Jakked match as far as actual wrestling goes, but I must admit that I was sports-entertained by Stevie coming out dressed as Blackman, and was seconded by The Blue Meanie as Dude Love. Stevie swung some nunchucks around to imitate Blackman and whapped himself in the nuts, and I chuckled. I'll give Blackman a bonus point for the baseball slide dropkick onto BlueLove, too.

The Rescue of The Week, which showed some of the various INSANE spots and bumps from the No Mercy TIT ladder match. To quote JR, it was "absolutely scintillating".

In the "worked considering this is Jakked we're talking about here" category, we have Prince Albert vs. Shawn Stasiak. Stasiak MIGHT be a little better than I've given him credit for in the past, and I think Albert's got talent. Albert ALMOST worked over Stasiak's arm in the early goings, hitting a niftier than shit legdrop onto the arm. Overall this match was just your typical mediocre WWF match, but it wasn't offensively dull or anything.

Until D'lo Brown is on my TV more often, his matches automatically "work". D'lo is just about evrything you can hope for in US wrestling: a talented worker who's actually somewhat over with the fans. His match here against jabroni Rob Conway was a palatable squash, as Conway got in a fair share of offense, and D'lo hit all of his signature moves pretty well. DEEEEEEEEEE LOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


Recap segments don't work by default, so the Rock vs. Mankind recap from Smackdown, and the Austin vs Venis recap, also from Smackdown, both sit here.

The WWF Rewind, (brought to you by Risk!) which recapped the run-in filled ending to the Fabulous Moolah vs. Mae Young match from Smackdown goes in this half of the report just for reminding me that the Moolah/Young match ever took place.

Luna vs. Jaqcueline, since nothing can make me care about 2 minute matches for a meaningless division.

And There You Have It.

Marc "the Mark" Taylor
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