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/6 November 1999

WWF Jakked by Marc Taylor




European Title Match: Bulldog vs. Godfather w/hos
Godfather offers the hos as usual, but Bulldog attacks him instead, proving that he and the Posse are more than just friends. The Posse meanders down to ringside about a minute in, and do nothing for a while, until Rodney distracts the ref, allowing Bulldog to smack up Godfather with the Euro belt for the win. 2:34

Boot Of The Week: From Raw, where Vince McMahon 'accidentally' hit Shane with the belt, allowing HHH to retain the title. This segues quite nicely into the next segment....

Recap from Smackdown: DX citing the abovementioned 'accident' as evidence of Vince joining them, and Vince's "I'd rather join dubbya-see-dubbya than join DX!" response. Vince sets up the elimination match between DX and Rock/Austin/Kane/Shane, and we see highlights of that match, coming down to Austin vs. HHH, and Vince 'accidentally' hits Austin, allowing HHH to win.

Kurt Angle vignette. He's a real athlete, you know.

Acolytes vs. Mideon and Viscera
This is most definitely a slobberknocker. Lots of punches, kicks, big boots, and the like. This match provides a nice backdrop for The Michaels to discuss just about every storyline leading up to Survivor Series. The Acolytes knock Viscera to the outside, so that they might be able to do the partner assisted powerbomb on the less fat guy. Said powerbomb is enough for an Acolyte victory at 6:31.

More shite from Smackdown: Al Snow and Mankind winning the tag titles from the Hollys, and Mankind heading off to search for Val Venis at various nudity oriented establishments. Poor Mick, he stayed in the porno booth too long and got his car towed away, and his friend Al Snow got attacked by Val Venis.

Bop-it Extreme Adventure Hour: This week, the Dudleys shove ExtremeGuy off a cliff, since they just love those damn Bop-its.

Funaki vs. D'Lo Brown
KAIENTAI! KAIENTAI! KAIENTAI! ok, I'll calm down now... The Michaels discuss the Al Snow action figure controversy in the early goings. Funaki takes a damn fine bump from a D'Lo clothesline. As much as I'd like to see Taka/Funaki move up the ranks, their bumping and selling abilities do make them particularly good at putting people over. Funaki shows his offensive chops too, by hitting a swankass rana on the outside, after faking a tope. D'Lo varies his running powerbomb by rotating 180 degrees before dropping Funaki. The LoDown then gets him the win at 4:06. D'Lo rules the world of pushed WWF singles competitors, sayeth me.

Steve Blackman vs. Shawn Stasiak
Stasiak has the WORST damn theme music. Blackman hands Stasiak his ass quite easily, slapping on his arm and head legscissors thing for the tap out at 2:18.

And just before we go, the Michaels tell us of Val Venis vs. Christian on Heat.

Marc "the Mark" Taylor
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