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/13 November 1999

WWF Jakked by Marc Taylor




Brief clip of Arnold's various bits of involvement at Smackdown opens up the show.

SuperHeavyweight 4 corners match: Mark Henry vs. Prince Albert vs. Crash Holly vs. Viscera
Allow me to take a moment here to ponder the thought of "what the hell?" Henry splashes Crash, then goes for another one, but Albert nails Henry with a kick. Viscera then comes in and splashes Henry twice, behind the ref's back, and then once Viscera is sent back to the corner by the ref, Crash has recovered enough to lay on the downed Henry to pick up the victory. 2:40

We take a look at the same clip of "End Of Days" as we did on Smackdown.

Smackdown stuff- Arnold's arrival, talking to the Rock, and then Austin, being presented with the honorary belt by Vince, and then zippo to the main event elimination tag between DX and Rock/Kane/Shane/Test with Austin as the enforcer. Austin 'accidentally' hits the Rock with a chair, and then Arnold hands Austin another chair, which he uses to smack up HHH, allowing Test to get the pinfall over Helmsley.

Rewind(brought to us by Spyro 2): Chris Jericho attacks Chyna backstage at Smackdown.

D-von Dudley w/Buh Buh Ray vs. Matt Hardy w/Jeff Hardy and Terri
After dueling abdominal stretches, Matt takes a hiptoss to the floor. Jeepers mofo creepers, you're not getting me to take a bump like that. Buh Buh Ray gets up on the apron, but Terri distracts him, so that Matt can hit his front face neckbreaker thing for the pin at 4:49. Postmatch, Jeff missile dropkicks Buh Buh Ray, and the brothers get a double back body drop on D-von.

The Big Slow sr. funeral crap from Smackdown.... move along folks, nothing to see here....

Kurt Angle spot. I'm glad he's debuting Sunday, because I'm getting damn sick of these vignettes.

Steve Blackman vs. D'lo Brown
Pretty much back and forth for the bulk of the match, but D'lo looks to be putting the finishing touches on Blackman (including hitting his sweetass moonsault), when Blackman gets a surprise rollup out of a bodyslam attempt for the victory. 4:19 The crowd, who were very pro D'lo, didn't like that finish too much.

Rikishi Fatu vs. Julio Fantastico
The repackaged Headshrinker manhandles Fantastico in semi-impressive fashion, while the Michaels repeatedly note just how big Fatu's ass is. Fatu hits a bunch of "I'm fatter than you" moves, including a 2nd rope Banzai drop. His finisher is apparently a piledriver, in the style of Bam Bam Bigelow's 'greetings from Asbury park'. Fatu just sits on him post-piledriver for the pin. 2:37 Back when the Headshrinkers were together I told my brother the best way to keep track of which 'shrinker was which was to remember that Fat-u had the Fat-ass.

Bop-it Extreme Adventure hour: This one is done in Blair Witch Project style, i.e, in black and white, with the ExtremeGuy(he did mention his name, but I'm far too lazy to rewatch the tape for that) hiding in the woods from the Dudley Boys, since the Dudleys just wanna play Bop-It, and every time they do, he gets hurt. The Dudleys can be heard in the background, so ExtremeGuy takes off, and then the camera goes out, then comes back on, and we see ExtremeGuy lying face down with Buh Buh Ray standing next to him, saying "he doesn't look so good". Unlike the last two Bop-it Extreme Adventure hour segments, this one was actually kinda funny, at least in my own damned opinion.

The requisite ppv hype closes the show this week.

Marc "the Mark" Taylor
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