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/27 November 1999

WWF Jakked by Marc Taylor




My stopwatch has apparently gone into hiding, so no match times this week.

D'lo Brown vs. Shawn Stasiak
Nice "D'lo" chant. D'lo's plenty over, how about throwing him into the Raw and Smackdown mix more often? D'lo hits a LOUD chest slap on Stasiak in the corner. D'lo off the ropes, but Stasiak sends him over the top to the outside. Stasiak then connects with a top rope axehandle. Back inside, a suplex gets a 2 count. Off the ropes and D'lo regains the momentum with a forearm, and hits the snap legdrop for 2. Stasiak comes out of the corner, but D'lo grabs him for the SkyHi, and follows up with the LoDown for the pin.

Recap of all the Vince vs DX/HHH stuff to date takes us to Raw, where Vince rammed DX's limo and got arrested. Shane then informed Helmsley of his match against both Acolytes, and Vince got out of jail. Vince got back to the arena during HHH vs. Acolytes, and tossed HHH off the stage.

Recap of the Test/Stephanie saga. They're getting married on Monday. I'm wondering if the Undertaker will crash their wedding reception like he did that of Macho Man and Elizabeth.

Mideon vs. Lou Marconi
I bet its every indy worker's dream to get squashed on weekend filler programming by Mideon. Marconi manages a sunset flip for 2. Michael Hayes says of Marconi "He looks like a piece of cooked spaghetti, so he's macaroni." Mideon's reverse ddt, as yet unnamed for his current character, gets him the victory.

Behind the scenes look at WWF the Music Volume 4: Mankind sings along to his theme, opera style. "La la la, la la, la la la."Just about everybody superstar interviewed for this mentions that they like Jericho's theme. Jim Johnston talks about writing themes to go with each character, and how he likes to start each of them off with something indicitave of that character. A preview of H-Blockx: 'Oh Hell Yeah' is available on

ANOTHER look at Arnold/End of Days stuff.

Recap of Kurt Angle dissin' and defeatin' Mark Henry on Raw.

Recap of Kane vs. Big Slow on Raw, and Kane getting counted out in the process of protecting Tori from the advances of "Big Vis".

And thats the show. Only two original matches made this a bitch to watch, but also made it easy to recap, since I blow throw recap segments even more than I do play by play.

Marc "the Mark" Taylor
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